Wes Penre -The Marduk Issue and the Earth-Bound Anunnaki

The Disclosure supporters say that the Government has come to a point where they have no choice but to tell the truth about the alien visitors, and that many people in the Military would be relieved if everything would be disclosed, but if the Government is disclosing the ET issue, it’s going to be on their terms, and it’s not going to be the truth.” – Wes Penre

1. Abstract

I want to start the first PFC (Present and Future Challenges) Paper with a reflection of the far past hitting us in present time.

First of all I need to make the reader aware of that it’s best to read the “Anunnaki Papers” before you read this one, or you will most probably be lost in the logic.

Some 4000+ years ago, the majority of the Anunnaki left Earth after had nuked the Sinai Spaceport and Sodom and Gomorrah. Marduk, however, who was Ea’s eldest son, stayed on Earth with some of his loyal Lords.

Marduk, in the past, married a human female (a crossbreed between Anunnaki and homo erectus), and was therefore forbidden to return to Nibiru; no human was allowed in “Heaven” (although some exceptions were made on occasion, such as Enoch, but otherwise, they were only short visits).

So, Marduk had to choose to either keep his hybrid wife and give up his royal status on Nibiru, or abandon his wife and keep his status. Marduk, whom already was angry with his own King Anu and his Council, due to them putting Nammur’s bloodline before his own, more or less said, “screw it!” and kept his wife.

However, he never forgot or forgave his own relatives, whom he thought had betrayed him, and he declared war against the Enlilites (the RAM clan), and now Marduk wanted to be the Ruler of Earth. At least, that was better than being no king at all, he thought.

So he fought a raging war against Inanna, the female Enlilite; a war which involved using humans as soldiers, dying in the thousands for the cause of two power-hungry Anunnaki.

When the Anunnaki left the planet, Marduk’s human wife was since long dead (she did not enjoy the longevity of the gods), but King Anu and the Council did not want Marduk back on Nibiru, due to his rebellious nature. Instead, they left him here on Earth to do whatever he wanted.

If he wanted to be the King of Earth, he could “be their guest”. But first, the gods nuked the Sinai Spaceport to prevent Marduk access from it, due to his threats to take it over.

Since then, Marduk has been in charge of this planet; or at least a majority of it. He is the force behind quite a substantial faction of what we call “The Global Elite”, “The Illuminati”, or the “Powers That Be”. It needs to be pointed out, though, that he is not the only one in charge.

There are other inter-dimensional and dimensional forces, steering parts of the Global Elite in other directions as well, so the situation is complex (we will go into this in more details soon).

Left on our planet since the gods abandoned it are both Enkiites (Serpent Clan) and Enlilites (RAM Clan), and some of them are still loyal to the Kingdom (the Nibiru Kingdom), while Marduk obviously is not. So, the war between the two Nibiruan bloodlines is still going on here on Earth, and as usual, we humans, are the soldiers.

Not very uplifting reading for the young, courageous soldiers, who go to Iraq and other places to fight for freedom, when in fact, they fight the War of the Gods, as almost always has been the case.

This paper will cover the current Anunnaki situation on Earth as we know it.

2. The Anunnaki and Their Human Hybrids — The Global Elite

The reader, who has followed me this far may wonder; if Marduk and his Anunnaki stayed here on Earth and Marduk is still, after thousands of years, King of Earth (in that sense could perhaps been seen as the Biblical Satan), left here to rule for another 3,600 years by “God” (Anu/Enlil) after been cast him down from “Heaven”, why all those wars?

Can’t he just rule all the Nations with an iron fist and thus bring peace, although it’s an oppressive peace?

It’s not that simple. Humans, also called Lulus, breed uncontrollably, and we are soon reaching the 7 billion mark. That’s a lot of people to control; especially if you want to do it in secret.

The decision to have 7 billion people on the planet at the same time is a divine decision, and nothing Marduk could do much about. What he does with the 7 billion, on the other hand, is another thing.

When we look upon the power structure on Planet Earth today as average human beings, we may feel small, insignificant and helpless. Even if we don’t like how we live our lives, we may feel we are “stuck within the system” with no power to change it.

Still, the Anunnaki who are still on Earth do not exceed the amount of 300+ individuals, compared with almost seven billion humans. We know that these Anunnaki beings are highly intelligent and advanced (at least technologically and intellectually), and they use a few thousand human hybrids (the Global Elite) to be their CEOs over Marduk’s global Empire.

They are still in great minority, so they need to control us by some kind of very clever master plan. This is how it’s done in general:

The Anunnaki keep themselves hidden and pull the strings from behind the scenes. The Ša.A.M.i. have always ruled from within councils, and the Council of 12 was the superior council while the Anunnaki were here on Earth in larger quantities thousands of years ago.

The original Council of 12 is no longer, according to a Ša.A.M.i. informant during LINK meetings, the ruling council on Earth. However, in old Nibiruan tradition, Marduk, here on Earth, has set up his own Council of 12, which is now his own Royal Council.

They use the purest hybrids on Earth; some of them being direct descendents of the old Anunnaki Lords in the ancient past. The purer your bloodline, the more power you are delegated.

These hybrids are put in charge of politics, business, education, media, entertainment, banking and think tanks, to name a few. In other words, they are positioned where they can control the most people.

 With their money scam (the banking system) they are able to keep whole nations under their thumbs, and make people in general dependent on money for their survival.

They use their ancient method of “divide and conquer” by something we call “Problem-Reaction-Solution”. When the Global Elite, through their alien masters, want a change in their structure; whether it’s local or global; and they know people in general wouldn’t agree to the changes, they create a problem big and traumatic enough for the population in general to cry for a solution (this is the “reaction”), and then the same people who created the problem in the first place now present the solution they wanted all the time.

Out of fear and terror, people are now willing to accept the solution they wouldn’t even consider before. A typical example is 9/11.

The attack is the “problem”; they get a “reaction” from the people to do something about such horrible terrorist attacks, and the U.S. government tightens the belts on us with harsher national security; allowing people to be monitored, stripped, controlled, restricted, creating new laws where it’s easier to control the masses, and so on.

This is happening on an almost daily bases. They are using fear as a weapon, and unfortunately, we humans fall for it almost every time.

Of the 300+ Anunnaki who stayed on Earth, the majority of them (around 200) are loyal to Marduk and some are still loyal to the Kingdom (Nibiru).

So right there we have the same conflict again between the Enlilites–the RAM Clan (the Kingdom) and a faction of the Enkiites–the Serpent Clan (Marduk’s loyal Lords). So they are still using human soldiers as cannon fodder in their petty wars against each other in an attempt to win power over to their own side.

Both sides are using the Global Elite members as their puppets. Wars are also a great way to keep the population from increasing in numbers too much, as well as manmade fatal diseases, viruses, vaccinations, prescription drugs, food and sweets that are poisonous to your body system, to name a few.

The whole power structure on Earth is built like a pyramid, with the Council on the top; the Global Elite purer hybrid power bloodlines right underneath; less pure hybrids under them; and under them, hand-picked humans who have the brains to be able to do the job and can be manipulated easily enough by promises of power and wealth.

Most of the latter have no idea whom they are actually working for; everything is on a need-to-know basis to keep the truth away from people. With those “regular” people, or those of watered-down bloodlines put in important positions, blackmail is often a common way to keep them loyal to the cause.

Very commonly, they are offered young, beautiful women (often underage girls or boys) to have sex with, without their wives knowing about it, and in the future, if they refuse to cooperate, their dirty laundry is hung out in public.

Hence, the many suicides in high places, and high level officials with their crimes being exposed in the media.

The situation is further complicated, because factions of the Global Elite have signed contracts with other alien species, like the Grays/Reptilians and the Verdants (more about these later), creating more civil unrest, conflicts and wars, making this whole planet a giant war zones, with the great majority of people having no idea what is going on.

Most of these bonds were made through TTPs (Technological Transfer Programs), where we got technology in exchange for what they wanted from us.

In charge of the human Global Elite (the human hybrid parts of it), are the Rockefeller and the Rothschild banking families. They have been the visible rulers for a couple of millenia, but under different names.

