Life – The Sum of Your Choices

Written By Ashwani Kumar.

But until a person can say deeply and honestly, “I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday,” that person cannot say, “I choose otherwise.” Stephen R Covey

We all have to make choices in life. What is a choice in life you have to make?

 Smith: Why, Mr. Anderson, why, why? Why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Why do you persist?!

 Neo: Because I choose to.

Your life is an amalgamation of the choices you make. From the big ones like career, marriage which give direction to your life to the small ones which make up your everyday activities, choices make our life.

Power of choices: Choice is a very powerful weapon in the human arsenal. From the moment you get up until the moment you go to bed life is all about choices. Big or small, important or insignificant we are making choices all the time. From what to wear, to which road to take to what to have for dinner, choices constitute an integral part of our lives.

Your present situation: Where you are today is because of the choices you made in the past. If you ended up in a place that you do not like it’s because you made the wrong choices, you have all the power to get out of such a situation. You need to make the right choices and make a conscious decision to change.

Choices and Circumstances: Though conditions and circumstances influence our lives, what we do when faced with situations beyond our control is a choice left to us. At times life is not fair to us, bad things happen, but what you do under such conditions is completely up to you.

You can cry, curse and say that life is unfair or try to get out of it, if not pick up the pieces and move on. No matter what the situation is or how bad the circumstances you have a choice to become their slave or enslave them.

Choosing to Succeed: To succeed at any cost, to never give up until you reach the goal, to persist until you reach the end is simply a choice. To get up every time you fall, to push hard is all a choice. Going for success even after failure is a choice, getting off your butt and working your ass off until you reach your goal is a choice.

Getting up in the morning and working out even when the bed and blanket seem comforting and inviting is a choice. All these are difficult choices, but once made, they make your life easy.

Life is made of choices

 Excellence: Excellence is a choice. Holding on to the highest ideals, expecting more from you than anyone else, working when everything seems to be lost, pushing hard even when everyone around you has given up, all these are choices that can make anyone great.

Happiness: Even happiness is a choice. No matter where you are or what you do you can choose to be happy. You can be happy this very instant. Even the ideal we all aspire for greatness; it’s also a choice. Courage is also a choice.

Many of the choices we make in life are small, but few are life changing have far-reaching consequences. Whatever the decision make a conscious choice, do not live life on auto pilot preferring the routine and mundane rather than taking the pain of thinking through the possibilities and making the right choices.

Making your own choices: Yes, making choices is very difficult for many of us, but it’s much better to live life by your choices rather than others plans and decisions. Do not let others choose for you. It will make you weak and dependent.

In the long run it will cripple your life. Start making conscious choices, start from the very small and go on to making big choices. Even if you get it wrong for the first few times, keep at it. Only through a number of wrong ones can you learn to make the correct choices.

Choices make your future: Your life so far has been the result of your choices. Even if you refute it and do not accept the fact your life is a consequence of your choices made knowingly or otherwise.

This shows that whatever choices you make now can influence your future. Listen to your heart; it knows what is good for you, it knows the correct way, listen to it before making any choices. If you lose or give up the freedom to choose then you are giving up the power over your life.

Choice precedes change. When you are not happy with your life, with the way things are,you need to make a choice, a decision to change. Only then can change happen.

Choices and life: If you want to lead a good life then you need to make a lot of good choices. You must learn how to choose, at times based on instinct at times based on rational thinking and at times based on good and sound advice. But you must make your choices.

It’s your life, making the right choices is your duty and your right. So, choose wisely.

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