What Do You Know About God


“Who is the Creator? It’s a presence of intelligence that is found in everything and you are part of the Creator.

Why would the Creator let people do awful, bad things? Because the Creator is allowing, the Creator is curious, the Creator is in all things, good and evil, and the Creator knows that what is put out is what is going to come back.

This is known as karma and is simply a definition of how energy is used.” – The Pleiadians

What do you know about God?

Is he a man with a beard who punishes and judges people? I think not. God is all there is and another word for God would be “Creator from Love.”

God was the first and original creation, but God had one challenge ahead of him. He was all alone.

Imagine being born on an island with no other life around you?

There are no people, no animals, and no plants. Just you, some sand, and a lot of water. How would you know yourself if you didn’t have another person to reflect yourself off of?

It would be impossible to know who you are.

This is the premise of God and Life. God is infinite consciousness. God was also alone. God wanted to know more about itself. God created man to know itself better.

grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes

All life, including human beings is an extension of the Divine Being known as God. You are, and always will be connected to God on an energetic/ metaphysical level. This cannot be undone.

Demons, devils and evil beings are those that disconnected themselves from God. They loathe God because they loathe themselves.

They believe the more bad they do; the less they will be loved and accepted by God.

This isn’t true of course, because God neither condemns, nor judges another, because ultimately he would be condemning and judging himself.

So why then do we find it necessary to judge and condemn our fellow-man?

Because most are still asleep, and totally unaware of who they are.

When you find yourself judging, criticizing or condemning the behavior of another, ask yourself, do I also display this same behavior?

The answer is yes my friend. People are a mirror or reflection of ourselves. What we see in others that we do not like, is often what we fail to see in ourselves.

This goes the other way too. Have you ever watched someone and thought to yourself, they are awesome; I want to be just like them.

The truth is you are like them, and you have all the abilities that they have. You just failed to see them in yourself.

Whenever you notice yourself being critical of someone else, use it as an opportunity to change or transform the limiting behavior into one that empowers you. I find the easiest way for me to spot limiting behaviors in myself is by the power of observing others.

Try it out.

God neither judges nor condemns, it’s not God’s style to do so. Humans do this because they forgot who they are. An extension of God itself. Never forget that.

You weren’t meant to be a saint or savior either. Of course if you choose to that is totally fine, but it’s optional.

You see, humanity has been in a type of “squeeze” for a long time and instead of being conscious deliberate creators, we’ve been reduced to blind sheep following the herd and living a life that was meant to disconnect you from your source; God.

Life is an illusion.

I read online that the U.S. is suffering from an extreme case of drought. This is true in some parts of the U.S., but here in Baltimore, we have had steady rain for several weeks. My grass has never looked so green.

Just because you read or heard something doesn’t mean it’s 100% accurate; it seldom is.


The God – Consciousness

The God-consciousness is very real and very powerful when you connect to it.

But it is not about control. It’s about freedom and empowerment. It’s about liberty and justice. It’s about fair and balance in life.

Anyone that acts in ways that do not support the greater good of all are lost souls, they are ones that are completely five sensory in the way they live.

Subsequently many of these folks run the world you live in.

The more bad you do, the further you move from God, the more you have to rely on manipulating others to get what you want and need.

When you have a strong connection to God you are abundant.

The best definition of abundance that I have heard is “The ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.”- Bashar

It has nothing to do with money and everything to do with belief and the art of allowing.

Have you ever needed something and then miraculously someone you came into contact with was giving it away? That is abundance. It happens every day when you believe and allow.


Let go of your negative beliefs about God

I am sure that you were never taught who God Really is; I wasn’t either. All I got was the contrived image of a man with a white beard who lived in the sky and was to be feared.

That’s not God, that is man’s image (imagination) of God.

The biggest fear that has plagued those who wish to control us is that we would collectively wake up to who we really are. That time is now.

When you see another person, see yourself. Love people as you would love yourself. Treat people as you would want to be treated.

We are not separate beings. We are all connected to the same source and to each other.

To gain temporary status in life by defeating your fellow-man is not winning at all, it is losing. We are in a time when working together, creating together, cooperating, and being as one will be your biggest ally.

Jesus Stained Glass

Fighting never works. What you fight fights you. What you defeat will come back looking for a rematch. Let it go.

Fight nothing, resist nothing. Be who you really are. Instead of fighting for something, stand for something instead.

Be peace, be mercy, be justice, and be compassion.

Look at the War on Drugs, The War on Poverty, the War on Breast cancer. Fight it they say, no love it, transform it, resolve it, but never fight it. There’s a war on everything!

Remember, what you fight fights you.

Dr. Wayne Dyer was diagnosed with leukemia about a year ago.

His ego mind went through all the motions of fighting it, of resisting it. Eventually Wayne “wised up” and decided he would not buy into this leukemia diagnosis.

Guess what happened after he stopped fighting his diagnosis?

He went into remission.

Living a new way doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s more like a destination that you set for yourself. Don’t beat yourself up when you get it wrong according to your values.

I’ve been actively engaging in personal and spiritual development for fifteen years and I still “mess up.”

Self-mastery doesn’t happen overnight, but it eventually will when you commit to it.

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