The Rothschild’s were previously called the Bauer’s, for example.

Both families are Royal and go back to old Sumer, and further. There are 11 other ruling Elite families as well, whom also go back to the Anunnaki. They are, according to researcher and writer, Fritz Springmeier:

1. Astor

2. Bundy

3. Collins

4. DuPont

5. Freeman

6. Kennedy

7. Li (Chinese)

8. Onassis

9. Rockefeller

10. Rothschild

11. Russell

12. van Duyn

13. Merovingian (European Royal Families)

The following families are also interconnected with those above:

1. Reynolds

2. Disney

3. Krupp

4. McDonald

So what is the difference between “regular people” and those who are of the ruling Elite, or connected to them by blood?

First of all, many of them are descendents of the old Hebrews, and are therefore the Enlil’s (YHVH’s/YeHoVaH,s) chosen people in the Bible.

They have been put near the top of the pyramid to rule over the rest of mankind. According to Sitchin’s translations, they were not meant to rule us with an iron fist like they have over the last millennia, and kill us off and treat us like slaves and cannon fodder.

The intention was apparently to govern us until we could manage by our own as a human species. We know that this never happened; they were immediately, under Marduk’s command, drunk by power and wealth, and became the Ruling Elite we see today.

They have no intention to set us free. But like I insinuated before, I don’t think the intention ever was to let us rule the planet. The Hebrews, who were the Enlil’s chosen people, were taken advantage of by Marduk, and bribed. So they simply changed side. This is my belief.

What I find notable is that king Anu and the Enlil got these strange epiphanies from Galzu, the mysterious person, and right there realized that we are all ONE and humans need to get Earth to rule over themselves.

So why, then, did they leave Marduk here, too rebellious to come back to Nibiru, knowing he would make a mess down on Earth? If they loved their “children”, as they apparently call us, would parents leave their kids with mass murderers?

2000+ years have passed since they were here last and nuked the Sinai Spaceport and Sodom and Gomorrah before they left. This means that they left between two Nibiru crossings, which is of some importance, because if they did, they can come back before 2060-2095.

Their return doesn’t have to exactly coincide with Nibiru. They know interstellar travel and can come through stargates and Einstein-Rosen Bridges as they please. Still, it’s probably in their interest to come after the cataclysm that will follow around the time for the crossing.

However, one may think that if they have had 2,000 years to evolve, they potentially could have come a long way.

But keep in mind that 2,000 years, ~ 2/3 šar, which is 2/3 of a year in their terms. They don’t count time as we do. We may argue that they are also inter-dimensional and multi-dimensional, which would perhaps speed up their progress, but if we look back on their history, they haven’t developed hardly at all the last 500,000 years.

They have always been the same warrior race with bloodlines fighting against bloodlines (as above, so below). It’s hard to believe that they suddenly, in no time at all (in their terms) have developed so amazingly fast, relatively speaking, that they are now mature enough to govern us peacefully.

Dr. A.R. Bordon is telling us they use nano-technology to develop their biominds until they now have almost reached Oneness. This is hypothetically possible, I assume, but it concerns me when I listen to Dr. Bordon, and by the same token read the following from his essay, “The Link”:

It is reported by members who have attended the conferences that they are near the completion of their cycle on oneness, wherein all knowledge and mind resources are used in service to the common.

This, it was said, can only be possible when the diversity of biominds of each member remains an individuality while simultaneously being interconnected to the Ša.A.Mi. all-one by low-powered, low-energetic means that utilizes the planet’s life belt energetics – something akin to what Earth enjoys in the form of Schumann resonance.

There is yet much we don’t quite understand about their system of oneness, as there are technologies used to enhance the common biomind that are beyond our level of technology at this time [emphasis not in original]. However, we do now possess a theoretical understanding of how it all works.

Here he says there is much we still don’t understand, but should we then accept that we don’t understand and take the Ša.A.M.i. suggestions to heart? How can we trust them? Let’s pretend that you and I were a team and traveled around the world ten years ago and killed people left and right and played silly, but vicious power games which we thought appropriate, raped women and minors, plundered and dedicated ourselves to the worst criminal acts, and then disappeared for ten years.

Suddenly, we come back and tell people that what happened ten years ago was in the past, and we are “clean” now! Would anyone believe us? Would they have a reason to? No. They would need so much more proof than our words.

The ETs can tell us anything they want us to believe.

A.R. Bordon told me their science group has developed “BS detectors” over the last 20 odd years, and that the ETs could maybe fool one or two of them, but not the whole group. I’d say: “why not?” It’s easy to be arrogant about our own brilliance and think we can compare even our most brilliant minds with those of the more developed ETs.

I believe that if they want to, these ETs can pass any BS detector we may be able to develop at this time, with the ease of a thought (and perhaps a laugh). I also have reason to believe that the other alien species that show up on the LINK meetings are from the same confederation, just pretending they are not working together. You don’t think aliens can be that sophisticated? We can, so of course they can.

Wes Penre

3. ET Disclosure Projects and Their Two Major Advocates

The situation may seem totally hopeless, but believe it or not, there is still hope, and not all aliens are here to conquer and destroy. In fact, the large majority of ET’s in near space are not hostile to humans, and many of them are here to help us in one way or the other.

They are not here to interfere with armed forces, or to put themselves in charge; most of them are working in the background and are observing.

Sometimes I get emails from people saying that these peaceful ET’s are not too much help if they just sit up there in spaceships somewhere without doing anything.

First of all, that’s not true; they are doing something, and we’re getting into that soon, but most importantly; it’s not for them to interfere or intervene. Most species are accustomed to following the “Law of One”, which includes “non-interference policies” (more about the Law of One later).

We are living in a Free Will Zone, and it’s up to us as a biokind/biomind to work out our own problems. It’s a part of learning; to go from adolescence to adulthood as a species, and we can’t have things given to us on silver plates.

We are the ones who need to consciously unite on a subquantum level (thought level) and find out what it is that we want as a humanity. This can’t be done in institutions like the United Nations or others, presently existing on Earth, because these organizations are already controlled by those who are not working in our best interests.

Under the “Soulution” section we will discuss different options we have as a species.

One thing I want to emphasize already here is the dangerous mindset of people like Dr. Steven Greer (and his team) and Dr. Richard Boylan. The latter is more dangerous than the former.

Both of them are embracing all ET’s in Earth near space and tell us there are no “bad” ET’s; they are all star-brother and star-sisters and should immediately be integrated with us, or we with them.

They say the Government knows about the aliens (which is true), and now it’s time for a disclosure, meaning that the Government should disclose the ET issue to the people.

There are no “bad” or “good” ETs, of course, only different imperatives. What’s a good imperative for one race may not be a good imperative for us, though.

However, more often than not, imperatives can be combined and worked out to the best for two species . This doesn’t mean, like Dr. Boylan says, that we should turn on our flashlights, metaphorically speaking, point them to the sky and shout: “Welcome all-star visitors. Here we are!”

Dr. Boylan in particular is inviting both the Zeta Reticulian Grays, the Verdants, the Tall Whites, the Anunnaki, respectively, without exceptions, calling them all-star visitors and “good hearted”. Both Greer’s team and Boylan agree that all the negative ETs have left near Earth space and there are only positive ET’s left!

This is extremely naive; but not only that — it’s dangerous and a liability for the rest of mankind. Not all ET’s have our best interests in mind, as we shall see, but Dr. Boylan and Dr. Greer don’t seem to care and are very aggressively making their point.

If someone brings up that there are ET’s with clashing imperatives with us, we are immediately put on Dr. Boylan’s black list as being government agents, disinformation agents or worse (after I’ve published this, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t put me on there too).

Boylan and Greer are opening up a can of worms if they don’t become more selective; it’s like a channeler allowing any entities to come into their body. Dr. Greer is not any less aggressive than Dr. Boylan; when I suggested there may be those who don’t have our best interest in mind, he (or his staff, rather) became very hostile and refused to discuss the matter and told me it is self-evident that all ETs are good and advised me to watch “The Disclosure Project” video again (from 2001).

