Perception Equals Reality But Not Truth

Miracles happen every day, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you”. -Jon Bon Jovi

Choose to feel good regardless of outside circumstances. The truth is that outside circumstances have nothing to do with the way you feel.

It is our perception of outside circumstances that cause us to feel a certain way.

And more importantly it is our belief about what something means and our internal labeling of it as either good or bad.


Our beliefs determine our perception

When an event occurs in our lives we immediately place a label on it and file it under good for me, or not good for me. Let’s say that you are stuck in traffic on your way to work.

This causes you to be thirty minutes late. The whole way to work you begin complaining and worrying about being late and all that it entails.

You then arrive to work and see that your office building has caught fire. I bet that little traffic jam wouldn’t be placed in the bad for me file would it.

My point is that perception is reality, but it is not the greatest truth. Often times we judge people or scenarios too quickly. Give it a little space for events to play out before you come to a conclusion.

Some events may take longer to play out than others. Use this as an exercise tool to build some patience with yourself and others.

We tend to give away so much of our power to outside circumstances and events. This will literally siphon energy from your body leaving it vulnerable to disease or dis ease.

We must learn to focus our energy on what we can control. Controlling other people must be your number one item to remove from your list.

The next would be the weather, institutions, and so on. Yes, we can influence to a degree, but it is better to let some things play out on their own.

I often times hear people complaining about people, jobs, institutions, etc.

They seldom ever have a game plan to enact change or control in themselves. Take a look around you and count how many people you know that have little want to change anyone or anything.

These people tend to be a little more grounded and centered in themselves. They realize things are exactly the way they are meant to be.


Here is a quick list of ten things that I can control.

  1. What kinds of food and drink that I put into my body.
  2. How I spend my money.
  3. How clean I keep my house.
  4. Things that come out of my mouth.
  5. Who I spend my time with.
  6. How I spend my free time.
  7. What kind of clothes that I wear.
  8. What groups or organizations that I belong to.
  9. How fast I drive my vehicle.
  10. How much money that I save.

Mental discipline would be a good place to start. For some, the word discipline has a negative connotation.

Discipline may mean to you losing some freedom to do whatever you want.

Actually discipline can bring you even greater freedom. Keeping your house clean, paying your bills on time, and saving some money each month will definitely cause you freedom in the long run.

Initially it may feel the opposite because your perception is telling you that you are giving up something.

This is true to a point, but you will reap the rewards in the long-term with consistent focus and action. Lose the thought of instant gratification as much as you can.

This has caused humanity to spiral downwards into much unneeded debt, stress, obesity, ill physical health and poor relationships.

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