How To Use Anchoring To Help You Make Cold Calls

This is a guest post by Hiten Vyas.

Talking on the phone is an activity that we all do.

If someone calls you at home, you pick up the phone. A friend or family member may be calling you for a chat. You probably have no problems in these situations.

Then there are work contexts.

You may be salesman or saleswomen and you are required to cold call as a part of your job. You may have to persuade clients to agree to certain lines of action.

For this you need to pick up the phone.

Now doing this might be something you avoid doing. Why is this?

Well you probably already know pretty well. It’s because you are fearful of rejection.

This is the single most common concern, which can cause serious anxiety and end up with you avoiding picking up the phone for days.

This of course means you miss out on potential sales opportunities, which in the end impacts negatively on your targets.

Although you may feel stuck, there’s no need to despair.

You can do number of things to help you pick up that phone, tell those clients how they can really benefit from your products and services and help you get that second face-to-face meeting.

One thing, which you do right now is:

Create and then access the right state

What does this mean?

Let’s explore this further with your current approach to cold calling.

You might be in a position where currently just the thought of cold calling sends shivers down your spine.

This can be explained using the stimulus-response model. In this case the stimulus is you thinking about cold calling. The response is you feeling fear in your body, i.e. a negative and unhelpful state.

Well in a similar way you can engineer a new stimulus and a response, to create a new state which will assist you.

One of the easiest, yet a very powerful way is to set an anchor. An anchor is a term used in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is all about creating new responses to new stimuli.

Let’s say you want to create a state of confidence. You can do this using the following steps:

Mark Twain Quote

1. Experience the state you want

Remember a time when you were confident. Perhaps you gave a presentation to your entire team at work really confidently and you just knew you did really well.

As you do, just allow yourself to see and feel exactly what you did at that time. Also hear the sounds you did that time.

Keep doing this really vividly until you find your back in the same state you were when you gave the presentation.

If you can’t remember a time, just imagine what it would be like if you were confident!

When you feel you are experiencing this state as strongly as you can, just try to increase it a little more.

Get the state as clean and pure as possible and avoid other thoughts associated with other emotions. You want to get this confidence as strong as possible!


2. Set the anchor

When your confidence is at its peak, you now set the external stimulus (or anchor).

Timing is very important so please do this when you know your confidence is at its highest.

The anchor can be a touch on your body in a discreet place, such as a pressing the top of your left shoulder with your first two fingers on your right hand.

Or it could be pressing your thumb and index finger on your right hand together firmly.

Give yourself some time to create the anchor properly.

For instance if your anchor is touching your thumb and index finger together on a particular hand, then do this for around 10-15 seconds.

You can even use a voice to support your touch anchor. It could be a word you say out loud such as “confidence” or say to yourself if you want it available more discreetly.


3. Test the anchor

Next come back the real world for a moment, to the here and now!

It’s time to see if this has worked! Go ahead and fire off your anchor by touching the exact location with the same amount of pressure.

For instance if the anchor you set was pressing your right thumb and index finger firmly then do this, and allow yourself to access your juicy state of confidence.


4. Use it for a cold call

Now it’s time to use this new powerful resource in the real world before you make a cold call. You know the person you want to speak with.

You have his/her number. Go ahead and use your anchor. Allow the confident state to permeate throughout your whole mind-body and pick that phone up!

So there you have it. An outline of how you can use anchoring as a tool, to create a new empowering state that will help you in picking up the phone, making cold calls and most importantly help to lead you to make more sales.

About the author: Hiten Vyas is a personal development coach. Early on in his life he has experienced extreme amounts of fear and anxiety because of difficulties due to stammering, which pretty much crippled all aspects of his life.

He entered the personal development field in 2003, and since then has transformed himself into a successful individual.

It is now his passion to help you overcome your own difficulties, and assist you in living the life you want and deserve.

Please be sure to visit his  Empower Hour Coaching Services to eliminate any fears and phobias you have.

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