Greer is even calling one of his projects “The Orion Project”. One may wonder, why? Orion doesn’t have a particularly good reputation here on Earth. Also, he has sponsors in “high places”, like within the Rockefeller family, and he’s open with it. He justifies it by saying that branches of the banking/oil family are now ready for disclosure and support the North Carolina Emergency doctor on his quest.

Both Greer and Boylan have a huge amount of almost cultish followers, and this is the danger. I have been in contact with people who are otherwise very intelligent and spiritually aware, but like one of them said: “When Dr. Boylan speaks, I’m all ears”.

This is concerning and quite discouraging in my opinion. We have to be more selective and mindful than that if we are going to make it.

About a week ago, from this point in early September, 2011, when I am editing this paper, Dr. Richard Boylan did a reading, and also had support from his “star visitors”, saying that a series of Earthquakes were going to hit North Carolina and Virginia.

He gave us the exact dates and times of the day, and said that many people would die at this juncture. He has allegedly about 1 million people on his list, so I’m sure at least a few of them are from these mentioned areas. I read it and shook my head in wonder. Have can the man do this?

Does he realize how much fear and terror he is creating? Did anyone leave their home, or sell it? Did they leave the target areas? Not for a moment did I think he would be correct.

When, predictably enough, the first earthquake didn’t happen, Dr. Boylan wrote a new email to the list, saying that the Cabal had changed their minds (this was supposed to be a manmade earthquake) and decided to hold that one earthquake back and let the Virginia earthquake hit first just to make him and the star visitors look stupid. He said that now it had been changed to so and so time.

I shook my head again in wonder. I asked myself, are people really listening to this guy?

However, none of the two earthquakes happened (of course). Boylan then came back on the list, saying that the Cabal had held both quakes back to build them up to 8.4 on the Richter-scale or something of the sort, just to make them more potent. Still, they were going to happen on so and so date at so and so time.

Nothing happened.


Then Dr. Boylan came online again, after people had held their breaths in wait for this miracle man to come with his new predictions. This time he responded to a reader, who said that maybe they should do a mass prayer on the earthquakes. Boylan said no, because then the Cabal would accuse them to create earthquakes.

Then silence again. No earthquakes. Then someone on the list said that the earthquakes will happen, but not at this time, and Dr. Boylan responded with something unintelligible and that was it.

Nothing heard from Dr. Boylan since, and this was a few days ago.

After all this clowning around, people on his list are still supporting him and thanking him for what he’s doing. That’s mind control when it’s really effective.

Dr. Boylan is looked upon by his member as a very nice, older man (who predicts earthquakes that never happen, scaring people shitless [excuse my language]). Where were the benevolent star visitors when he needed them? Out to lunch? (This information comes from Dr. Boylan’s mailing list, “DrRichBoylanReports”, between August 30 – September 8, 2011).

I would be happy to be on his “bad list”. If he would put me on his “good list” I would have to go through my material with a toothcomb, because then I must be doing something wrong.

This is very disturbing. Either Dr. Boylan is extremely gullible and easily manipulated, or he is working for the Cabal he is so fast to blame for every mistake he makes.

Oh, I almost forgot, Dr. Boylan thinks that Obama is a star visitor, too, and will be so kind to help Dr. Boylan out and disclose to the world that these wonderful star visitors are here! Doesn’t all this create chills down your spine? It does mine.

Just recently, President Obama told people they could ask him questions online, and Dr. Boylan advised his followers to do so, like if it would make any difference. I am stunned.

But the most disturbing part is not Dr. Boylan himself, but those who are following him in spite of these catastrophic errors and contradictions. And his whole “star visitor” agenda is breath taking. You see drawings of all these star visitors we know about, holding hands in friendship with cute smiles on their faces.

Well, the thought is good, but don’t tell us that all aliens out there, without discrimination, are saint-like, and we are ready to embrace them all. And don’t put people who disagree with ONE word you’re saying, Dr. Boylan, on some government disinformation black list. This is very counter-productive and outright dangerous. It also delays our mission, we who are working on revealing what is really happening.

Don’t get me wrong; most species out there are friendly towards us and have our best interests in mind, but they have not yet revealed themselves to us en masse for a purpose. And why is that?

Because we have to overcome our greatest weaknesses first.

We can’t just chaotically stumble into the galactic community while fighting each other and being overly egotistical and ignorant, thus bringing our problems to their vicinity. We need to grow up first, and there are those who are patiently watching us doing just that.

The only time they would interfere would be if we are literally destroying our planet (which we actually are close to doing). This is the Living Library, and there are those who would never let us go so far that we destroy their creation.

They are also monitoring us and our nuclear activities and how we handle negative energy (more about that later). These are very concerning matters for them. More than once, the ETs have stopped nuclear missiles from going off; something that has baffled Military forces and even been mentioned in the Media.

We have Anunnaki/Nephilim genes, and homo sapiens sapiens was created by Ea (the Biblical Lucifer), and this means we have a warrior stroke inside of us which we have to overcome and grow out of.

I believe we are waking up to this fact, and the nano-second (1987-2012), when time is speeding up and the information is hitting us via gamma rays from the Sun and the Galactic Center, is strengthening our DNA and connecting the so-called “junk DNA’ to our double helix to create a wiser, more peaceful Homo Futurus.

I am not overly convinced that disclosure is the medicine right now. On the other hand, it’s a matter of what we mean by disclosure. There are so many good, intelligent people out there who are working hard on disclosure projects of different kinds, but we need to understand that the Government, no matter what they say, are run by malevolent beings who don’t have our best interest in mind.

The Disclosure supporters say that the Government has come to a point where they have no choice but to tell the truth about the alien visitors, and that many people in the Military would be relieved if everything would be disclosed, but if the Government is disclosing the ET issue, it’s going to be on their terms, and it’s not going to be the truth.

Disclosure will happen, but more on an individual basis at first. The benevolent ETs will not expose themselves through the Government, whom they certainly do not trust.

The only “Disclosure” I would find valuable is to get more information from groups like LPG-C and others who sit on info regarding different ET races; who they are, where they come from, their imperatives, and who is working together with whom?

We need to categorize them and find out whom to trust and whom to stay away from. Anyone can show themselves off as saints, but behind the veil being very dark beings. Dr. Bordon, just like me, is interested in intelligence gathering on different ET species to find out more about their relationship with each other, but he refuses to reveal what he knows about the group he belongs to.

This is very unfortunate, in my opinion, because withholding this information could be potentially dangerous in the long run. Ed Komarek, known UFO researcher, made the comment why the LINK group is so secretive if they have nothing to hide?

Carol Rosin, Greer’s right hand, said in an interview recently that she is absolutely certain there are no ETs with malevolent intents left in Earth near space; they have all left, including the Grays (The Guardians said, before this statement, that if anyone tells you the Grays are no longer here, watch out).

Her rationale is that if they were here, they had already taken over or destroyed us, and obviously, we (meaning we humans) are still here. This, in my opinion, with all the information that is out there which she is discarding, is quite naive at best.

4. The Exodus of the Anunnaki Earth-Bound

In the 1400s CE, King Anu of the Ša.A.M.i. stepped down from the position as King of Nibiru.[7] This, however, did not come as a surprise, but something the King had prepared for hundreds of years, in our terms. For political reasons, he was forced to, apparently.

The lobbying during this time was apparently intense, and both clans, the RAM clan (the Enlil bloodlines) and the Serpent Clan (the Enki’s bloodlines) were as usual in competition for power and both clans wanted to put their people on the throne.

Anu, who wanted the transition to be as peaceful as possible for the Nibiruan people, tried to calm things down. He announced that his successor would be judged due to his performance down on Earth before the Sinai nuclear disaster.

How do we know this? According to the Life Physics Group (LPG-C), they come our of LINK meetings with these alien groups. These meetings have either taken place in exotic and secret places here on Earth, or onboard one of their crafts. The human faction of this group has been organizing these meetings only twice.

The story about Anu stepping down, and the rest of it, was told to them by the Nibiruan representatives at these same meetings to give a briefing to us earthlings, so we can make more knowledge based decisions in the future, so they said. In addition to this, the LPG-C members are referring to witnesses (whom they call “Informants”), with whom they spoke over a few years time.

