Parasites in Humans – Is Your Energy Being Drained

We humans are the greatest of earth’s parasites.” – Martin H. Fischer

I came across this You Tube video on Saturday about parasites and how they can totally wreak havoc on your well-being.

The hosts: Arcturus Ra and Seraphim host a You Tube Channel called: Sovereign Alliance TV.

I have already watched several You Tube videos by Arcturas Ra and I definitely “echo” most of what he says.

Beware of Parasites

Parasites within

Parasites have gotten so clever that they can alter their DNA to blend in with your body without you even knowing it.

If it weren’t for physical symptoms, which don’t always necessarily show themselves, you wouldn’t even know you have an influx of parasites living inside your body.

Parasite infestation symptoms: include: gas, bloating, arthritis, mood swings, chronic fatigue, flu-like symptoms, sugar cravings, runny nose, teeth grinding during sleep, insomnia, acne, immune disorders, brain fog, and the list goes on and on.

Parasites thrive in acidic environments, and unless you eat mainly fresh fruit, raw vegetables, and raw nuts, you more than likely have an acidic body.

If you find yourself craving sweets often, it is not you who wants the sugar; it’s the parasites that want it.

They are triggering the response inside of you to feed your body sugar, which will make the environment of the body more acidic, which is what the parasite loves.

If you want to test the Ph. Of your body just buy those Ph. Test strips and pee on it. Acid to Alkaline is on a scale from 1 to 14. 1 being totally acidic and 14 being totally alkaline.

Ideally you would have a Ph. of around 7.25. Just slightly Alkaline.

There are two kinds of parasites. The physical, wormy type, and the non-physical kind, that penetrates the mind like a virus.

A parasite is an organism that needs a host to feed off of, and it is not in the interest of the parasite for the well-being of the host. A parasite sucks energy off its host without giving anything back in return.

These blood sucking creatures are so clever they can map your nervous system, and your thought forms. They basically can manipulate the thoughts in your mind that are not your own.

Some people who suffer from mental and physical problems more than likely have an overgrowth of candida, worms, and some other form of parasites in their body.

The only way to know who you truly are would be to go on a parasite cleanse and flush them out.

You Doctor could perform some tests on you to see if you test positive for parasites, there are a ton of resources online that give you some holistic ways of removing parasites from your body.

Either way, thoroughly do your research and see what the best choice is for you.

Negative emotions 2

Parasites create fatigue and can control your thoughts

Parasites create fatigue in the body because the immune system has to spend so much time keeping the parasites in your body in check.

Parasites can be ingested from un-cleaned fruits and veggies, as well as undercooked meats and seafood.

Even just by doing some simple gardening you could get parasite eggs under your fingernails and accidentally ingest them while eating.

Everyone has parasites inside them.

The real problem lies when you have an overgrowth of them. Many cultures around the World practice a cleansing ritual where they purge themselves of parasites. Most do the purge every six months or so to keep the body in balance.

These parasites are smart too. They’ve been around for a long time. While in the body they know how to adapt, to cloak themselves, to strategize, because they are a collective and they are smart.

They can get into your brain affecting your senses, and your internal radar system, making you completely unaware that you are hosting a parasite.

There are single cell parasites and multicell parasites.

The difference between those two is a single cell is what goes into your blood, which means they can change their DNA structure and become a little more “stealthy” within the body so it’s harder to find them.

The multicell parasites have tangible form like a tapeworm for example.

Organic Parasites and Inorganic Parasites

Organic parasites come in your food and your water, and inhabit your body that way.

The inorganic ones come in a thought form like mind viruses. They can structure themselves into your mind creating delusional beliefs that stimulate and serve the ego.

People that are bi-polar or have mood swings often times are being affected by parasites.

This has to do with the parasite, and that is part of the actual shadow within yourself. That’s not really yourself when you talk about integration.

When you look at the cell structure of the human body, a parasite will never be integrated. (Integration is a belief that we must take all parts of ourselves, accept them, and then integrate them.)

A parasite will be transformed and transmuted out of the body. So this way the healthy cells can organize themselves back into a whole, healthy, energetic body.

Once you remove the parasite out of your body, your internal light will shine once again giving you back the magic powers you are meant to have. Powers like healing, and manifesting as an example.

When your body system is shut down due to parasites it’s hard enough just to get out of bed, never mind manifesting your reality and following your bliss.

Parasites have a survival mechanism built into them, and they will do whatever it takes to live, even if it means killing its host.

You could very easily be walking around like a zombie because the parasites have zapped you of so much of your energy, while at the same time controlling your mind.

You basically become a slave to the parasites, you are barely conscious enough alive, to keep them alive.

It reminds me of King Théoden from The Lord of the Rings when Saruman cast a spell on him, while Grima Wormtongue fed his mind lies.

Parasites are of a lower vibrational frequency then our true nature.

They cannot exist in a body that operates at a higher vibrational frequency, and that is why it is so urgent to cut the crap out of your body and mind.

A parasite is like a “squatter” in your energetic temple, not paying rent, using your electricity and not paying the bills. You need to kick them out so you can ascend.

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