How to Write Well – Sam Horn

Learning to communicate well through the written word may be your surest path to achieving your goals throughout your life.” – Sam Horn

My affiliate friends at Learning Strategies have teamed up with writing expert Sam Horn to bring you the How to Write Well Mindfest.

It was originally presented as a 7-month virtual training called Write Well, Write Fast, Write Now. But you get to do the training in one week.

For some, writing is a dream For most of us, writing is a necessity we need to improve.

Let’s think about a writing project. Maybe one that makes a request, and you want someone to say yes.

Are you proposing something to your boss? Are you writing for funding? Are you crafting a cover letter?

What if you wrote so skillfully and got your message across clearly, convincingly, and compellingly… so people who have the power to say yes to you are motivated to say yes?

What if you never again struggle with writer’s block, staying centered and focused on your writing always finishing what you start?

Imagine how wonderful it would be to have your thoughts flow so fast your fingers can hardly keep up.

Imagine feeling confident of your ability to clearly express your ideas and intent, to be able to share your message or story, easily and effortlessly.

Introducing the Write Well Mindfest, bringing you the best practices of accomplished writers while accessing the full potential of your genius mind

Writing mentor, Sam Horn, says, “Learning to communicate well through the written word may be your surest path to achieving your goals throughout your life.”

The Write Well Mindfest is an “I can use these ideas today” program and you get to use it free for a week.

Writer and writing coach Sam Horn leads the sessions of the Write Well Mindfest.

As Executive Director and Emcee of the world-renowned Maui Writers Conference, (the then publishing version of the Cannes Film Festival), Sam had the privilege of sharing the stage with Hollywood legends such as Ron Howard (Apollo 13), Aaron Sorkin (West Wing) and Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman).

Her books, POP!, (Aff link)Tongue Fu!, ConZentrate, What’s Holding You Back? and Got Your Attention? have been featured in Library Journal, New York Times,, Readers Digest, Fast Company and have received endorsements from such best-selling authors as Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Successful People) and John Gray (Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus.)

As a communications strategist, she is hired by such organizations as Cisco, Intel, KPMG, Boeing, and NASA to teach executives to craft compelling communications that connect.

Perhaps most importantly she is known for her highly-interactive programs that focus on real-life ideas you can use immediately to create communications that achieve desired results. And that’s the Write Well Mindfest.

You will listen to the actual recordings from Sam’s popular seven-month virtual training during the six days of the Write Well Mindfest. You can apply what you learn immediately – the same day – to your own writing. The sessions are powerful and idea generating and for the first time are presented as the Write Well Mindfest.

The Free Write Well Fest begins Monday, March 27th.

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