Learning to Quiet the Chatter in Your Head – Quieting The Mind

Wise men, when in doubt whether to speak or to keep quiet, give themselves the benefit of the doubt, and remain silent.” -Napoleon Hill

The egoic mind has a tendency to chatter away uncontrollably at times and this can lead to a feeling of overwhelm within. The egoic mind when in a negative state of being has the ability to think and believe the worst things possible.

This is created via the Reptilian Brain.

Reptilian brain characteristics are as such: Territoriality, hierarchical structure of power, control, ownership, wars, jealousy, anger, fear, hostility, worry, stuck or frozen with fear, aggressiveness, conflict, extremist behavior, competitiveness, cold-blooded, dog-eat-dog beliefs, might is right, and survival of the fittest.


When I notice my mind chatter is getting carried away I stop what I am doing and take several deep breaths.

This will usually temporarily “chill out” my mind chatter so I can more easily be in the present moment.

Another great thing that works well to quiet mind chatter is to do something artistic. It can be anything really.

You could sculpt something with some clay, you could draw on paper, you could color something in a coloring book, create a tasty treat in the kitchen or even whittle something out of a piece of wood.

The key is to get out of the logical left brain and into the more calming effects of the right brain.

Since we live in a left brain dominated world it is important to seek balance by doing some right brain activities.

One of my favorite things to do that is right-brained is creative writing.

It’s really fun to just make up a complete story that you can totally get lost in.

This is about being creative and having fun, so don’t feel pressured to have to write a best-selling book or something.

During October (Weirdo October Month) I enjoy making up scary stories.

I basically just use some ideas that I have read about, then create characters and make up the story as I go along.

It’s really beneficial to your well-being to let your imagination have some fun in a safe environment like creative writing.

When you have a chance this weekend, open up your computer and make up a story and see what your imagination can come up with. I believe this is how J.K. Rowling got started with creating the Harry Potter books.

Exercise is another tool if you consciously do it.

The key when exercising is to focus only on what you are doing.

If you notice your mind wandering off then refocus it back to your breathing or your particular exercise.

Artificial foods, drinks, caffeine, alcohol, sugar and negative fear based movies, shows and other forms of media all contribute to overcharging the mind.

When the mind/body is overcharged it’s going to need an outlet.

I suggest you “outlet” this excess energy in positive,constructive ways.

Watching comedy movies is a sure fire way to get your mind quiet, while at the same time having a good belly laugh.

Fear, anxiety and worry is carried in the belly and that is why we get butterfly’s in the stomach when we feel anxious about something.

Laugh it off with something funny. 🙂

I will add some links below that are blog posts and  affiliate products that can help with easing your racing mind and keeping you focused in the present moment.

Meditation is another simple way to quiet your mind.

That is unless you just chugged down some coffee.

Meditation is the simple act of focusing your mind on one thing while tuning out everything else.

You could meditate on a word, a song, a sound, a picture etc.

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