Kicking The Coffee Habit

“I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.” – Lewis Black

I love Coffee.

Let me say I am not against coffee whatsoever.

It tastes good, and there is nothing like the smell of fresh-brewed coffee in the morning.

I think I would enjoy the smell of a coffee scented candle btw.

I became a coffee drinker while working at my first “real job” back in 1993.

Before that I never touched the stuff unless my grandmother made some. As a kid, I would put a lot of cream and sugar and just a half a cup of coffee mixed in for color.

From 1993 up until present I was a regular coffee drinker; meaning at least one cup a day, and sometimes more. Thinking of having my first cup of coffee in the morning made it especially easy to get out of bed.

The smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning is one of my favorite things in life.

Generally I have my coffee with a splash of half and half and one teaspoon of sugar. On occasion I may introduce flavored coffee or cream to the mix.

Funny coffee saying

Caffeine is a drug

Caffeine is the modern drug of choice in the work world, easily accessible, socially acceptable, readily affordable, and of course perfectly legal.

As for the health effects, I’ve read evidence both for good and ill, so right now I don’t fall strongly on either side.

One thing is clear though — caffeine is addictive. And this addictive nature is what leans me towards the negative side.

I will not be seen caffeine coffee quote

The negative effects of Coffee

Coffee is a stimulant and it has definitely helped me to complete projects and get things done, but on the downside it is still a drug and it is addictive.

I don’t mind choosing to have a cup of coffee, but when it becomes an automatic response, I don’t like it.

Besides stimulants like caffeine can make your mind spin out of control with thoughts that can over stimulate your entire being; taxing your nervous system and adrenal glands to boot.

What I later realized is that coffee/caffeine causes the adrenal gland to be overworked.

The adrenal system is responsible for dealing with stress.

It’s similar to a fuel tank and when you are not producing enough adrenaline and related hormones it can leave the body in a state of acute fatigue.

I was wondering why I would drink coffee and still feel tired. Now I know that is was the result of an overworked adrenal gland.

I drink coffee for your protection quote

Why Kick The coffee Habit

Recently I noticed that I began drinking more coffee throughout the day.

Not only was I having several cups of coffee in the morning, but I was also having a cup in the afternoon as well. This has caused me to go to bed later than normal and get poor sleep quality at night.

The next day I would feel groggy and tired and my day would be minimized in the quality of experience. Also I noticed that I have gone to the bathroom more often, even during the night.

Caffeine can stay in your system anywhere from 3-12 hours after drinking it.

Because of the amount of caffeine in my system, I was really missing out on my quality “chill out” time. This has left me feeling jaded to say the least.

I also noticed that my ability to focus and concentrate was being seriously diminished. This can lead to a rather difficult time trying to write a new blog post.

Quality sleep is of the utmost importance to me and I want to improve in this area.

I began examining some of my daily rituals to see what I could do to improve my sleep. I am eating a gluten-free diet and I don’t eat meat either which has improved my health ten-fold.

I don’t eat processed foods, refined sugar, or dairy products that often. I minimized my salt intake, and I don’t drink alcohol.  So the only thing left staring me in the face is my beloved coffee.

coffee quote

Time To Say Good-Bye to coffee

It’s not going to be easy, but to improve the quality of my health and well-being, I am kicking the coffee habit. There was a time in 2004 that I eliminated coffee from my life for twelve months.

It wasn’t that hard to do and I replaced my coffee with herbal tea. For whatever reason that I can’t recall at the moment; I decided to re-introduce coffee back into my life.

Time To Change

Coffee Is Acidic

Coffee is one of the most acidic things that you can put into your body. A more alkaline body will allow for better overall health.

I have always been a big believer in that your physical body is the first place to start if you want to improve yourself.

Nothing feels as good as a healthy body.

When your physical health improves so will other areas.

Intuition, the ability to think rationally and clearly, and even your immune system will become stronger as a result of improving your physical health.

I noticed that most if not all successful people have one thing in common.

They take care of and respect their physical body.

Some are vegetarians or they eat a whole food diet which means nothing processed, and most exercise on a daily basis even with their busy schedules.

The quality of your life will be in direct proportion to the health and vitality of your body. No amount of money, fame, or material possessions can take the place of a healthy body.

The question is deceptively simple.

Do you want happiness in your life?

Do you want happiness for others in your life?

Life is not intended for us to focus on the negativity around us.

Those who rob themselves of happiness by focusing perpetually on the bad are not only reducing the quality of their own lives, they are reducing the quality of all those around them.

But happiness isn’t a complicated thing in itself.

We just have a tendency to all make it that way by externalizing it when true happiness comes from within.

And now, by popular request, we have created a product that encapsulates the essence of that happiness and have brought it to the world.

Now you can improve the quality of your life and the benefits of serotonin release.

But there are key factors in the production of the hormone serotonin.

Did you know studies have shown your body can trick your mind into being slightly happier just by smiling? We’ve taken that first step and ran with it with incredible results.

The trick isn’t just to force yourself to be happy.

Don’t try to fool your mind, let it change itself.

The positive way we remember good events carries with it a sort of nostalgia that suggests everything in the past was somehow better.

But this too is a trick of the mind sometimes. What if you could actually feel that glowing energy of happiness whenever you wanted?

And by connecting the neural pathways that make you happy and strengthening them, in time your brain will know how to be happy even if you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Such is the power of neural entrainment.


For the sake of transparency; I still drink coffee. Just not as much. 🙂

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