Michael Tsarion – Creative Man vs Destructive Man

We falsely believe we receive a measure of Self-Realization by way of communication and social interaction. We believe that relating with other human beings enables us to be Self-conscious.

This is certainly true to a degree. But the self we come to know by way of other people is only the self with the small ‘s.’ It is the ego or pseudo-self, not the Imperial Self.” – Michael Tsarion

Interviewer: What is the difference between a creative man and a destructive man?

Michael Tsarion: That’s a supreme question, a very important question.

And it’s very important to ask these kinds of questions because there are different kinds of human beings walking around on the Earth.

And you know again – using our reason – to not only be able to monitor ourselves, but to be able to judge other people is very, very, important.

In the New Age movement there is this whole cult of “Though Shall Not Judge” and all of this malarkey, you know I’m very, very, much against that.

I believe that judgment and criticalness are aspects of the reason.

And we’re living in an age you know that is very, very down on things that we need to be using every single day.

I mean we use them every day at the counter.

We use them every day when we’re doing normal things when you go into buy something.

And yet when it comes to most critical moments of our life – when we’re just about to make these critical – emotional cording’s, we suddenly throw them out the door and believe that – oh you know just accept people and the mask (social mask, personality) that they display.

And we hurt ourselves by doing that.

Michael Tsarion

We actually violate our own a judgment, we violate our own intuition when we do that.

So there is a need to observe the differences in people and to sharpen the attributes of the reason – otherwise will be wide open to attack.

But getting specifically to your question it really boils down to – Arno Gruen is a psychologist that I think summed it up perfectly in which he talked about the difference between the outer directed and the inner directed person.

He (Arno Gruen) wrote on the betrayal of the self, and he wrote about how it has come that man has basically become a robot, an autonotom person who just follows the handrail that are provided by the system, by the Society.

And they go along and perform these roles and what the psychologists are saying – the Freudians and Post-Freudians are saying look most people that you see are actually not even human in the full sense of the word.

They are deeply sick, deeply ill people who will end up on a psychiatrist bench if they can afford it or on medication if they can’t.

We’re dealing with a culture of people who have lost their soul.

Jung also talked about this, Carl Jung.

The psychosis of the pathology is rooted in this ubiquitous extraversion that you see in the world.

So you take the extravert person.

That person is not going to look deranged or psychopathic because they may be apparently creative you know.

Like people in music, they can be drug fiends, they can be womanizers, they can be the most awful people, but they can get on stage and play great music.

For all intents and purposes they appear to be quite normal and even people might envy those kinds of people, but their outer directed.

Outer directed means that you’re waiting for the world to turn you on.

You’re absolutely empty within, but you are a good mimic and you’re a brilliant performer.

Most people that you see around the world, they don’t actually have a soul at all because there’s a fundamental rule that people need to understand.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society Jiddu Krishnamurti

What we’re talking about – they can go to my website; Psychic Vampirism.com /Michael Tsarion.com, and they can get into this a little more and get a handle on what we’re talking about.

Fundamentally psychologists have understood that the soul is not something that you’re born with.

The soul is something that you yourself create as you live with this thing we call experience.

That’s what it is, that is what experience is for.

The theater is time and space and your will, your energy, your passion, create that which is meaning in your life.

My god how threatening that is to the man of ego, or the man who’s been mistrained from the time that he was born.

He has no intention of giving meaning to his own life, he’s waiting for The President to give him meaning, he’s waiting for the media to do it, he’s waiting for the neighbor to do it, and the lover to do it.

In fact he’s hot after a wife so he can get joined at the hip, and have those children, and get into that whole world because he himself is empty.

And he’ll use the word “love” every five minutes if you give him a chance, and he’ll use the word “patriotism” and “individuality” and “independence” because their performing.

They know all the right “sounds”, “cues”, “affectations,” but those people are fundamentally empty.

And they’re saying to other people, “you sow me up” – making slaves of their wives and husbands, slaves of their children, slaves of their animals, and slaves of everybody they meet at work and so on and so forth.

The creative person is the inner directed person who can live in the world and enjoy the stimuli, and it’s not that you become a hermit or a monk.

He can enjoy the movies and the music and the lark and the fun and all that the world has to offer.

But he is not empty should that stuff cease to exist.

He has an inner life, an inner enriched place that works.

He’s able to manufacture and create for himself what is needed.

Culture, civilizations at one time were able to do that long before the time of the entertainment industry.

People performed, people dressed up, people did mimicry, people did puppet shows, people composed music, people sat around the fire and told stories, they entertained one another, and they entertained each other.

The individual must have an inner life.

Beware of ParasitesThat person is much less likely to vampirize another.

(A psychic vampire is a person or being who feeds off the “life force” of other living creatures.ie parasite).


He’s going to be heavily vampirized, but he’s a person who is full of his own enrichment.

Now the psychologists have discovered that of the two kinds of persons, the extroverted or introverted kind of person, the extroverted people are the easiest to hypnotize by far.

What does that tell us?

It tells us for one thing, not that extrovertism in itself is bad, but the ubiquitously extroverted person is already under hypnosis, he’s already a person whose bought into a lie, bought into the collectivized stuff which is the fashion, which is the maniacal fashion statement society, the fashion statement is one thing, just one example of mass hypnosis.

Not that you have to blame fashion, or people that are into fashion, the fashion is one aspect of the consensus that you have no sense of self whatsoever, that you got to be what the world is telling you and what the media is throwing at you.

But it goes way deeper than that.

And therefore the person who is inventive – they are these extroverted people who know how to jump through the hoops – exactly the same thing you get in the academic world – the people who jump through all the hoops that the State provides  and say, “now that I have a Ph.D. I must know things.”

Interviewer: And regurgitate well.

MTSAR: “But I must be intelligent because they’ve given me my medal, they’ve pinned a medal on me, they told me I’m a Ph.D. I must actually know something.”

Interviewer: I have all these letters after my name.

MTSAR: That’s it. They know nothing, there’s not even a single creative person amongst most of them.

They’re not mavericks; in fact they’ll go after the mavericks.

Those people now believe that they’re the academic police.

They’re going to tell the Immanuel Velikovsky’s and the Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s that they don’t matter.

So we have to have this kind of tyranny going on in our world.

The creative person you know, he’s a completely different creature, a completely different creature.

He is inner directed, he’s not waiting for the stimulus to turn him on, and he’s not playing a role, he is not performing.

In fact he actually refuses to perform – he’s something of a rebel.

He tries to not conform to any kind of pattern whatsoever and gets very upset when you try to compel him to do so.

That person is a truly creative person even if he doesn’t create anything.

He himself is a creative person.

Interviewer: He’s alive.

MTSAR: He’s alive and most likely he will create things, amazing things.

But you see – he will be an outsider, he will be the person who is an outsider because he is on a journey of looking for the truth of himself.

The person who’s conforming to the handrails of the world and to the conveyor belt and whose basically given up being a true person, being a true individual, given up finding out who they are.

This individual be will be automatic, and it will be the media and society and the government and all the rest of it that provides the scaffolding for the security that is required in that person and this is what it is happening all over the world today.

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