Your Year of Financial Abundance

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.” – Wayne Dyer

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Does it sometimes feel like the job, the kids, the errands and all your responsibilities are pulling you in a dozen different directions?

Feel like you’re running up against a brick wall when trying to manifest? If you answered yes, it’s a sure sign that your Abundance Blocks are wreaking havoc on your life. Because if they weren’t, you’d have more than enough time for yourself and the people that matter to you.

Subconscious Abundance Blocks could be hijacking the life of your dreams. Join Energetic Life Coach Christie Marie Sheldon and discover what these blocks are and how to remove them – And automatically boost your abundance.

As a Personal Growth enthusiast, we know how important your life goals are to you.

But if you’ve ever had one particular goal that has constantly eluded you – no matter how hard you’ve worked towards it – then this might interest you.

Christie is a leading Energy Healer and she explains that there are certain subconscious barriers that may be hijacking your dream life – Without you even knowing it.

She calls them “Abundance Blocks” and she’s narrowed them down to 24 specific  blocks. Any one of these blocks can easily throw your life off-course.

You see, far too many people find themselves in a rut they can’t get out of – regardless of how hard they work.

What people may not realize is that it’s not about “hard work“, luck or even intelligence that will attract abundance.

That’s why Mindvalley and leading Energy Healer, Christie Marie Sheldon are organizing an eye-opening online class on Abundance. But there is a catch! Firstly, it’s going to be free. 🙂

Secondly, it’s going to be tailor-made to address your most pressing issues about abundance. By filling out a really short survey, Christie Marie will be able to use your answers to create an online class that you can truly benefit from.

Over 43,000 people experienced Christie’s session earlier this year and the feedback was incredible. But what was even more amazing were the results that some of the attendees experienced in the following days.

  • I’m talking about surprise checks in the mail.
  • Lucrative business deals manifesting out of thin air.
  • Brilliant ideas that help you shine at work.
  • And other unexpected abundance synchronicities.

Imagine what your 2014 would look like if any one of these events happened to you consistently?

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into Wayne Dyer

1) Abundance Blocks And Why They’re Holding You Back From Wealth

Familiarize yourself with what they are, why they exist, and which ones could be sabotaging your ability to manifest the abundance you desire.

2) How Energy Clearing Works

Discover exactly how it’s possible to tap into your energy field, and directly remove Abundance Blocks from it.

3) An energy clearing session for unblocking your abundance in 2014

Christie will use her gift to remotely access your energy field and enhance its natural wealth attraction ability just in time for the new year.

4) How Much Are Your Abundance Blocks Costing You?

Use an eye-opening abundance calculator that you can use to instantly see how close (or far) you are to being financially healthy.

5) Tales of unlimited abundance

Christie will share a few real-life stories from past participants of this energy clearing session. Regardless of who you are, unlimited abundance is just a mind shift away.

6) Christie Marie On The Hot Seat

If you’re curious or skeptical about the power of energy clearing, this section is for you. Personal growth icon Vishen Lakhiani will ask Christie a series of piercing questions on every aspect of Abundance Blocks.

Subconscious Fears About Money

Many of us are saddled with a subconscious fear towards money, because somewhere deep down inside, we relate it to greed and evil.

Some of us spend way too much time at work, thinking back-breaking work is the only path to success.

We overlook opportunities, we’re often too afraid to invest, we always second-guess ourselves… the list goes on and on.

In fact statistics show that Abundance Blocks hold us back even further when left unchecked. In 1990, researcher John Zogby found that 14% of adults were actually making less than what they earned in their previous jobs.

Since March 2011, that figure has since increased to a staggering 35%.

Now look at your personal financial circumstances. How much do you think Abundance Blocks are holding you back right now?

10% Rule for Income

It’s common knowledge that to be considered financially healthy, your income should increase by at least 10 percent each year—both to combat inflation, and to reward you with a progressively better standard of living.

Why? Because think about it.

The longer you spend in a career, the better you should become at it. If you work in sales, for example, you should only get better at persuading customers and closing deals.

You should be getting more creative ideas and inspiration to grow your customer base. And on the side, your investments should be growing too.

So the big question is, are you achieving this? Or are your Abundance Blocks holding you back?

The conclusion is simple: if you’re not earning what you should be, your Abundance Frequency needs to be fixed. Fast. And if you are, who’s to say you couldn’t be earning even more?

Let Christie help you adjust your abundance frequency so you can attract and allow unlimited abundance in.

 >>> Click here to RSVP your FREE spot Unlimited Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon.

P.S. I am an affiliate for this product and will receive a commission on any sales. 🙂

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