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“Anxiety is love’s greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic”. – Anais Nin

Are you looking for help with treating anxiety and panic attacks?  Would you like to learn more about the causes of your panic and anxiety?  Are you wondering if there is a cure for anxiety and panic attacks? How would you like to put an end to your social anxiety once and for all?

I discovered a program that can help you with all your fear based issues because it was created by someone who has dealt with them most of his life too.

His name is Barry McDonagh and he created the revolutionary program: Panic Away



Panic Away Program

Panic Away ProgramAnxiety is defined as a state of apprehension or fear resulting from the anticipation of a real or imagined threat, event, or situation.

It is one of the most common human emotions experienced by people at some point in their lives.

However, most people who have never experienced a panic attack, or  anxiety, don’t know the terrifying nature of the experience. Dizziness, blurred vision, foggy mind,tingling and feelings of breathlessness.

When these feelings occur and people do not understand why, they feel they have contracted an illness, or a mental condition. The thought of losing control seems way too real and way too frightening.

Anxiety can often feel like a thick fog has surrounded your mind.

Nothing really seems enjoyable as you are always looking out at the world through this haze of anxious thoughts and feelings.

This fog takes the fun out of life and can make you feel isolated or cut off from the world.

The anxious thoughts act as a barrier to experiencing the world and this sensation of separation then leads to feeling even more upset as you fear losing touch with yourself.


Anxiety is a symptom of trying to be strong for too long

While there are a multitude of reasons for experiencing anxiety, the number one cause is trying to be strong.

We like to believe that we are all Adonis’s but we are very human and we have limitations.

The truth is we are living in a time when we are always on the go, always trying to meet a deadline or head off to an appointment some where.

This causes major stress on the mind and body resulting in out of control thoughts and feelings known as panic.

When you get thirsty your body is telling you that you reached a “danger zone” and you must replenish your body now or suffer the consequences. The same goes with anxiety and especially panic.

Anxiety is the first sign that you need to tend to your physical health, once that threshold is crossed panic sets in and you have no choice but to lie down and take it easy for a while.

Besides taking care of your body you also need to take care of your mind.

The mind is capable of creating all sorts of bad scenarios for you; most of which are utter crap.

I have found establishing a strong bond with my higher-self and God that I am able to tame most of my fears and worries so that anxiety and panic do not set it.


Anxiety and Panic are genetic traits

Anxiety is passed on genetically from person to person just like many other traits.

It is so important for you to manage your panic and anxiety so that you can perhaps teach others like your kids or spouse to do the same.

Outside circumstances like money or relationship problems can cause anxiety as well as drinking coffee, eating sugar and an overall bad diet can contribute to anxiety and panic feelings.

I am not a master at solving your anxiety and panic but I know someone who has had a lot of success helping people with theirs. 60,000 to be exact.

I found a great program called: Panic Away.

What if I told you there was a technique called 21-7.

This technique teaches how to stop a panic attack in 21 seconds flat and reduce general anxiety in less than 7 minutes.

Dr. Viktor Frankl and Dr. Clarie Weekes were two doctors who made what many regard as the greatest contribution to treating anxiety.

They did not see anxiety as a mental illness but rather a problem of an over-sensitized nervous system that could be easily corrected with the right approach.

Their pioneering work should have become the mainstream approach for treating anxiety but was unfortunately pushed aside in the early 1960′s with the rush to prescribe anti-anxiety medications.


How does this program work?

All the techniques in Panic Away are designed to allow your body to heal naturally.

This is achieved by pushing your mind out of the way and allowing your parasympathetic nervous system to activate.

By continuously stimulating your stress response, it is your anxious mind that keeps this from occurring.

In essence, Panic Away teaches you to trick your anxious mind to move out of the way so your body and mind can begin to relax again.

Once your anxious mind is no longer stimulating the stress response, you quickly begin to feel more like your old self again.

In addition to this, you learn how to stop panic attacks from occurring by short-circuiting the panic loop and ending the fear of fear.

In order to end an anxiety problem, you must take decisive action.

You have to go after an anxiety free life; it will not find you. Enough wasting your precious time on panic and anxiety… take your life back!

Some people resist taking the first step because they feel guilty about investing time or money in themselves.

What they fail to see is that investing in a proven solution not only helps YOU, but it also benefits ALL the people around you.

How can you be there for friends and family, if you are not feeling right yourself?


Nervousness and Chemical Effects

When confronted with danger, the brain sends signals to the automatic nervous system.

This system is responsible for gearing the body up for action, as well as calming the body down and restoring equilibrium.

To carry out these two vital functions, the autonomic nervous system has two subsections: the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system.

Robert Sapolsky of Stanford University describes this dual role of the nervous system like the brake and accelerate pedals of a car.

At any one time you can only be doing a single action, accelerating or braking. The sympathetic nervous system is the acceleration pedal that we tend to know all too much about.

It speeds us up by priming our body for action and readies us for the fight/flight response.
The parasympathetic nervous system is the brake. It serves as our restoration system, which returns the body to a state of calm.

Human Nervous System Panic Away


Here’s what you’re getting:

  • Panic Away 245 page book.
    Many report that after just one reading of the book, their anxiety is dramatically reduced or completely gone!
  • Panic Away DVD
    You get the HD DVD to fast-track your recovery. You will learn the basics of Panic Away in just 48 minutes flat! This DVD makes the 21-7 technique™ really simple to learn and apply.
  • Panic Away CD’s The CD’s are extremely useful for people who prefer to listen to lessons. You will learn how to release deep-seated general anxiety, end driving anxiety, eliminate night panic, cease anxious thoughts, and stop fearing unusual bodily sensations.
  • Plus two special bonuses when you order today.

I have to remind you that just by simply reading a book or watching a video will end panic once and for all.

These are tools that are being given to you, but you have to use them.

Changing ourselves is a process, and when we commit ourselves to change without any inner resistance, the process goes much more easily allowing for real and lasting change.

I have seen and experienced what panic and anxiety can do to someone’s life, and I wouldn’t want anyone to live another day feeling that way.

Please have a look at the Panic Away program by Barry McDonagh, and take the first step to getting control of yourself and your life.


>Visit Panic Away to teach you how to end panic attacks and general anxiety fast.

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Update: I just made a video on You Tube talking about Panic Away and anxiety.

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