What these Informants said, supposedly independent from each other in most cases, can be read in A.R. Bordon and J.W. Barber’s: “Journal of End Time Studies Vol 1: January-June 2007: “Between the Devil and the Incoming Rock”.

These witnesses are either scientists, (ex) military, or (ex) government agents on middle and higher levels. And lastly, I have my own experiences with LPG-C, from having been in contact with them for over 8 months as of this writing. They have shared a lot of inside information that will be released in increments (where parts of my own info is some of it).

I’ve seen things unfold within the organizations and their struggles with coming to terms with the Intel and information they have regarding the Ša.A.M.i. and other present and future ET issues, and natural disasters.

A few decades before the beginning of the Common Era (CE), the announcement that King Anu was stepping down was made. This resulted in a fast exodus of the Anunnaki still on Earth, and they immediately returned to Nibiru to be part of the lobbying.

Both Nammur and Ea (now calling himself Ankur) left Earth to be with their father on the home planet. Ankur’s sons, Marduk and Ningishzidda, and their families went back as well, causing the closure of the smelting operations in Bolivia.

Others that returned were reportedly Nergal, Ankur’s son, and his consort, Nammur’s grand-daughter Ereškigal; King Anu’s grandson Ninurta and consort. Other Anunnaki, members of the RAM clan who returned were Nannar and his wife were; Iškur, Inanna, Ašnan, Nanše, and a few more.

Nannar, so we’re told, and his consort did return to Earth for a short time after that, to northern Syria, only to return to the platform to wait for transport to the home planet.

Then, in the later part of the second century CE, Nannar was instructed by his father and King Anu to return to Altiplano of southeastern Peru, to help Nannar’s son Uti with closing down the smelters of Sacsahuaman and stop the runway operations in the Nazca area of southern Peru.

The smelters continued to process gold, tin and silver for a while, managed remotely from Turkey, but by the sixth century, Sacsahuaman was no longer in use and the pre-Incan civilizations from northern Peru through the north of the Atacama desert in northern Chile were left to fend for themselves; the Anunnaki were gone.

Other colonies, to cite Dr. Bordon again, like North American Midwest, southeastern and southwestern native groups who came in contact with and taught by the Anunnaki how to manage agriculture, animal husbandry, and other basic matters, were also abandoned by the Anunnaki by the 7th and 8th centuries CE.

For a couple of hundred years, we humans were more or less left alone on the planet for the first time since the Anunnaki created homo sapiens sapiens, about 300,000 years ago. But they would return!

5. The Announcement of the New King!

The transition between King Anu stepping down and the announcement of the new King over the Kingdom (Nibiru) was a slow one and took about 600 years. Anu was very careful with whom he chose as his successor, because reportedly, he wanted the new king to be a person who once again could unite the Ša.A.Mi. (the Nibiruans), and stop the feud between the clans.

Knowing how strong the polarity between the clans were, it was certainly not an easy task.

For a while, he wanted to choose Ankur (Ea), but he knew he couldn’t, because he was not the legal heir of the throne, according to Nibiruan law, and that would upset the RAM clan and only add fuel to the fire.

As mentioned earlier, Anu also took into consideration the performance of certain royal candidates while on Earth, and didn’t really find a proper candidate, as most of them had been involved in raging wars and disasters.

No one seemed to have a clean resume. As a side note, I find it remarkable how King Anu could be so judgmental, when he was the one who, according to Sitchin, allowed Alalu’s nuclear missiles to fall over the Sinai Spaceport and Sodom and Gomorrah, knowing that thousands of earthlings would die horrible deaths and parts of the planet become radioactive for thousands of years.

This speaks tons about the morals and ethics of this species, or the lack thereof, from our perspective. Too many destructive actions and decisions makes a person blind.

We can argue that they have other imperatives than we do, and look at us as ants or unintelligent apes, but I don’t think that justifies the cruel actions taken against us humans in the past. And aside from that, we need to think about our own imperatives in relation to this group of aliens, whom obviously think they own us because they manipulated our genes.

They were never our creators; they were impostors who manipulated an already highly developed DNA/RNA. However, we will discuss this a little bit later on.

When the exodus happened in the 6th-8th century CE, there were about 400 Anunnaki on our planet, and 3/4 of them were supporting Marduk, obeying him as their King  of Earth or the Nibiru Kingdom, and were not recognizing King Anu as their king.

This was a big problem for the real Kingdom, and Marduk had always been, and still was, a time bomb and a great concern. None of Marduk’s followers could of course be considered as King Anu’s successor.

Eventually, Ningishzidda came up with the solution. He suggested Nannar, the Enlil’s son.

He reasoned that, Nannar was the only one who could really succeed in uniting the Ša.A.Mi. again, and additionally, Ningishzidda said that Nannar had the vital force of his grandfather, King Anu himself. Ningishzidda had actually himself been considered by King Anu as his successor, but politely declined, again saying that Nannar would be the better choice.

After a lot of pondering, Anu agreed, and Nannar, son of Nammur, the Enlil, and grandson of Anu, became the king of Nibiru in the 1400s CE. After hundreds of thousands of years (at least), King Anu stepped down from the throne.

He was apparently happy that the transition could be done without bloodshed. From our point of view, the leadership had been changed from the Serpent clan (Ea’s bloodline) to the RAM clan (the Enlil’s bloodline). Metaphorically, that would be a shift from the Democrats to the Republicans.


6. Marduk Returns to Earth

We know from face-to-face and mind-to-mind communications between members of the LPG-C and those from the Kingdom (Nibiru) that Marduk left Earth by the 8th Century CE, but what happened next? Marduk, obviously, was not wanted on Nibiru and was not allowed to stay there.

In 2001, the LPG-C was informed that Marduk and approximately 300 Anunnaki returned to Earth again around the turn of the millennium (1000 CE), and has been here ever since, some of them taking control over the Earth population by force and by creating his own Pyramid Power Structure, with Marduk placing himself on top as the only God and King of the Universe.

Marduk easily fits the picture as the Biblical Satan, if we are to believe Sitchin’s story, and also fits right into the biblical prophecies, such as The Book of Revelation and The Book of Daniel, and him and Satan seem to be one and the same. He also took control over all major religions to use in efforts to manipulate the growing Earth population and to divide and conquer.

The first thing he did was an attempt to rewrite history to erase all the knowledge humans had of their own history and origins, putting himself in the position as God Almighty. He even took on the task to rewrite the Babylonian Enuma Elish (Sitchin 1985).

He is still worshiped as God in many secret societies, such as the Freemasons, unbeknownst by most members, except those few at the very top level, above the 33rd degree, Scottish Rite. Marduk is the “All Seeing Eye” on top of the Freemasonic Pyramid, and the “Eye of Ra” (Marduk Ra, whom later became Amen Ra when he was in hiding after the pyramid incident, previously covered in “Anunnaki Paper #3: After the Deluge” (Penre 2011) and my previous book, “The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller” (more about Supriem later as well).

Marduk changing history to give himself more power is mentioned both by Zecharia Sitchin in his “Earth Chronicles”, Robert Morning Sky’s “The Terra Papers” (which go into even more details about it) and comes from the Ša.A.M.i. themselves, through conversations during the annual LINK meetings between ET groups and the LPG-C, as mentioned earlier.

By rewriting history and secret and occult instruction manuals, he could convert all these secret groups (secret societies) into Intelligence cells working for him, and thus be ahead of those who opposed him.

Presently, he is also attempting to reconstruct a six-stage ziggurat “strong enough to support a landing platform at its apex.”[12] This, becoming his new spaceport instead of the Tilmun (Sinai Spaceport) that was nuked by the Ša.A.M.i. and the “fallen ones” before they left a couple of millennia prior to the Common Era.

It’s easy to see how Marduk in an almost childish revolt and rebellion towards his own people for not giving him the power he deserved in the first place (from his perspective), not only created (and still does) havoc here on Earth, but is also magnifying the ancient struggle between the two clans.

