I’ve Been Feeling Stuck in Life Lately

The only reason we ever feel stuck between the proverbial “rock and a hard place” — unable to see a way to get out — is because we’ve forgotten this simple spiritual truth: There’s always another direction waiting to reveal itself to us whenever we’ll work to remember (it)… one that leads us above and out of the illusion that we’re stuck between the opposites: This new direction that only a quiet mind can see… is Up!” – Guy Finley

Written 2/1/14

I hate feeling stuck in my life.

I hate feeling immobilized and trapped.

I hate feeling uncertain about what steps to take.

This is what’s been happening with me these past few weeks.

It’s really frustrating to feel lost in my own life.

I want to become unstuck.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of intense inner work this past week.

A lot of strong feelings are being brought to the surface of my being. I believe this is a necessary part of being a human.

Often times we are much too busy to feel and express our emotions in “real time” so they tend to bottle up inside until we allow ourselves to feel them.

I believe this is part of digging into our core beliefs about ourselves so we can finally release them and allow our new selves to emerge.

Whenever I am about to experience a huge shift in my reality I often have these types of occurrences.

On one hand it feels good to finally process the emotions I have been carrying around with me. But in the other hand it feels like too much to handle mentally, emotionally and physically.

When I do experience emotional releasing I find it best to listen to something with headphones while I process, evaluate, and dissect my emotions.

Generally speaking, emotions represent beliefs about ourselves.

Instead of just receiving a mental image, or mental statements about what is going on inside of us, our body uses emotional feeling, which is the language of the soul, our true essence.

As I relax more with my emotions I find it easier to process them and the whole thing goes much more smoothly.

Processing emotions is not an easy or fun thing to experience, but it must be done as gently and lovingly as possible without judging yourself.


Remember emotions are the beliefs you have about yourselves, so don’t get too upset when you feel upset because this is an opportunity for you to feel what you really believe to be true.

Becoming comfortable with your feelings is a huge step and it will actually accelerate yourself to where you really want to be.

We all have our limitations. I do.

But, we also as human beings outgrow our limitations and often times we will feel a small nudge that we need to expand who we believe we are.

If we don’t honor this internal nudge we will begin to feel the nudge as an emotion. An emotion is energy that is stuck and that is why we tend to react whenever we feel emotion.

No one likes feeling stuck.

We as humans are conscious energy vibrating at a slow level in a human body. On one part we are physical beings, yet on another level we are energetic to the core.

It is important to honor and respect both parts of us. The physical part and the energetic part of ourselves.

This becomes easier as we learn to become comfortable with all aspects of the self.

We often become afraid of parts of ourselves that we don’t understand, especially the emotional part.

We see this all the time when someone gets upset, or overreacts to an event or situation.

It’s as if they have become possessed by this manic energy. Where did it come from? Where does it go once it stops?

Primarily, the energy within you is always active and alive. It’s with you always in all ways.

It’s as much of who you as the physical body. The physical body would be a representation of that energy within you.

In actuality, your entire life experience is all about the energy system within you.

When it is balanced, organized, vital, congruent and abundant – so are you.

I didn’t plan on writing this post today. It just happened.

Like I said, I have been feeling rather frozen and stuck for the past week. That’s also kind of funny since the weather here has been freezing cold for the past week.

David Wilcock wrote a great post about the weather and how it is a reflection of the collective consciousness of our planet.


I believe everything outside of us is a mirror or reflection of what is going on within. I decided to see if I could melt the ice within myself by doing things I hadn’t been doing lately.

I confess, I am a workaholic.

I don’t mean just working for money either.

I like to keep busy and stay on top of things around my house, around my health, around my relationships, as well as with my blog and online presence.

But, like anything in life, no matter how good the intentions are, they can lead to routinary, boredom, apathy, pain and so forth.

I had to make a change, but I didn’t know what to do.

When I reach this point, I know I need to silence myself and listen within.

What I did was something I hadn’t done in a long while. It seems so simple and right in my face, but I didn’t see it.

I live in the country – horse and farm country to be exact and I love it.

To the right of my desk is a window.

You know what I did?

I went to my window and looked outside and observed.

While observing/distracting my mind, I allowed my emotions to process themselves. It was painful at first because I don’t always enjoy feeling my feelings.

There are 101 other things that I would rather be doing – like avoiding them.

As I relaxed into looking out the window and watching the birds, I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long while. Inner peace and calmness.

