Monster-Mania Con 2015 Hunt Valley

Do you like scary movies?” — Ghostface in “Scream”

Once again I had the distinct honor of attending Monster-Mania Con in Hunt Valley.

I have to say I am very lucky because The Hunt Valley Inn where Monster-Mania Con is held is only fifteen minutes from my home.

Monster-Mania Con is a semi-annual horror convention created by Dave Hagan.

Dave and his crew work tirelessly each year to bring horror icons to horror fans in both Maryland and Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

This year was as good as any year even though two stars that I was looking forward to meeting cancelled.

The two stars were Keith David and T.K Carter who both starred in John Carpenter’s “The Thing” together and I have been a fan of the both of them for several decades.

Maybe next year guys?

Regardless this year had a powerful lineup of stars including:

  • Matthew Lillard – From the Scream movie saga, Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
  • George Romero – World famous Director of horror movies including Night of the Living Dead.
  • Nick Castle – The original Michael Meyers.
  • Miko Hughs – Gage from Pet Sematary.
  • Terry Kiser – Friday the 13th part 7 and Weekend at Bernie’s.
  • Dee Wallace- Cujo, E.T., The Howling.
  • Zack Galligan – Gremlins.
  • Tom Atkins – Halloween 3, and Lethal Weapon.
  • Roger Jackson – Voice of Ghostface in the move Scream.
  • Jordan Ladd – Cabin Fever and Hostel 2.
  • Don Shanks – Michael Meyers, Haloween 7.
  • Meg Foster – They Live.
  • Denise Crosby – Pet Sematary.
  • Dale Midkiff – Pet Semetary.
  • Alan Howarth – Music composer.

And many more celebs.

I have to say without a doubt that Matthew Lillard is an amazing person.

Besides being friendly and personable, he took his time and chatted with every guest that wanted an autograph or a picture with him.

He waited until every person there was able to meet with him.

My son was real eager to get a picture with Matthew so we decided to get in line.

One of the staff at Monster-Mania approached us and told us that where we were was not the end of the line.

He said the actual end of the line was around the corner outside of the room we were in.

I felt like Ralphie from A Christmas story when he thought he was at the right place in line to see Santa.

But I digress.

The staffer  told us that there was no way we would be able to get an autograph tonight.

So I told my son, who was now dismayed after hearing what the staffer had just told us, that maybe we should get something to eat and come back in an hour.

He was not happy.

So we left and got something to eat.

I checked facebook while eating and saw Dave Hagan posted that Matthew Lillard wouldn’t leave until everyone in line who wanted an autograph and picture got one.

I told my son, “let’s go back and get your picture with Matthew Lillard”, or as he called him ”Shaggy.”

So we headed back into the Hunt Valley Inn and went down the escalator and back to the room where the Stars were signing autographs.

There were only two or three people in line left to get a pic and autograph with Matthew.

As we approached the line one of the staff told us to wait so they could check and see if Matthew would see us.

He came back and said, “yes- we could get an autograph.”

So we waited in line and told his helper, (the one that takes the money) who was a dear lady too, that my son just wanted a pic with Matthew – which was $20.

Finally it was our turn.

For having been signing autographs and taking pics all day Matthew Lillard had a lot of energy. He was really friendly and personable.

He said to my son, “how about an autographed picture too”?

My son said, “yes”.

He said, “go grab the one you want” and of course my son grabbed the photo of Shaggy and Scooby together.

Matthew made the autograph out to my son and then he asked my son if he dances.

Matthew was hysterical.

He started dancing in a fun way with my son and my son danced with him too.

Next I took a photo of my son and Matthew together.

It was a real cool experience and now my son can’t wait to go to school on Monday and show the pics of “shaggy” to his classmates.

My favorite part of Monster-Mania Con is the Questions and Answer segments with the actors.

This year as most years, they were able to get several cast members from the same movie together, like from Halloween and Pet Sematary.

The very last Q and A was with Matthew Lillard and Roger Jackson from the Scream Franchise which started at 9pm.

The most unique Q and A had to be the Halloween Reunion with Nick Castle, Tony Moran, Charles Cyphers, Will Sandin, Don Shanks, and Tom Atkins.

Tony Moran wasn’t announced on stage with the other actors so he came in through the back door of the room to the conference room while talking with someone on his cell phone.

The rest of the crew were already seated with their microphones in front of them.

Tony was talking over the other actors and dropping “f-bombs” during the Q and A and I believe Dave Hagan actually told his tech guy to cut Tony Moran’s microphone.

I don’t think Tony noticed though because he still kept talking out of turn even after Charles Cyphers scolded him.

The Halloween cast and Dave didn’t look too happy with Tony Moran during the Q and A.

If you’re wondering who Tony is, he is the face you see in the original Halloween movie when Michael Myers becomes unmasked.

He didn’t play Michael Myers in the original Halloween, Nick Castle did.

Tony is also the older brother of actress Erin Moran who starred in the popular television show Happy Days.

Speaking of Happy Days, I would love to see Henry Winkler (The Fonz) at a future Monster- Mania Con since he was also in the movie Scream.

All and all, Monster-Mania Con is a fun time in a relaxed atmosphere and I think next year I will get a VIP pass so I can hang out with the actors after hours and get to know them better.

George Romero Monster-Mania Con

Me with Directing Legend George A Romero

Me with Actor Terry Kiser aka Bernie Lomax

Me with Actor Terry Kiser aka Bernie Lomax

Halloween Cast Monster-Mania Con

Cast from various Halloween Movies

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