The RAM clan of course doesn’t accept his behavior, and he also puts his father, Ankur (Ea) in an almost impossible position.

Ankur wants to support his son, but has to be as diplomatic as he possibly can; a wrong move or a wrong word can potentially start another war. The situation, from what I can imagine, is quite tense.

After all, Ankur is the one who has felt the most compassion towards mankind, much due to that he looks upon us as his own creation; his own children.

It was his sperm which created the first Anunnaki/human hybrids. Ankur, sitting on the original earthly Council of 12, whom decided about big issues and problems that needed to be solved here on Earth, had many times supported his son, or “protected him” from the rest of the Council.

Now, however, when both Nammur and Ankur have left Earth, Marduk has set up his own Council (in the WingMakers “mythology” called “The Corteum”), with himself on top with the rank of 60, something that is reserved for the King of Nibiru, only.

By giving himself this rank, Marduk announces himself being both King of Earth (Satan), and that of Nibiru; thus not acknowledging the sitting King and the Kingdom.

By giving himself the rank of King, and his refusal to give his obedience to the Kingdom in general, made the Nibiruan Council decide to put Marduk in the equivalent to a quarantine here on Earth.

What this means, exactly, is not known to me, and I haven’t yet been able to find out.

Does it mean that Marduk is not allowed to leave Earth (which has been vaguely indicated to me), or is the picture bigger than that, something to the effect of what Robert Morning Sky wrote in The Terra Papers?

According to Morning Sky’s research, and from what the Star Elder told him, the whole Earth was put under quarantine, and humans, too, are not allowed or able to travel very far out in space.

The Pleiadians, on the other hand, just like David Icke, are talking about a frequency quarantine (as mentioned earlier), where our DNA was tampered with to the extent that we have been stuck in this 3-D frequency range for pretty much 300,000 years.

A similar thing is brought up in the Ra Material, where the Ra people are telling us we are put under quarantine by the Council of Saturn, which pretty neatly corresponds to the Nibiruan Council.

This whole quarantine issue is going to be discussed in another paper as well, but it seems plausible that “quarantine” can mean different things here.

It is clear that Marduk has a stronghold over most institutions, banking cartels, educational systems, religions, entertainment etc., in the world of today. However, he does not have the monopoly many researchers think.

Besides the two factions of Anunnaki, fighting each other (the RAM clan and the Serpent Clan), there are at least two or three other major ET races competing over total control of Earth and mankind.

This makes things even more complicated, and we will discuss all these challenges in separate papers, but will concentrate on Marduk for now.

7. Marduk’s Council of 12 — The Corteum

At this point in time, we don’t know all the names in Marduk’s Council of 12 (also called the “Olympians” according to two of LPG-C’s informants), but LPG-C has been able to find out at least a few of them, and their rank.

Like twelve spiders in the net sit the top rank Anunnaki, delegating their power downwards to the leaders of each Power Center, which are all supposedly humans (and/or hybrids).

Those ten leaders are then reporting directly to the 12 Anunnaki (the Council of 12, or C-12). Logically, the C-12 members then report to Marduk in person, either in board meetings or on an immediate basis, depending on the urgency (not being totally convinced that Marduk is dead, I am still going to proceed as if he is alive. If he is not, what I am describing pertains to his successor; one of both of his two sons, Nabu and Gibil).

After doing some research and made contact with appropriate sources, members of the LPG-C managed to identify the 10 Power Centers with what seems to be quite some accuracy. They are:

  • The American/NATO group
  • The Russia/Mafia group
  • The Japan, Inc. group
  • The China, Inc. group
  • The OPEC group
  • The Cartel/Triad councils group

The supply margin economic/political groups in Latin America and Africa headed by Brazil (Latin America) and South Africa (Africa)

Please take note here, because what the LPG-C actually say in “Between the Devil and the Incoming Rock” is that the above is the Anunnaki pyramidal meta-structure on Earth, not that the Anunnaki is the only alien power force which controls the planet from the ground or beyond. I just want to emphasize this clear again, so the reader can keep it in mind for future reference.

Tree of Life Sumeria

8. The Earth-Bound Anunnaki: How They Look Like and Their Whereabouts

Before we start talking about the whereabouts of the earth-bound, I’m sure the reader is curious if there are any photos of real Anunnaki, besides from Sumerian clay tablets.

The answer would be that there most certainly are, but they are not on the Internet. However, I have in my possession a photo of a first- or second generation Anunnaki female hybrid, taken in Puerto Rico. This is how they apparently look like (at least in our 3-D reality, I may add. More on this later):

This particular photo has a story behind it, which I need to tell. It was taken by Dr. Bordon in a meeting in Puerto Rico. This particular LPG-C member, whom of course knew about their existence from earlier annual meetings, was surprised to meet four of these beings in the Puerto Rico gathering. Bordon told me that these beings were taller than humans, but not tremendously taller; somewhere between 6 to 7 feet.

They look like albinos, with white, kinky hair, which they sometimes wear long and sometimes short Their eyes are red when seen in certain light, and the red eyes in this picture is the only thing that has been manipulated, according to LPG-C.

The picture was not meant to come in public domain, and certainly not on the Internet; only for circulation between the LPG-C scientists, The eye color was enhanced to emphasize their real eye color, which did not come out well on the original photo.

Although I felt I had established a relationship with the LPG-C, and especially with Dr. A.R. Bordon, I was skeptic at first when I saw the photo, because I did a search on the Internet and could easily find the photo on different websites. Some even suggested it was a photoshop job of the Polish model, Anja Rubic .

I decided to send the alleged Anunnaki female photo to two different photoshop experts. The first one wants to be anonymous, but the second one was Barbara Brown, aka Wiolawa ), of Native Indian descendent, whom in my opinion has done amazing research into the exopolitical scene, mostly by using Photoshop as a tool.

More often than not, she’s been right on! I didn’t mention anything about what I’d been told about this photo.

In both cases they came back with the same answer: this person is not totally human, but a hybrid. Wiolawa even said she seemed to have some kind of “overlay”.

Reptilian? We’ll see…

Anja Rubic, on the other hand, having quite some similarities in looks with the Anunnaki female, is not the same person. The observant reader can see that if s/he looks carefully, but one may ask if Ms. Rubic may actually be an Anunnaki hybrid as well?

I will leave that question hanging, and if someone wants to look into that, it may be worth the effort.

LPG-C guarantees that this is how the earth-bound females look like, and they tell me they know this from face-to-face encounters, and also by using Extra Neurosensing (ENS) remote viewing.

To complete the story about the photo of the Anunnaki female, it was stolen (and I know this to be fact) from LPG-C by an impostor, who joined the group, pretending to do so with the best of intentions.

He joined under the name Roy W. Gordon. The photo was supposedly taken in 2006, and sometime in 2008, Roy Gordon stole it (and other sensitive information) and escaped.

The photo was later posted on the Internet by the organization that Gordon was/is a member of: S.A.A.L.M. or the ACIO/NSA (National Security Agency), located in Pine Gap, Australia, known for its huge amount of Reptilian sightings, and also one of the major bases for Marduk associated Intelligence Agencies.

S.A.A.L.M. stands for “Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Marduk”.

The information added to this photo in form of text is inaccurate and part of a disinformation campaign by Marduk’s Pine Gap faction, according to LPG-C. S.A.A.L.M., a department of NSA, was also involved in a smear campaign against James Casbolt, the MI6 whistle-blower and mind controlled slave, when he decided to go public.

They managed to discredit him to such an extent that Casbolt had to pull his website, casbolt.com, a few years ago. We will spend more time on S.A.A.L.M. and their possible connection with the top secret Labyrinth Group within the NSA in a special section of this paper.

We have already talked about Pine Gap, Australia, but where else can we find the earth-bound Anunnaki and their first and second generation hybrids? LPG-C did some research on this, and had great help from their Informants.

Informants one, three, and four (2005, 2006) led them to Puerto Rico and the Ngongoro region of the Great Rift Valley, in the Serengeti National Park of Tanzania, Africa.

Informants three and four, independent of each other, confirmed that there indeed is Anunnaki presence in the Tanzania area, including UFO activity.

