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“You use hypnosis not as a cure but as a means of establishing a favorable climate in which to learn.” ― Milton H. Erickson

About Hypnosis

No matter what Hollywood or the big magicians try to tell you, hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your will.

It can’t make think you’re a chicken, or become a robotic assassin once you hear that secret trigger word. But it can do some amazingly positive things. Hypnosis can help you to reprogram your mind, and dramatically rocket the success in your life.

Just by listening to a hypnotic recording, you can change almost any aspect of your life.

>You can change the way you feel about money.

>You can improve your memory.

>You can change your attitude to food, and lose weight.

>You can train yourself to stop smoking.

>You can instantly release fears and phobias.

>And you can rocket your self-confidence levels, in just minutes.

All you have to do is listen to a simple hypnosis audio recording — and witness the results for yourself.

If Hypnosis has always interested you, but you’ve never given it a chance, why not decide to try it out now? And that’s really just the start.

Studies have shown hypnosis to be effective in dozens of areas. So stop for a moment and think about it. Do you have something in your life that hypnosis could help you change or improve?

Forget spending time and money visiting a hypnotherapist (not to mention the potential embarrassment). Hypnosis Live promises to deliver the exact same results, all from the comfort of your own home.

The new Hypnosis Live superstore contains dozens of powerful hypnosis and NLP audio sessions.

They’re instantly downloadable in MP3 format, so you can listen on your computer or phone wherever you want and whenever you want.

Hypnosis Live has over 200 sessions designed to handle everything from releasing phobias to manifesting money.

But one of the most popular sessions is called “Instant Self-Confidence.”

It really helps you feel full of self-belief and worth. Just by listening, you’ll find a new sense of inner-faith and knowledge that you can do everything you wish to achieve.


Hypnosis isn’t really effective at changing anything!

Another myth. There have been countless studies that have proved the efficacy of hypnosis in a wide variety of settings.

Hypnosis was approved for medical use in 1958 by the American Medical Association, and almost all modern hospitals now utilize hypnosis to some degree.

It has a reported 90.6% success rate in stopping smoking.

(The University of Washington School of Medicine.) It was found to be over 30 times more effective than regular weight loss routines. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology.)

It was found to bring ‘immediate’ and ‘significant relief’ to 75% of women who used it to assist with their IBS symptoms, with 80% still reporting improvement up to six years later. (American Psychological Association.)

It has also been proven to dramatically reduce migraines, speed up recovery from surgery, reduce the intensity of pain, and help overcome drug addiction, relieve chemotherapy symptoms, and lower blood pressure.

It’s been found to be as effective as Ritalin in treating ADD in children.

And those are just a few of the actual medical applications!

Hypnosis has also been used by thousands worldwide to improve confidence and self-esteem, release addictions, let go of fears and phobias, lose weight, stop smoking, improve brainpower, and much more.

A research study by American Health Magazine found hypnosis to be more effective than other forms of self-change, such as behavior therapy and psychoanalysis.

It reports that hypnosis had a 93% success rate after just 6 sessions — compared to behavior therapy with 73% after 22 sessions, and psychoanalysis with 38% after 600 sessions.

Hypnosis Live is a website dedicated to providing instantly downloadable hypnosis MP3 audio.

Just listen in the comfort of your own home — they claim — and experience powerful, lasting change, within just one or two listening sessions.

Unlike most hypnotherapists, the Hypnosis Live site caters for over 200 different uses for hypnosis – covering everything from a fear of injections to improving your singing skills.

One of the first things you notice from the site is that it’s incredibly well presented and easy to navigate.

The hypnosis sessions are divided into categories – Adult (ie, ‘Libido Boost’), Emotions (ie, ‘Dissolve Anger’), Fear/Worry/Anxiety (ie, ‘Fear of Spiders’), Health (ie, ‘Stop Smoking’), Body Improvement (ie, ‘Improve Your Posture’), Mental Skills (ie, ‘Sharper Thinking’), Mindset (ie, ‘Self-Esteem Booster’), Self Growth (ie, ‘Positive Thinking’), and Personal Improvement (ie, ‘Overcome Stage Fright’).


 Here are some of their most popular programs:

— MONEY: Get richer by adopting a multi-millionaire’s mindset.

— MEMORY: Seriously boost your memory and brainpower.

— WEIGHT LOSS: Program yourself to lose weight and get toned.

— CONFIDENCE: Turbo-charge your confidence levels, quickly.

— STOP SMOKING: Stop smoking forever, tried and tested route.

— PHOBIAS: Instantly dissolve absolutely any fear or phobia.


>Go visit the Live Hypnosis Store to see what specific programs they have that can help you evolve on your personal growth journey.

>Go here to get a free Hypnosis MP3 session to eliminate stress.

I am an affiliate for this program and will receive a commission if you choose to buy. 🙂

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