My Three Month Blogging Experience and Blog Themes

“I sincerely believe blogging can save America.” – John Jay Hooker

So Far So Good.

April the 4th will be my three-month anniversary if you will for my blog. I got to tell you that the experience has been both exciting and frustrating to say the least.

The exciting part was being able to create a vehicle for expression like my blog. Also it has been fun connecting with other bloggers by leaving comments on their blog.

The frustrating parts are managing my blog and tweaking it. Also having a complete blog post being deleted because WordPress decided to boot me out when I pressed the preview button.

I previously used Open Office to write my blogs on, but I was experiencing trouble with it so I deleted it. I just wrote a blog post an hour ago directly in WordPress when it decided to boot me out.

This has led me to write something different then I intended to.

I wrote this blog using wordpad, but I want to upgrade to something better like Microsoft Word. My computer didn’t come with that program when I bought it.

I am still undecided about what professional blogging theme to buy.

The theme that I am using now is a freebie by Pagelines. I like it but I want something a little more functional. I could upgrade to Pagelines professional series for $95-$175.

I’m not completely happy with the look though.

Mazzastick Logo 6

The Blog Theme I Like

DIY themes Genesis Framework-$87- $164 (Used by Matt Cutts of Google)

I’m not sure that now is a good time to go ahead and buy a theme and completely change my blog design.

I’d like to receive some more income from my blog before I buy a new theme. I will definitely upgrade my theme eventually though.


Alexa Ranking

It has also been exciting watching my first Alexa Ranking go from 14,000,000 worldwide to just above 500,000 now. (update: as of December 18th 2011 my Alexa ranking is 85,000 in the World.)

I was able to do this in less than three months. Mainly by consistently leaving comments on other people’s blogs, joining social bookmarking sites, and participating in forum discussions in my niche.


Comment Luv

Since I registered with Comment Luv and installed the plugin I have seen more comments on my blog lately.

This is really cool because you hate to have a blog without any comments on it. It can be depressing at times.

Leaving comments on a young blog is also a great way to get comments on your blog.

I have found that when I comment on a young blog they also reciprocate and leave a comment on my blog.This is a fun game to play and it is rewarding for both parties involved.

I also noticed that most comments that are left on mature blog’s are from other bloggers getting backlinks to their website.

And you very seldom will experience a reciprocated comment from an established blogger on your website, but it is possible.

I was lucky enough to have the very wonderful and talented Ana Hoffman from Traffic Generation Cafe pay a visit to my humble website and leave a comment.

It definitely made my week for sure, I meant year.


Monetizing my blog

I have implemented several different monetizing methods but it is too early in the game to focus solely on earning income.

I understand that in the beginning of a young blog it is best to focus on building an online reputation and delivering quality content.


Traffic To My Site

I may get two or three daily visits to my website through search engines, but the majority of my traffic comes from direct referrals from comments that I have left, forum participation, social bookmarking, feeds, and direct traffic via bookmarking my website.


Newsletter for my blog

My e-mail subscriber list is growing as well. I am using Mailchimp for my newsletter but I am considering switching to AWeber. Mailchimp is free but once I get more subscribers, I will have to eventually pay for it.

This morning when I sent a newsletter it wouldn’t allow me to send a test to myself using html code. I had to buy some credits to do that. So much for being free.


Is Blogging Worth It

Blogging has been very fun so far and time-consuming as well.

I could easily spend all day and night on my computer if I wanted to. Unfortunately for me I have to wake up early in the morning and staying up late doesn’t suit me.

Blogging has also been a major growth experience for me.

I usually don’t put my two cents into anything unless I am asked. Now I go to other people’s blog’s and leave my two cents via the comment form.

Every comment that I have ever made has been graciously received. I am happy about that because that is very encouraging to me.

Being a blogger is like getting an inside view of how the World Wide Web works.

I realize now I didn’t know as much about the internet as I had thought I did. I do enjoy getting the experience of blogging, and even if I quit blogging today I would not have regretted my choice to start a blog.

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