No Wheat Flour Products for One Year

It’s been more than a year (Aug 2016- Sept 2017) since I’ve eaten any products made with wheat flour. I did this as an experiment to see if I could give up some of my favorite meals like donuts, pancakes, soft shell tacos, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pasta marinara and pizza. It wasn’t too hard to give up after my Doctor told me to lose some weight the last time I saw her.

Necessity is the mother of invention though. I have always enjoyed eating pizza and there were times I missed eating it, however, I did stumble upon a cauliflower crusted pizza recipe from Dr. Berg.

I was surprised how well it tasted when I was done. The key I found out when making the crust is to make the crust as thin as possible. If crust is too thick it will retain too much water.

I even found a cauliflower crusted pizza in the grocery store too. It was a little pricey at $8.00 but it was tasty. I did also have rice noodle pasta marinara a few times this past year.

Quitting Bad Habits

Over the years I have quit many habits like

  • Drinking alcohol (12 years)
  • Eating meat (Beef, Chicken, Pork)
  • Eating Wheat Flour
  • Quitting Breakfast or Lunch, (Intermittent Fasting)
  • Watching endless hours of TV daily

I haven’t completely given up all my guilty pleasures though. I can kill a bag of Peanut M&M’s and eat a tub of ice-cream like no one’s business.

A big part of personal growth is giving up things that no longer serve you. Quitting things that no longer serve you is a small step process and isn’t something you should rush into.

Before I gave up eating meat for good, I found what works best for me was to dabble my toe in the water first instead of just jumping right in.

Through trial and error I found this works best for me.

Over the years before becoming completely meat free, I tried many things like only eating fowl and giving up beef and pork, and also eating veggie subs instead of cheese steak subs.

So why give up flour?

Good question. I noticed I would have a lot of trouble digesting flour products and it often left me feeling tired and bloated and in desperate need of a nap afterwards – probably from the insulin spike.

My understanding is that breads, pastas and cereals among other wheat products can contribute to the onset of diabetes. Since I have always had a sweet tooth since I was a kid I thought it would contribute to my health by giving up flour.

I know our ancestors ate lots of wheat, but I believe that most of our “food products” are so over processed, plus full of pesticides and chemicals. Not something I want to consume these days.

Feeling well is my top priority these days. Life isn’t much fun when you don’t feel well. When it came to knowing what foods to put into my body I had to become like a scientist.

Keeping a food journal works best as well as researching what foods to eat and what to avoid. I’m finding it easier now than ever to give up things that work against my body and well-being.

I still eat whatever I want within my limited diet, but I have noticed my metabolism has gone up since dropping flour and eating more whole, organic foods, especially my daily green shake which is full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and amino acids.

People Need Healing

People are sick. They are mentally sick, physically sick, and spiritually sick. Not only are people sick, but their pets are sick too. You have to ask yourself, how toxic is our air, water, soil, and food? And a better question, how can we in a healthy and safe way detox our body from harmful substances while at the same time rejuvenate and restore our cells, blood and organs?

Now, is a good time either start or to continue on your healthy life journey. It’s not going to be an easy ride if you are new to healthy lifestyle changes but it will be well worth it.

I believe when we heal ourselves from the inside out, we will become better stewards of the planet, creating a landscape where love, joy, compassion, a sense of community and healthy living will be the norm.

This is a journey I plan to be on for the duration of my life!


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