Dr. Gwen MacGregor Master’s Lesson – Intuitive Exercises to Awaken The Divine Self

This is a guest post by Dr. Gwen MacGregor.

“The solution to the problem of the day is the awakening of the consciousness of humanity to the divinity within.”- Hazrat Inayat Khan

“But I do not believe that man can perceive his ‘God-Like’ qualities until his field reaches higher and higher vibrations and attains a greater degree of coherency.

No matter how hard we try to receive spiritual guidance, we cannot, until our fields are attuned to that vibrational system.”- Dr. Valerie Hunt in Infinite Mind: Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness

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Dr. Gwen MacGregor

Today we open our minds and hearts to our burgeoning psychic abilities as we struggle to stretch and believe that there is so much more for us to learn in the Universe.

That uplifted “spiritual” ability we seek is conditional upon being united in soul and body.

The sacred voice within never lies nor does it run away from our human fears and doubts.

Our unique spirit has often been called “The Watcher,” because it stands by us, even through times of human folly to arise within when the time is opportune for wisdom.

Whether you see your psychic ability as “a gift” or a privilege, it is time for many people on Earth to now reclaim their destiny as Light-Bearers and Seekers.

When discussing and exercising our psychic abilities so as to become more limber with our many powers of God, it is necessary to remember that the exercise of our gifts is essential.

In other words, just because you have a soul does not mean you receive information from IT without first being trained to realize its potential.

One of God’s most powerful laws at work on Earth today tells us we attract who and what we are to ourselves! So, by that law alone, I know that there are no skeptics among you.

The power to grow more divinely, to seek your “mission” or reason to be here on Earth, and to aspire to utilize more etheric energy, may be a driving force within you.

There is no one gift of spirituality but, many to bring to fruition over time.

The ancient Hebrews believed to approach the Divine Force of the Mother/Father God, was to be able to walk through 12 Doorways of Wisdom which in turn became twelve more doors and twelve more, etc.

Let us begin a 7 week adventure of doorways with guided meditation, interactive exercises designed to strengthen our spiritual growth and in short to provide us with a good old-fashioned, psychic work-out.

A tarot spread designed to set up this newest path into your divine self will be suggested at the end of this lesson.

The door to spirit is never opened with the use of a battering ram.

Rather the use of a feather; subtle and soft without any rough edges.

You cannot buy your way into Heaven nor, can you assault its doors.

The near silent, sweet voice of God within is designed to make you lean over and listen more intently with your other skills of perception.

The harder you try to force an answer, the less you will hear.

So, our exercises will be shaped around your own individual perceptions of each task you endeavor to play.

In other words, you need to listen to your own answers within and not be swayed by the rich, in-depth descriptions or perceptions of other enlightened souls you may wish to turn to in your quest for immediate answers.

Your own magic is celestial and separate, needing no competition on Earth.

You will find that there is a piece of truth in everything you hear or see so, do not withhold or overlook any inner receptions because they seem so way-out-there or silly.

If I had a dime for every bizarre thing I said in private reading sessions, I would be…

Start with a warm-up exercise I experienced in Virginia Beach at the A.R.E. about 27 years ago.

Draw geometric symbols on four identical pieces of cardboard such as: wavy lines, a square, a circle and a star.

Place the cards in four separate but, identical envelopes which are opaque.

Shuffle the envelopes and selecting one of them at a time, determine what image is within by utilizing your ability to hear from inside.

Shuffle the envelopes after each try and keep up this exercise 20 times.

Very few people are able to score more than 25% accuracy but, many people see patterns of selection that indicate more than human guesswork is at play once the exercise is completed.

Often, our accuracy level is far more exceptional one answer past, before or two answers past. Meaning, you are guessing the correct answer every other time you select a card.

Once you become accustomed to your own way of receiving, you modify your expectations away from ego and begin to learn The Creator’s way to extend wisdom down through your chakras.

Look inside for partial shapes as you receive for a star has angles a circle does not have so, when you receive a rounded feeling, go with circle as your guess!

Next, meditate on a series of images/colorful greeting cards you select and hold in a closed envelope.

These exercises are designed to make you “think” in a different way about your psychic potential.

I often speak about how on Earth we learn our alphabet and then how meaningful letters put together become to create words, sentences and then paragraphs, etc.