When comes to the Puerto Rico, the LPG-C “were not able to confirm any of the reports received concerning the El Yunque region, near the U.S. naval base at Roosevelt Roads, in northeast Puerto Rico; except for a number of confirmed “disappearances” of people in the Experimental Forest area near the naval base, and the unusual number of albinos in the area.”

However, Dr. Bordon knew about the Anunnaki activity in Puerto Rico, at least as early as 2006, when the photo of the female was taken. Apparently, he decided to exclude that from the evidence at the point of the writing of his essay in 2007.

Most likely, it had to do with the embarrassment of Roy W. Gordon’s infiltration which led to the theft of the photo. I really don’t know the real reason for Bordon excluding his own encounters with the earth-bound in his essay, though, but the above is a qualified guess.

Dr. Bordon is not very fond of talking about the Roy Gordon incident, and he gets easily aggravated when discussing the subject with me.

I want to add some more detailed background information on Dr. Bordon’s encounter with the four Anunnaki hybrids, because it could be of interest to the reader and our further research on the earth-bound.

Dr. Bordon told me that they (Bordon and others) (whomever “they” are, however, is not clear) did some work as subcontractors for a contractor in 2006, which led them to go down from California to Puerto Rico. Here is the story in Dr. Bordon’s own words:

Now, the event that led to the photo from my end. In 06, we had an opportunity to do some work for a contractor as subcontractors, which required two of us to head down under for pressing the flesh and drying the ink on paper.

The photo in question was one I took of a female, approximately 6’2″ dressed in a very white dress draped over one shoulder – in other words, the female in the photo in question.

The photo was taken at exactly 41 degrees inclination to the plane on which she was (i.e., the ground floor of a large building/structure that housed a research center of sorts at an underground facility).

The picture was taken with an old SLR and developed on site by people from the installation. Four shots were taken of her, two of which were overexposed with one of those somewhat blurry. All upstairs pictures of her were taken with a tele lens. The other one is one taken at the same level and there are people around her. The occasion was a party/reception in our honor, and there were four of them, three males and this female.

We were not allowed to take any pictures of the males, but I was told that I could take no more than five pictures of her, but that all of the background images of the setting in which the subject was had to be changed. This was done subsequently, in digitized form, putting a blank background, which it is visible and evident on the picture.

Her eyes were red at close range, but even the clearest augmentation of the digitized original did not show her eyes clearly, so color was augmented manually. That was the only touch given to the original.

The other three almost immediately joined us. I know she had called them over via mind-on-mind communication, and asked her if she had done so. She acknowledged she had, and this surprised her even more.

On that occasion, in fact that evening, my party and I learned these four were members of the ground group and that their home-site was in Puerto Rico. The one clear picture of her was retouched and background-changed, leaving her form intact but with the eye color accentuated in red.

I did not make the changes but I can say that the picture of the female I met is the likeness of the individual depicted on the photograph in question.

My question, given the likeness between Anja and this female, is whether there is a biological connection between them I raise that question because it is known that pure SAM [Ša.A.M.i., Wes’ comment] and SAM hybrid females are known to engage in intercourse with human males and to conceive children who are then 2nd and 3rd generation hybrids.

Same with SAM males of the ground group.

This photo was not release [sic] to anyone by us, according to agreement with the contractor of record. We believe we were invited to come as a way of establishing bona fides that the contractor was indeed in direct contact and had access to SAMs.

We were satisfied that this was indeed the case, and the case was closed. We then proceeded to perform the work for the contractor, were paid for our work, and that was the end of it.

Except for the RWG affair [Roy W. Gordon, Wes’s note], which began to unravel shortly after our return from down under. Things got quite nasty with the man who had been planted in our midst, and who had gone down with us. We are certain in hindsight that the man who returned back was not the same man who went down.

I am also aware of the Casbolt case, as James came to us for possible deprogramming. Nothing came of it, and contact with him was broken.

Now, in appearance, those who are from the home planet are taller than those who belong to the ground group here.

The three male individuals we ran across were 7 feet in height or over, but not as tall as those whom we met during Link sessions, nor like those who picked me and my dad up in 1956 in South America during a fishing trip on a River between Brazil and Paraguay.

All of this happened about 4 years ago.

In the aftermath of the RWG affair, we did a thorough housecleaning of the disaster he brought to our doors. We have a working relationship with many people and used every contact known to us in finding out who and what was this man doing and representing.

Among the things he left behind was a clean picture of this female without the poorly done description of her on the lower left hand corner. I have no doubt this picture you showed me has been doctored and that we were not the only ones in possession of the digitized form now circulating.

However, I was the one taking the picture and the picture is not taken at same level and it is not a frontal picture of her. She is gazing slightly to one side of the camera, as Ed argues in his video study of the photo.

After I’d asked Dr. Bordon some additional questions, the details became even clearer. He was very generous with explaining this to us (UFO researcher Ed Komarek [http://exopolitics.blogspot.com/] and me). I am publishing this, because I think it’s important, due to that it gives credibility to Dr. Bordon’s claims of having taken the photo of the female.

I will not include information here which is of a personal nature, currently off limit for publication, or off subject. The occluded sections between the included ones will be marked like this: […] . The rest is word for word.

There were four, not five viable pictures. I remember taking five, which is why I said five. Again, the pictures of her I took with an SLR in color from about 80 feet distance, a little less than 30 meters.

I was on a first or second mezzanine up, which made for the angle of view, which in the first picture I took (she had just come through a door that was to her right in the photo you sent.

Again, all photos were developed on site and given to us before departure. The fifth I was told did not come out. I did not pursue it.

Her eyes were, well, have you ever seen someone who was suffering of pink eyes, conjunctivitis, it is something of a pinkish-red from a distance, and the color remained pinkish on closer view – about 6 feet. We were never allowed to touch or be closed [sic] to them.

Yes, there are pictures of her, one overexposed, the other with spots on her. These pictures were not “sanitized” (i.e., background removed). There was an additional photo taken the angle of which made her be at profile from me.

These photos are in the possession of the contractor, all of them were retrieved when R.W.’s thing began to unravel. However, I am not going back to them to ask for these pictures.

That’s one dog I am going to let stay sleep. What really happen is a black mark on the contractor and on us, and revisiting the R.W. affair just ain’t going to happen. Some of your and Ed’s suppositions about Gordon are not farfetched at all and are closer to what happened. But that’s all I will say about it.

Obviously, there are problems with this photo. We had no reasons to distrust the product given to us at the time. Only one was photoshoped; none of the others were changed in any way.

One of the things I would suggest is to not use that photo at all. There are better ones out there. When meeting the informants for the information XXXX [name excluded] and I reported in essay, pictures surfaced corroborating their likeness, although some at simple viewing of the photo told us the objects of the photo were hybrids.

There are also photos taken by a fellow I know, who is photographically pursuing them around the world, and there are some taken by him or by one of his collaborators from either Argentina or Chile showing SAMs up in the mountains of the Andes [my emphasis].

I have not seen them, but I trust his word, since he’s provided images of the skeletons of giants that are not in the public domain which we’ve been able to verify with LPG-C members from Russia that these were indeed viable (real) photos.

Then there are photos of SAMs living in northern Wisconsin [my emphasis] we know about, photos of which are harder to come by, so XXXXXXX (my friend) has been making personal attempts at getting one or more.

There is also a retired Master Sargeant [sic] who was stationed in San Antonio, TX [my emphais], who had taken distance photos of two of them in military uniform without insignias. So there are photos. With patience we will get to them.


Witness what is happening in South America. I’m staying in touch with a Chilean, an Argentinian and a Paraguayan, all of them working with video as the medium of capture.

There are technical problems with video – they never worked for us in person with any of them. Digital photography is best. It does not lie and it does not change the subject.

Now, let me address something that, once either or both of you come in ftf [face-to-face, editor’s note] contact with any one of them, and become familiar with these folks, the last thing you think about is photographing them.

There are too many other things on focuses on while this is happening. There is also the issue that some will not allow you to take pictures of them.

