Attack Your Anxiety and Panic

“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom”. – Soren Kierkegaard

This post was initially about the Attacking Anxiety and Depression Program by Lucinda Bassett.

I had purchased the course in the early 2000’s to see the effectiveness of it.

It’s a solid course with plenty of materials but it was also very pricey. I believe I paid around $400 give or take.

As I found with most anxiety and panic programs they are not a “cure all” by any stretch, but more like a tool that you can place in your personal growth arsenal.

Was it a good program? Yes.

Did it fill in all the blanks about panic and anxiety? No.

Like I said, I bought the program over a decade ago and it probably has been updated since then.

I would still recommend it because I believe Lucinda is sincere about helping people get over their uncomfortable and unpleasant body symptoms.

What I found out about anxiety in me was that it was caused by a couple scenarios.

1. I have been in “go” mode too long and my body was simply too fatigued to handle the normal energy waves in my body.

2. I was observing life through the lens of a negative mindset.

3. I defined anxiety as a negative thing and that is why I experienced that way.

I believe programs are effective to help people cope with anxiety and panic, but it’s not the same as one on one coaching in which I believe Lucinda does offer her customers.

The Attacking Anxiety and Depression program did have an affiliate program in which I would receive a commission on any sales but unfortunately they no longer do.

Either way the Attacking Anxiety and Depression program is solid in my opinion.

But…I found another anxiety program in which I am an affiliate for and it is called; Panic Away.


What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a general term for several disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying.

These disorders affect how we feel and behave, and they can manifest real physical symptoms.

Mild anxiety is vague and unsettling, while severe anxiety can be extremely debilitating, having a serious impact on daily life such as experiencing a panic attack.

Anxiety is considered a problem when symptoms interfere with a person’s ability to sleep or otherwise function. Generally speaking, anxiety occurs when a reaction is out of proportion with what might be normally expected in a situation.

There are many types of anxiety disorders such as:

  •  Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  •  Panic Disorder
  •  Phobia
  •  Social Anxiety Disorder
  •  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  •  Post – Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Separation Anxiety Disorder

Fear Itself

My Experience with anxiety, nervousness and uneasiness

Around the age of five or six I began noticing symptoms of generalized nervousness in myself and it made me feel uncomfortable and somewhat defective.

I would feel nervous for no reason and other times I would feel perfectly fine.

Especially during exams in school I became “hyper aware” of how my body was responding to the pressure to perform.

This caused me to want to avoid the feeling of pressure because it was an unpleasant feeling to me.

As I got older I continued to want to avoid the feeling of pressure to perform but I knew eventually I would graduate from school and have to get a job and experience more pressure.

As I got older and the pressure from work, relationships, bills, owning a home and the many other responsibilities that I had began to take its toll on me.

I soon began to have massive general anxiety symptoms in myself and I couldn’t take it anymore.

The reason that anxiety and depression go hand in hand is because of the see-saw effect.

After experiencing anxiety symptoms for so long our body tries to balance itself out. This gives the depression feelings that are so common for anxiety sufferers.

I tried things like exercise, yoga, meditation and even acupressure to help with my anxiety but nothing really worked long-term.

I tried to figure out exactly where the anxiety symptoms were coming from.

My anxiety was created by two things. My uncontrolled persistent negative and worrisome thoughts (Read James Allen’s As a Man Thinketh) and my poor health habits.


Fear is not your friend

Panic Away program for anxiety and panic attacks

Panic Away has been used by over 60,000 people and counting. Panic Away uses natural techniques to help you deal with anxiety and panic attacks.

Dr. Viktor Frankl and Dr. Clarie Weekes were two doctors who made what many regard as the greatest contribution to treating anxiety.

They did not see anxiety as a mental illness but rather a problem of an over-sensitized nervous system that could be easily corrected with the right approach.

Their pioneering work should have become the mainstream approach for treating anxiety but was unfortunately pushed aside in the early 1960′s with the rush to prescribe anti-anxiety medications.

All the techniques in Panic Away are designed to allow your body to heal naturally.

This is achieved by pushing your mind out of the way and allowing your parasympathetic nervous system to activate.

By continuously stimulating your stress response, it is your anxious mind that keeps this from occurring.

In essence,Panic Away teaches you to trick your anxious mind to move out of the way so your body and mind can begin to relax again.

>>>Please Take a look at the Panic Away Program by former anxiety and panic sufferer Barry McDonagh so please be sure to have a look.

P.S. I am an affiliate for Panic Away and will receive a commission on any sales. 🙂

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