In spirit, we do much the same thing but, letters are replaced with images, symbols of power and yes, words, but, the words are selected for their passionate and meaningful impact on us, personally.

In other words, “lemon meringue pie” being received as an image by Mike may be very different than my reaction to it as it was my Mother’s favorite dessert.

When doing this exercise with cards, you will be amazed how you receive bits and pieces of the picture on the card.

Many students become frustrated because they cannot capture a total feel for what is on the card.

I say to you that on any good day, you receive only a small fraction of the info you seek through your brain in this exercise.

It is always the answers that come unbidden or simply do not make sense that are the most accurate in interpreting impressions you may be seeking.

This exercise is beautiful at forcing yourself to trust what you receive and not let your ego modify it.


Tarot Card Exercise

Tarot Exercise: Firstly, select a red, black, Ace and face card out of the deck. Play with them by figuring out if black cards feel different to your senses than red cards.

Some people measure the difference in temperature or just a feeling that differentiates one from the other.

Pay attention to that feeling because it is defining how you receive info through your higher senses.

Play with your receptivity as concerns the face cards versus number cards.

When you feel comfortable with this level of perception, take a full deck of regular playing cards and shuffle them well.

Lay three cards face down at the top of the spread and then 7 rows of seven cards face down below the three.

The purpose of this exercise is to hone your ability to “feel” the red, black, numbers or figures on the cards as you also listen within to receive messages like, the third card from the left in the second row is a seven!

Or, the fourth card in the first row is glowing so, I know it is the match to the 2 card I am seeking.

Play with the cards every day for at least fifteen minutes and see how your ability to tune out the ego comes alive.

All the best to you with your gifts of hope, light and inspired activity,

Dr. Gwen G. MacGregor

June, 2011


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Dr. Gwendolyn G. MacGregor – Biography

Dr. Gwen G. MacGregor is a nationally recognized intuitive, life coach and metaphysical teacher with clients in 37 states and 7 countries. She is also a Reiki Master as well as a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, with a thriving practice helping clients to lose weight, stop smoking and retrieve life-enhancing information about their Past Lives. Conducting seminars and workshops nationwide, she travels several months out of each year to such cities as Charlotte, NC, Charleston, SC, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, CA and Pittsburgh, PA, to name but a few. Dr. MacGregor has successfully consulted with over 2,000 clients across the United States and abroad utilizing her skills as a gifted clairvoyant-life coach, hypnotherapist, tarot and palm reader.

Gwen is a regular contributor on radio stations in Washington, DC, Baltimore and Annapolis. She has appeared on “Inside Edition,” “America’s Most Wanted,” and the New Age television series, “Strange Universe.” Known for her clear reception, she is often called upon to assist in locating missing children and consulted on Civil Defense Air and Sea Rescue Missions as well as FBI cold cases. Dr. Gwen interned at The Washington Home Hospice of Washington, D.C.

In her work as a medical intuitive, she consults with medical doctors, acupuncturists and psychologists to assist in patient diagnosis. Dr. MacGregor has been featured in “The Washington Post” for her angel seminars and is a monthly, contributor to the well-known, on-line metaphysical review, TheMetaArts.com. She has taught for Prince George’s & Howard County, MD, Community Colleges,’ Continuing Education Programs for over 10 years as well as ongoing Master’s Classes in Ascension Studies. Dr. MacGregor has a B.A. in Sociology (U of MD), an M.S.W. in Social Work (U of MD), a Doctorate in Divinity (ULC-CA) and a MChT (NATH) in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. She is a distinguished Reiki Master (Third Level).

As a spiritual counselor, Gwen G. MacGregor has dedicated the last 36 years of her life to promoting balanced spiritual and physical integration. Her readings move clients to take greater responsibility for their own lives and success. She says, “We have been sent here [to Earth] to learn about love and experience all kinds of loving relationships. Once we take responsibility for our own actions and happiness, the destiny we were born to becomes a natural progression for us.”

Dr. MacGregor may be reached at: (443) 203-0129 or at: DrGwenGMacGregor@aol.com for appointments, classes, hypnotherapy sessions, reading parties, or interviews concerning metaphysical writings or services. All Hypnotherapy Services provided for at: Her website address is: www.drgwengmacgregor.com

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