Then there are some whose body electrostatic and electromagnetic field’s is so high that it distorts even a digital picture. Or, better said, the digital photo comes out distorted, like as if the space around the body is broken up.

And, Ed, wordy as this may be, until YOU have been in front of any one of these people, that’s all I have to explain the experience.


…Please hear this as well: this is NOT about disclosure; this IS about connecting.

So, first of all, a few new locations are exposed to us in the above email: Argentina and Chile (and up in the Andes), Wisconsin and Texas. Dr. Bordon also tells me in a letter dated, December 2, 2010, that the faction living in the Andes come from the Cydonia planes on Mars, and moved to the Chile mountain range just a few decades ago.

Some of them can also be found along the Peruvian/Ecuadorian border.

And here is some recent information I heard on a Pleiadian lecture from the summer of 2011; they say there are underground bases in the Middle East where some of the Anunnaki reside.

They have lots of technology available to them down there and they pretty much steer the major events in the Middle East from underground; partly by changing the brain frequencies on humans living on the surface, putting beliefs and ideas into their heads, which people think are their own.

This is done with the intention to create and fuel conflicts of choice. A similar thing was done in Egypt during the uproar in the beginning of 2011.

To summarize, these are the sites the Anunnaki have been spotted on Earth in present time with quite some certainty:

  • Pine Gap, Australia
  • Puerto Rico, South America
  • The Andes, The Chile, South America
  • The Ngongoro region of the Great Rift Valley, in the Serengeti National Park of Tanzania, Africa.
  • Northern Wisconsin, U.S.A.
  • Texas, U.S.A.
  • Underground bases in the Middle East

Secondly, Dr. Bordon (and the LPG-C in general) are not for ET disclosure, but for connection.

It sounds pretty black and white when we read it like this, out of context, but there is much more to that statement; something we will discuss in the “Solution Papers”. I actually believe that they is correct, but to understand what I mean by that, we do have to dig into the issue much deeper, which we will.

9. Marduk’s Challenges

Although Marduk is using ancient techniques to control us via networks of secret societies, businesses, religion, banking etc., his problem is, and has always been, numbers.

The latest Intel on him and his pure Anunnaki followers is telling us that they are about 330 in numbers, and every once in a while, they have been the target of snipers.

That, and other reasons, have been what has reduced the numbers of the ”Fallen” and the Nephilim. Hence, they have been said to have been forced to do two things; fine tuning their networks in attempts to have them work more efficiently, and reduce the numbers of Lulu’s (we humans).

The second is supposedly done, among other things, by creating wars, famine, disease, poisoning our food etc. The latter is doubtful. I know that it has been in circulation amongst researchers for perhaps 20 years now (I was one of them), that the Global Elite want to reduce the population down to perhaps 500,000,000 people.

That’s a huge reduction! If they’d wanted to do that with the technologies which they have available, they would have done so by now. Instead the population has increased to 7 billion. My personal thought is that the PTB (Powers That Be) is just waiting out the natural catastrophes ahead, and they can help the disaster by adding their own weapon of mass destruction to the soup.

The manmade disasters and weather changes they have already orchestrated fill other purposes, like inducing fear in the population, and biological warfare and to make duller people, easier to manipulate. The wars, on the other hand, are just the old never-ending wars between the gods. That’s where the “fine tuning” comes in.

Marduk knows about the increase of energies from the Galactic Center and our own Sun, which brings information on gamma rays to us here on Earth.

It’s happened before; the last time we were lined up with the Galactic Center (the “Womb of the Mother”, as the Pleiadians call it), about 26,000 ago, and in a lesser degree 13,500 years ago, when our solar system was lining up with the Central Sun the last time.

This time around, during the nano-second, between 1987-2012, many people are prepared and ready to “download” the information from the Galactic Center, our own Sun, and the Universe in general. This is a big thing where numbers count again.

Marduk knows he can’t do much about the mass awakening, unless he kills off an incredible amount of people, and the question is if he actually would succeed anyway. There are ways (mentioned above) he can reduce the population, but the question is if he will succeed.

Some may think that the Global Elite is united, but they are far from it.

There are serious conflicts and disagreements on higher levels, which may be fortunate for us, as it delays any major actions against us, and gives us more time to get the job done on our end.

The major challenges I see Marduk facing today are:

Disagreements within his own circle of people

The ancient conflict between the RAM Clan and his own Serpent Clan. There are still those loyal to the Kingdom residing here on Earth, making life harder for Marduk. We may ask ourselves if we should line up with them to fight Marduk and his cohorts, but I would definitely say no to that.

We don’t want to be involved in more massive wars that no one can win. And “violence always feeds violence”, “if you kill with the sword, you shall die by the sword” etc. Basic karma is what it is.

The mass awakening of the Lulus. This is a major factor he may, or may not, know how to deal with successfully. However, as mentioned above, that part may take care of itself, similar to when the Enlil just let the lulus die in the Deluge. In my book, Marduk if not worse than the Enlil (YHVH).

The Incoming Nibiru. He soon has to face his nemesis, King Nannar, whom reportedly is here to destroy Marduk and his network.

In all his pride, Marduk may still think he can beat them, which will probably be his Achilles Heel. If we are to believe Bible prophecies, Marduk/Satan will not succeed, but there will be a big battle of Armageddon, where many people will die in the so-called “final”(?!) War of the Gods.

Of course, humans will once again be used as foot soldiers…

What Marduk has done is to take advantage of time speeding up during the nano-second. He is forcing us humans to work harder and harder, multi-tasking to the extent that we can no longer think, because we don’t have time. The Pleiadians call this “functional insanity”, which I think is a great description of the situation.

The result, however, is that many people get so caught up in the fast pace of life, which is intentionally created, that we don’t have time to think about deeper issues that would actually help solving our problems. The immediate resolution is to slow down! We need to stay calm, meditate, and calm down the frantic energies, or we’ll succumb. This trap is very cleverly set up, and on the surface it seems like pure insanity, but if we look at it from Marduk’s point of view, it’s ingenious.

There are many challenges ahead of us, and the Anunnaki problem is only one of many, as we shall see. Humankind needs to be prepared, or we stand no chance of survival. Of course, as always, mankind will survive as a species, but our numbers will be significantly reduced!

Still, there are things we can do, and we have help behind the scenes; both from here and “above”, so to speak. And I’m not talking only about ETs, but our own Higher Selves/Oversouls/Sovereign Integral; whatever we want to call it. We have a lot to go through in the “Solution Papers”.

I have another diagram I want to show you, which is included in Bordon’s “Journal of End Time Studies Vol 1: January-June 2007: “Between the Devil and the Incoming Rock”, and that is another pyramid power structure, looked at from a slightly different angle, showing the information flow going in two directions; downward and upward, where the latter is meant to be a “clear flow”, where all information goes from down to the top, while the downward flow is restricted and on a “need to know basis”.

This also has to do with more off-world policies and this structure is being implemented as we speak, if the interpretation of the situation is correct. As usual, when a picture is not clear, click on it to enlarge.

The ultimate challenges for Marduk and his human and not-so-human underdogs will be the incoming planet, Nibiru. The arrival is still a few generations in the future, but if we are to believe what old prophecy says (and we should), the Ša.A.M.i. from the home planet will defeat Marduk and his Global Elite and then rule us for another 3,600 years in something that can be described as Paradise on Earth, or “Heaven of Earth”.

But who gave us these prophecies?

Who gave the information to John the Divine and Daniel? It should be quite obvious to the reader by now. If we study the chain of events here, we can quite easily see who is who.

Marduk being Satan, Nannar and his people from the Home Planet being our Savior(s) (“Second Coming” of Nibiru). Nammur, the Enlil, is the primary YHVH (Jehovah), although YHVH/YHWH is a composite of different Anunnaki, and Ea (Ankur/the Enki) is Lucifer, who gave Adam and Eve wisdom in the Garden of Eden (Edin).

According to the Bible, the prophecies written therein are of divine origin, and if we look at the information I shared here a few sentences ago, we can see who the “Divine” (“God”) is.