I believe my body, mind and spirit were all craving this experience.

There’s no doubt that we live in a manic world that seems to be crumbling. This is reality.

However, we are about to experience where peace and inner contentment is the norm instead of something we experience occasionally.

Collectively we are all experiencing this strong need for peace and inner contentment, for security and comfort, for belonging and support.

As more of us awaken to what we really want and need, the more this reality will awaken into our daily life experience.

Desires are born into us every day; this is what makes us grow as human beings.

To want more, to desire more, to expand and to grow is what life is about.

But, the caveat is, to desire more, to expand more and to grow more according to our own personal beliefs and values. What we really want to experience individually.

As you do this, you will notice changes within yourself and of course outside of yourself too.

Your old friends, old habits, old ways of being will slowly disappear, however, you will attract new friends, new ways of being and new friends in their place.

The Universe abhors a vacuum so never fear when it appears something is going away. It’s just that your outer reality is adapting to the new you.

Allow the new you to come about.

Do this by honoring your current beliefs about yourself. The sooner you acknowledge your current beliefs about yourself, the sooner you can make edits to them.

Not all of your beliefs serve you. Some do and some don’t. When you feel a strong emotion that is an indicator that you have a strong, yet negative belief about yourself in that area.

Do some prying, do some digging around with your beliefs and see what they are telling you. See how you are defining experiences in your life.

You do this by finding out where you have strong feelings in any area of your life. Your strongest feelings about something are also your strongest beliefs.

Like I said, some beliefs serve you and some do not.

If you feel stuck in any area of your life, check your feelings in that area.

If you feel blocked in an area, if you feel you can’t advance in an area, then that is your first clue that you have beliefs there that are not in alignment with your true, core self.

Once you get your beliefs in alignment with your true, core self, you will find that life flows with ease and comfort.

Today I realized the importance of being in the “now”. Being in the now allows me to gain access to what’s really going on in my thought process.

To find out what beliefs I am buying into.

A simple act like observing what was happening outside my office window helped me to stop the repetitive negative thoughts I was having.

I got the relief I so desperately needed by simply surrendering to the NOW! I got the answers to why I was feeling stuck by surrendering to the NOW! I received clarity about my life by surrendering to the NOW!

I am in the NOW and I feel free!

Fear is the glue that keeps you stuck. Faith is the solvent that sets you free Shannon L. Alder

My formula for becoming unstuck

  • Stop what you’re doing.
  • Let go.
  • Surrender to the NOW!
  • Observe your physical reality without judgment.
  • Let your inner stuff rise to the surface.
  • Acknowledge what you’re feeling.
  • Accept what you’re feeling without blame, guilt, shame or resistance.
  • Release what you’re feeling while unconditionally loving yourself in the process.
  • Accept you need to make a change within yourself. Perhaps more than one.
  • Get Moving!

Physical things you can do to become unstuck

  • Move your body by exercising it.
  • Journal what you are feeling inside.
  • Simple yoga and chakra cleansing.
  • Listen to Brain Wave entrainment sounds.
  • Clean your house and get rid of unused and unnecessary items.
  • Sage your home.
  • Read or watch something that inspires you in positive ways.
  • Listen to soothing music that moves you in positive ways.
  • Get around positively inspiring people and places.
  • Creatively imagine the reality you would prefer to be living.
  • Write down exactly what you want in your life, and what you don’t.
  • Watch a comedy movie and laugh a lot.

Personal growth is an ongoing endeavor. There are no quick fixes. I have used many tools in the past and they were perfect for getting me from where I was to where I want to be. From who I am to who I want to be.

Where we want to be is never a fixed point in reality because where we want to be and who we want to become is always changing.

The change for me at this time is to let go of the past. It’s over, it happened, it’s done. It’s time for me to design my future with a crystal clear vision of who I want to become.

Even though I have been at this point many times in my life before, I know it’s finally time to let go and move forward.

It’s time for me to look forward and burn the bridge from my past. 2014 is all about creating what I want in a more fluid-like way.

To be okay with my past mistakes, to forgive them, and to see them as learning experiences.

It’s time to move forward and get on the 2014 train without fear, without hesitation and without regret.

  • To choose love instead of fear.
  • To choose faith instead of worry.
  • To choose courage instead of cowardice.
  • To know that I am on the right path and to remember that I create my reality.

Looking back is what keeps us choosing the past instead of the future.

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