Intuition vs Mind

“There is no logical way to the discovery of these elemental laws. There is only the way of intuition, which is helped by a feeling for the order lying behind the appearance.” –Albert Einstein

Most people are so enslaved by the mind that they rarely, if ever, feel the urgings of their intuitive knowing- what some call the Silent Voice.

The mind likes to be loud and it will “up the decibels” just to get your attention.

The mind will distract you from your silent voice known as intuition.

Your intuition is a direct source to higher knowing, your mind can only use past data to retrieve information from what has already happened.

It does not have access to higher realms of knowledge like intuition does. The mind is the ego and intuition is spirit or consciousness.

When two people are arguing, it is their mind/ego that is arguing.

Intuition/consciousness see’s no need to argue since it has a higher view of reality.

The mind sees limitation from its viewpoint, intuition has an unlimited point of view. When I watch two people argue I often question their mental health.

It’s perfectly okay to disagree but you don’t have to be disagreeable.

Bill Hicks Quote

What is Intuition

Everything has awareness of some kind, including the mind.

The mind wants to be in control and sees consciousness as a threat. It is aware that if consciousness is allowed to express itself within this reality that we call life here on planet earth, then it’s days of dominion are over.

The definition of consciousness according to
Consciousness – the state of being conscious;  awareness of one’s own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.

The mind is a bully to intuition and does everything it can to distract you from hearing vital and useful messages.

Most if not all of my “great” ideas came from intuition and not the mind. The mind is useful for remembering things in this reality.

Learning how to decipher between what is mind and what is intuition, will become easier in time. You have to become still and quiet to hear intuition.

When you are busy doing things without presence, your mind chatter will increase and get louder blocking any messages from intuition.

The mind just keeps going and going about mostly irrelevant, and nonsensical things that have no practical use for you.

Do you enjoy the silence, or are you afraid of it?

Many people are completely freaked out by silent moments like a break in a conversation, or being alone without outside distractions like the T.V. or radio.

This is an example of being trapped or under the influence of the mind.

It is in the silence that the silent voice speaks most clearly, communicating not in words, but as awareness and knowing.

If you want to learn how to develop your intuition there are plenty of courses and programs available online.

Think of developing your intuition the same way you build muscle on your body.

You have to consistently use and experiment with it everyday.


Heart Chakra

The body is connected to multiple energy fields or levels of awareness through the chakra vortices.

Consciousness speaks to us through the heart chakra ( wheel of light), and that is why we tend to “feel” intuition in the chest area. The heart chakra is the spiritual center of the body, and is made up of energy; which is not physical in nature.

A chakra acts like a vortex, which is a whirling mass of energy in which a force of suction operates as a whirlpool.

That’s why if you ever have suffered a break-up in a relationship, there is a sense of something missing that was once there.

The energetic connection that was once there with your partner is now severed. When you experience major pain after a break-up, then there is good news for you.

The pain in your heart is a signal to you that your heart needs love.

More than likely you will find a new partner to replace the old one and the void will be filled again and the pain will be healed. Just make sure you ask the Universe for a partner more suited for you.

Chakras in the body connect the physical level with our higher levels of awareness beyond the five senses. This is the origin of why the physical heart is used to symbolize love.

When you are feeling great love for someone, it is felt in the chest area of your body. When someone is trying to make a decision, we ask: “ what does your heart tell you?”

Intuition or inner knowing is also accessed through the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is our major connection to consciousness beyond this world, the mind can only access information in the five sense illusory world.

The mind is very earth-bound ,which causes people to be imprisoned in their head most of the time.

The mind; which can be manipulated quite easily; is based on limits, rules and regulations and sometimes a defeatist attitude.

The mind says, “ I can’t, you can’t, we can’t”, it often sees why something can’t be done or shouldn’t be done, and rarely why it could or should be done.

Have you ever felt frozen in fear? This is the workings of a limited mind being held in an emotional prison.

Most people have experienced times when there is a disconnect between what their heart tells them, and what their head tells them.

If you have ever found yourself in this situation; then you know how difficult it can be to make a decision. I have had times where I would solely go with my what my mind tells me, and ignore my heart.

This would often lead to decisions that I would later regret. I have also just went with what my heart tells me without considering the mind, and the results were also undesirable.

I finally figured out when making decisions that I must use the mind as a secondary source behind intuition when making decisions.

Since we are spiritual beings having a physical experience; we need to use intuition( higher knowing) and the mind ( earthly knowing).


The Brain

The brain is the central processing unit of the body. It filters the information passing around the body, assesses it, and decides what to do with it or where it should go.

It controls the body’s electrical/ chemical, or electrochemical systems which are in fact, another form of information communication and response.

The human brain operates on many more levels than science appreciates. It’s not just a central processing unit for the five senses; it operates multi-dimensionally.

The brain mainly functions in two halves, the left and the right brain. The left brain deals with logic and analytical thinking like in a classroom.

The right brain is associated with artistic ability/ creativity and intuition.

In school you would use your left brain in math class, and your right brain in art class. The left brain is considered masculine and the right brain is considered feminine.

Which side of the brain do you favor more? Or are you one of the lucky ones who has been able to use and balance both sides.

In an ideal world, when we are able to use our body properly; we will begin to use our full potential.

Left brain, right brain, heart chakra.= balance = as close to perfection as you will ever get.

As you get better at listening to your own intuition you will soon intuitively know the answers to what you are seeking.

Both the mind and intuition can work in harmony and I would advise from heavily relying on either one solely.

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