I have always been fascinated by the early WingMakers material, and how accurate much of it is after some 13 odd years under scrutiny. James, the writer and interpreter of the material, writes regarding the Anunnaki and the Ša.A.M.i.:

The genetic library that thrives upon earth is a form of currency that has no price tag. All I can say is that its value far exceeds anything that human thought could imagine.

And with this incredible value, our planet attracts interest from a wide-range of extraterrestrial races, and this is as true today as it was a thousand years ago or a hundred thousand years ago.

“Objects of inestimable value and rarity, such as earth, attract beings from outside our planetary system that desire to control them, which makes earth an extraordinary object of attraction. It’s precisely this attraction that has brought the concepts of evil to our psyche.

LPG-C has discussed this matter with those from the Home Planet, so what does this species have to offer? LPG-C, on behalf of humankind, came with the following suggestion:

What we are suggesting, instead, is the development of a network of canton-like like-minded and like-disposed peoples who accept, realize, choose to, and develop means to open themselves to possibilities.

We know the Kingdom is coming back, and the Kingdom and humankind are bound to each other by genetic makeup and past, some of which must be unlearned and undone in the present so that a peaceful future could be possible for both; them and us.

Dr. Bordon of LPG-C ends his essay with the following:

What we are suggesting is not a war or even resistance to Marduk or those who carry out his plans and objectives. This would be, indeed, futile (to borrow a phrase from Roddenberry and his Star Trek Next Generation paradigm).

Then there is the matter of the dedicated human said to be returning with them, who is to assume the combined offices of EN.KI. and EN.LIL. as First Lord of Earth – or something like that – in some kind of direct democracy.

It would be nice to know what his sixty epithet names will be; this will tell us a great deal of what to expect from what he is to offer to the remnant humankind left after the forecast defeat and imprisonment of Marduk, following some final confrontation of forces prophesied in biblical sources.

All of the preceding would require of us that we change our views of what is to come and face them, not in religious or doctrinal ways, but rather in well-informed and thoughtful exopolitical and scriptural ways.

Why scriptural as well? We also need to know what is required of us in the dedicated human’s program for a post-Marduk Earth.

We contend it is not an accident that much of what written patrimony left to us has been altered and in some cases changed completely to suit doctrinal and institutional hegemonies and power.

We are also not suggesting a naive, Pollyanna-like worldview of what is to come; quite the contrary, we suggest we must become informed not just about Marduk and his program, but also about the Kingdom and the dedicated human’s paradigm of an Earth seemingly patterned after what NI.BI.RU. sees 25 working for them.

Will it also work for us?

We are not suggesting it will not. We are asking that we begin a dialogue on these two seemingly diametrically opposed options, and learn what we may already know deep within us all that is best for us.

Is prophecy set in stone? Is it totally pre-determined? Of course not. Is it likely to happen? Yes, some, if not most of it, because it’s planned that way.

By getting people hooked to world religions and their offspring and cults and sects, via priests, religious leaders, mass media et al, we are constantly bombarded with religious propaganda, which makes it easier for the prophecies to stick.

To our favor is the mass awakening that’s going on as I write this. Prophecy, however, is always slippery, because humans are very unpredictable.

When comes to Bible Prophecy and other ancient prophecies, much of that is more likely to stick, because humankind is secretly steered in the direction of fulfilling these old predictions (there are those behind the scenes who work furiously to make these prophecies come true), but they are also determined by the plans of off-planet beings, over whom we have little control.

I can empathize with Dr. Bordon’s statements above, seeing it from his, and LPG-C’s, perspective. However, as they mention in so many places in their different essays, the Ša.A.M.i. and the Anunnaki are just a small faction of ETs in near Earth space, and they all have their imperatives.

We know the history of the Ša.A.M.i., and their mindset, and this is evidence we can’t discard. If someone says “they have changed now”, I wouldn’t take that as face value. Anybody can say that, or that “they’re working on unity”. The 60 epithets of Nannar would indeed be nice to see.

First of all, there are other way to get rid of Marduk and his followers, and that is to educate ourselves (reading material like this), make it our own, work on our spiritual wholeness (spirit/mind/body), and our fear will diminish considerably.

It has worked for me, astoundingly so.

Knowing what I know and working on myself has left me with very little fear left inside. This is the stage we want to reach. This is a 100th monkey syndrome we want to achieve. Because remember, even Marduk and any other negative visitors, in our terms, are here because they perceive our fear.

Those who have read “Hidden Hand” know exactly what I’m talking about. You who haven’t, here is the link again; http://illuminati-news.com/00363.html, and I advise you to read it now. Stop here and read it first before you move on in this text if you haven’t read it before. Then come back here and continue. It’s that important!

All challenges we are meeting now and in the future have a purpose. They are mirrors of our own fears and weaknesses as individuals and as a humanity, and they come into our existence to teach us lesson so we can grow; they are catalysts.

How well will you and I survive?

Well, it depends on how well we master fear and have taken care of our karma. The timelines are opening up and we are becoming more multi-dimensional. This means we also need to face our own fears and overcome them.

We need to forgive ourselves and others, create a positive environment in our local universe and always work on having good thoughts about self, others, and the environment, and feel unconditional love towards everybody and everything.

Unconditional love and service-to-others are the big keys. Listen to your heart; it’s always telling you something important. Then, but first then, can you connect with your Higher Self and become an island in a stormy ocean. The waves may whip against your shores, but they won’t penetrate the island.

You can watch them, see the beauty in them, and do nothing else but that, then the waves will stop right there and conform into what you want them to be; a manifestation of beauty, not of fear.

Think like this sounds too simplistic and too naive?

Think again. If a solution is not simple, it’s not the best of solutions. Everything is simple in its core; we are the ones who complicate things with our “logical” minds. The Multiverse isn’t just “logical”; it’s fluid and ever-changing. And who is changing it? We are!

This doesn’t mean it’s easy to change old patterns, beliefs and paradigms that are no longer working in our favor; we need to work on this one by one and face our limitations and fears, see them for what they are and overcome them.

Not by fighting them, but to understand them, accept them and let the negativity and fear connected to them, go. That’s how we grow, because our positive energies are contagious and spread like a wildfire.

Be a positive example, and others will follow; they have no choice, because you show them who they really are. When Marduk and his Global Elite have no reasons to be catalysts for us anymore, and their terror doesn’t bite, their difficult job is finished. The real so(u)lution is not “out there”, but “in here”, “inside”.

When we look at things, we need to understand that whatever it is, it has more layers to it; always! Make it a rule to always look at things from the highest possible level, and you will have a much greater understanding for things happening around you.

Instead of being frustrated or afraid, think: “how can this serve me? What is the learning lesson in all this?” Only then will you become more enlightened. I can’t emphasize enough how much this kind of thinking has helped me!

In the same manner, we need to look at Marduk, the Global Elite and others, whom apparently have not our best interests in mind; at least not from our 3rd Density level perspective. They are doing a job that you and I didn’t want to do.

In that sense; deep inside themselves, within their energetic hearts, there is a tremendous love for us humans and everything else living. They manifest this by being our “opposites” (catalysts).

Would you like to play the role of the “evil guys”?

Not if you know what karma that would bring onto you. On the highest level, they are here to help us grow. They may have forgotten that on a conscious level (some of them have not), but they are still playing out their role.

It’s up to us to recognize this and overcome our worst enemy – FEAR! And the “evil ones” feed from it. When there is no fear, there is no longer any place for them. It may be a rude awakening, but this is how it is. It’s up to us!

The interesting thing is that the earlier creator gods, like the Pleiadians and the Vegans, whom, being the original creator gods of mankind, have better reasons to govern us, instead want to teach us to govern ourselves, without much help from outside forces (including themselves, except for giving practical advice when asked for).

We need to think about if maybe this is what would be preferred. Unfortunately, the scientific community; even the rouge ones; have a hard time accepting the metaphysical beings that are here to guide us in these times.

Yes, the best of the scientists are acknowledging them and may even say that the metaphysical entities may have their ducks in a row, but don’t understand the dynamics. I would say, maybe they do? Maybe they really do; at least the most advanced of them. More of this in the “Solution Papers”.

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