Human Experience – What it’s like to be human

“All the seven deadly sins are man’s true nature. To be greedy – To be hateful -To have lust. Of course, you have to control them, but if you’re made to feel guilty for being human, then you’re going to be trapped in a never-ending sin-and-repent cycle that you can’t escape from”. – Marilyn Manson

The ego wants to be liked and accepted more than anything else in the world.

Usually going out of its way to please others, and meet their expectations.

The Ego gains temporary satisfaction while doing this, but eventually the ego will get restless and will need to do more for the same results.

The ego may also want to get revenge, if it feels it being threatened or harmed in some way. It is important for the ego to remember that in order to become human it has to let go of self centeredness.


 What Is The Ego – Does it have a purpose

The ego is the mind personality that is associated with the human body. The ego believes that it is real and eternal, but it knows on some level that this is not true. The ego can only survive as long as there is a human body to attach itself to.

Some people who do not like their ego create an alter ego or persona to make up for the perceived flaws that it sees in itself.

Cool Kid

If I Am Not My Ego, Then Who Am I

What you are is a piece of eternal consciousness, that is having a human experience. You may seem to be separate while experiencing your existence in a human body, but the truth is, that you are not.

You are always connected to God, and interconnected to your entire reality.

Our physical body’s act as a vehicle for experiencing this reality. Without a physical body, you could not interact in this 3 dimensional world. That is what the irony of this experience is.

We believe that we are Mr. Smith, or Mrs. Jones. We are simply experiencing this lifetime as Mr. Smith or Mrs. Jones.

When we pass on after this lifetime, things will make more sense to us. I would like for it to make more sense to you now. Our human experience is similar to how you would need a computer to access the internet.

The internet is real, you just cannot experience it without a computer, or other electronic device.

You need a body or vehicle to access this 3 dimensional world. Ghosts or spirits are pure conscious energy that no longer have a physical body to use.

They exist on a frequency range that is very close to our own.


 You exist on a Frequency Range

The third dimension exists on a frequency range, similar to how your favorite radio station exists on a frequency range. There is 105.7, 97.9 and 102.7 etc.

The next frequency range to us would be the lower 4th dimension. Some psychics and clairvoyants can see into this frequency range as well as small children and animals.

Your physical body oscillates or vibrates very slowly. The physical body is very dense and heavy and can be uncomfortable at times.

Because our body oscillates slowly, we can interact with other slow and dense objects. Before we incarnated on earth we had “light body’s” that were more fluid and agile.

Very similar to the light feeling of swimming underwater. This is probably the reason that humans enjoy the water so much.


What is the Soul

Our souls do not reside in the body, our body resides in the soul. Our soul weaves in and out of every pore, vein, meridian line, and thought that we have. Our souls have the ability to expand and contract.

When we feel safe and secure, our souls could envelop an entire room. If we experience fear, our soul will contract closer to protect the body.

Our soul is the energetic us. The part of us that we cannot see with the physical eyes but is real none the less.

Many refer to chakras as the soul. Chakras are spinning wheels of light that reside in a straight line in the body starting with the head and ending at the feet.

The souls do have colors and yes there are some dark souls out there too that are in need of some spiritual healing.

Planet Earth

Why Are We Here on Earth

We are here to experience who we are, but first we must remember who we are. This usually occurs through some trial and error brought on by the ego. I am not saying that the ego is bad, or that you should somehow eliminate it.

I just want you to remember who you really are, so that you do not get caught up in the illusion of the ego.

Yes, while you are incarnating on earth, you are indeed Mr. Smith or Mrs. Jones. But in the bigger picture of life,you are not. Some people have bigger ego’s than others.

Being an Aries male, I know firsthand what having an ego can feel like.

I have experienced life when the ego is in charge, and when the spirit is in charge. I prefer to allow my spirit more free reign over my life these days.

It is quite natural to begin shedding layers of the ego while you mature in life. So don’t be overly concerned if your ego is dominating your life now.

My spirit is often reminding me to not take myself so damned seriously. I’ve learned to listen to these words of wisdom, but I sometimes don’t heed the advice.

Remember, the ego wants to be liked, all that the spirit desires, is true, unconditional love.

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