Maintain Your Integrity With A Positive Attitude

This is a guest post by Jane.

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”. – Bob Marley

Integrity is the quality of strong moral principles, honesty and sincerity as put by most popular dictionaries. It is considered to be an important virtue one must have for others to trust them as credible.

It is most likely a known fact that everyone values and admires a person with integrity making them trustworthy in everyone’s eyes.

People tend to follow you and your principles if you are seen with a person of strong character, honesty, trustworthiness and self confidence.

Let’s say if you are leading a group of people at your workplace, people follow you only if they happen to appreciate your moral values, ideals and principles.

If they feel you may betray them, you have lost almost everything it takes to be their leader and they will never confide in you.

Maintaining a person’s trust requires the leader to be as honest as possible in all circumstances.

That’s why they say, integrity is the foundation of leadership, perhaps the very first qualification of becoming a Leader.

Your integrity and honest dealing are the critical factors with which others will judge you for a place of greater responsibility. Integrity is thus a sacred thing and to guard it is your responsibility.

Along with Integrity, your character and reputation are perhaps your most valuable assets, both in your life and career.

Being truthful, dependable to others, loyal to everyone and most importantly, to yourself is what makes you the kind of person that others can completely rely on.

Maintain and guard your integrity as the most important asset and never compromise your integrity for anything.

The good thing about being a person of credibility and complete integrity is that you feel wonderful about yourself, inside and outside. You will have a satisfying peace of mind without any guilt.

You automatically will feel more positive and powerful with greater self-confidence and higher self-esteem.

And above all, you earn the respect, trust and loyalty of all the important people in and around your Life.

Further, people who are optimistic and cheerful are most admired than those who are always complaining.

A positive attitude towards life and work determines your progress and your success quotient.

Here’s a ready reckoner to help you understand and maintain your Integrity with a positive approach in life, at work or just about anywhere.

positive thoughts

Develop a positive attitude

Being positive is one among the most important determinants of your success in life. It easily spreads and influences others to go for a positive attitude.

How well you get along with others and how well you do as a part of a team is certainly important and your positivity reflects your attitude.

Develop a positive attitude and refuse to criticize or complain.

Try to be a person with a positive mental attitude and look for good in every person/every situation. Fortunately, this constructive approach can be developed with practice.

Try practicing this approach and rub it on your fellow mates!

Buddha Truth Quote

Be trustworthy

In business or personal life, people are everything.

The key to becoming a people-oriented person is simple.

Be honest and trustworthy in your dealings. Practice being kind, courteous and considerate when you deal with people.

Treat them the way you would want them to treat you.

Many great relationships are built upon trust and will be long lasting only when both the partners are honest, trustworthy and true to each other.

It requires to make reasonable efforts to keep up your integrity and not letting pressurized situations make you show certain confidential information confided in you.

Practice this ethical behavior in your daily life and see yourself among the first to be remembered by your friends/colleagues for help or advice in times of need, setbacks or even to share the happiness.

Especially in business this trustworthiness play a crucial role.

The more people trusted us the more they were seeking us too; the message spread through word of mouth advertising, without much effort on our side.

Cool Kid

Build strong self-confidence

A successful image forms when you are confident about yourself and ready enough to showcase your talents.

Your perception about yourself shows an impact on how others perceive you.

The more you have confidence in your beliefs, dreams and in your own self, the more you will succeed.

You can consciously do many things do boost your confidence and you will indirectly do what it takes to bring the best from you.

Accumulate all the small victories to build confidence and focus on the work even after the first enthusiasm has faded away.

Self-discipline here comes into play, an attribute which is highly dependent on courage and confidence.

People easily take notice of such confident people who do not go against their inculcated values. Boost up your confidence levels to go up the ladder of success.

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Self-motivate to grow and learn new things

Motivating yourself on a regular basis helps in not getting distracted from your work or goals.

Take efforts to understand yourself or write what lets you down. Daily motivation is a great way to stay focused on your work.

Self-motivation can put you on the other side of all the setbacks and brings the best from you. It helps to learn new things and grow in life.

Motivate your team/your people to do better as well and you will be helping them to be more positive towards their work.

Though it sounds very inspiring, it is a difficult thing for many.

Practice and keep up your integrity throughout with a positive outlook and be a sensible.

If you are a credible person you will be a good example for others to get inspired!

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