My Search Traffic has Been Increasing Again

Last April my search traffic took a major nose-dive. I

thought it had something to do with the recent Penguin update, but I was wrong.

Blogs like mine get a good amount of search traffic from Google and when that stops, or is limited it negatively effects my site.

The other day I was on Google + and I read a post about avoiding the Google Wrath by backlinking and I found out why my site was penalized.

Back in April I wrote a post thanking my blogging buddies and one of those buddies was being severely penalized by Google for using black hat SEO.

Since I linked to their site in my post and their site was being penalized, Mazzastick also took the hit from Google and got penalized.

The blogging buddy who was in trouble with Google allegedly hired an SEO company to help with backlinking.

This is where the problem came from and it wasn’t her doing.

Apparently, she eventually got everything straightened out with Google, and her site is back in good standing and that is probably why my search traffic is getting back to where it once was.

Moral of the story. Linking to another site in your post can create problems for your site, so use caution.

P.S. If you’re looking for a great blog to follow for learning about SEO, I recommend Brian Dean from Backlinko.

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