Life Has No Meaning – Life is Meaningless

“I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.” – Corazon Aquino

Life has no meaning.

Life and life’s circumstances have no inherent meaning except the meaning that we give them.

Everything and I mean everything in our physical reality is neutral at its core.

I know I know, what you must be thinking.

What happens when someone is killed, or loses their home, their job or even worse.

The event is neutral, the props are neutral, the circumstances are neutral.

We assign meanings to events as a way of gauging what events mean to us according to our values.

I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say that you are a big Football fan and your team loses in the Super Bowl.

Now for you and the rest of the fans of your team it might seem as though the world has ended. But what about the fans of the team that won?

The opposing fans are jumping for joy, celebrating, cheering hooray to all.

So was it the event that decided how we felt, or is it the meaning that we gave to the event?

Boy and shark

Learned responses from childhood

We learn as children by modeling the behavior of adults around us. When someone dies we wear black and look all sad and depressed.

When someone has a baby we get all bubbly and excited over the little bundle of joy.

When we have money we are happy and when we are broke we are miserable.

These are all programmed responses, which means we do them without consciously thinking about it.

Once again, everything in the physical outside world is a neutral prop.

It just is, there isn’t any built-in meaning to situations or circumstances. The meaning is determined by how we see it.

If we decide a situation will have a positive affect on us than it will, if we decide it will have a negative affect than it will.

It’s in our hands to decide what meaning we will assign to circumstances that are inherently neutral.

In the world of spirit there is something called mechanical energy.

Mechanical energy comes in one of two ways.

Positive and Negative.

In a mechanical sense these two opposing energies are in conflict.

One brings us together and the other pushes us apart.

Mechanical description of energy:

>>>Positive Energy: Integration, unification, bonding, oneness.

>>>Negative Energy: Separation, segregation, isolates, disconnects.

Are you able to see where your energy alignment is when you are feeling positive energy and when you are feeling negative energy?

It is also in these spiritual states that determines what we create in our world and how we relate to other people.

You can also see why sites like Facebook are so popular.

The Football example is actually positively aligned because of the inclusion reason even though the real event is neutral.

Well then, what should we do about events or circumstances that are negatively aligned?

I am glad that you asked.

When a negative aligned situation happens something positive can be brought in to make sure that it never happens again.

Did you ever see the movie “The Pursuit Of Happyness?

Chris Gardner’s character played by Will Smith experienced what would be considered a negative experience wouldn’t you say?

He was isolated, jobless, segregated, no place to live ( remember he had to stay in the men’s room of the subway) and broke.

Yet that movie inspired millions of people to take action in their lives because for Gardner, his circumstances didn’t matter.

Ultimately his spirit, his being, who he really was conquered all perceived obstacles. Eventually owning his own brokerage firm in spite of his circumstances.

In my opinion I believe that this is the crossroads where mankind is standing as we speak.

Even though overtly it seems that mankind is displaying positive energy (Integration, Unification and so on), covertly there are still “powers that be” that are trying to keep us negatively aligned (separation, segregation).

Food for thought?

It is what it is

Ultimately You Are Fine

Everyone goes to heaven no matter what they’ve done because that is the only place there is. Everyone is fundamentally an internal infinite spirit/ consciousness.

We are created in unconditional love and that is the only place there is to go back to.

Individual beings will learn from their experiences and perhaps they lived in a way that was more negatively oriented instead of positively oriented.

They will have a choice to do something about if they want to. It’s entirely up to them.

There is a type of “holding place” where a spirit goes after it has left its body. It’s a place for reflection, contemplation and healing.

Next chapter in life

The Meaning of lifeThe Purpose of Life

Remember that circumstances and life are meaningless, it’s what we do with them that matters. We get to define the meaning but remember that life is neutral and has no built in meaning.

Call To Action

Do you know why you are alive?

To give voice and action and physicality to Source/God. To become the grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held about Who You Are.

Everything else is beside the point.

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