How To Transform Yourself

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.” – Ben Okri

The first step to transform your life and change yourself completely is to decide what you want to create with focused intent.

Whenever we decide to change ourselves and subsequently transform our lives, it is usually created by an inner voice or a feeling telling us to do so.

Focused Intent is the key to personal change.

When you do that and you mean it, your intent will attract the experiences you need to achieve the change that you desire. Intent is stating something that I want or intend to do.

The experiences that you attract after you set your intention will often be ones that we would rather not be attracting into our lives.

It will feel as though our life is “falling apart” but it is a transition, and you must stay the course in order for the change to occur.

It’s best to learn to go with your intuition during these times because your mind will not be much help to you.

If you’re having trouble accessing your intuition during these times find a friend who has strong intuitive abilities to help guide you.

Go boldly in the direction of your dreams

Transform Yourself and Transform Your Life

Remember that everything is energy and what you attract into your life is based on your energetic vibration at the moment.

As you transform yourself, your vibrational energy will change, and so will things in your life that is not an energetic match for the new you.

This could mean a change in your job, your geographic location, relationships, wealth, and even your health.

Choose only hat brings you joy


When you set your intention attraction will begin almost immediately.

I remember several years ago I was interested in getting a job.

My intent was to attract a job that was flexible, had unlimited income potential, and wouldn’t require me to spend eight or nine hours in a building all day or working my ass off doing something physical with low pay.

Later that day I was at Home Depot getting some supplies and this man approaches me and starts making small talk like he already knew me.

My intuition was sending me signals but I ignored it in favor of being polite.

Well after a couple of minutes of small talk from this guy he begins to ask me what I do for a living.

I told him that I was presently looking for a new career and that I was submitting applications daily.

Well this guy happened to be a recruiter who was on a scouting mission looking for someone to join him in one of his MLM business opportunity.

I agreed to an an interview/ sales pitch with his mentor. After meeting up at their office and seeing the power point presentation on their computer and getting a free health bar and drink I had enough.

I decided not to take the job because I followed my intuition.

A year later I saw this same guy at Borders Book store recruiting new prospects.

I met the recruiter because our sub-conscious was on a similar wavelength.

I was setting my intention for a job and he set his intention for people that are interested in a job. This is how all synchronicities occur.

Another point to this story is that just because something seems synchronisitic doesn’t mean that it is meant to be .

You must develop some discernment and go with what your intuition tells you despite what your own mind might say.

I wasn’t upset that I attracted this experience because it was part of the journey.

I have learned to not be at war with the journey because it is a necessary part of the process. Go with the flow as the saying goes.

Butterfly Transformation

All Creation Starts In The Metaphysical Universe

Creation doesn’t start in the physical world or even in the mind, it starts within.

This is known as your “inner-self’ or subconscious which is multi-dimensional in nature.

Everything that is present in our physical world is projected from and controlled in the Metaphysical Universe.

The sub-conscious operates in the realms of frequency the same as the Metaphysical Universe.

For my fellow bloggers reading this, it would be similar to using the Word Press Administration panel (sub-conscious/Metaphysical Universe) to create , control, and manage your blog.

The physical creation would be your site that is visible on the web. But the real work is done at the admin panel.


Transform Yourself

Removing Limiting Beliefs

The sub-conscious is also the place that “real” change will occur in ourselves. When we are able to remove or delete a limiting belief, which resides in our sub-conscious, our entire life experience will transform.

When enough individuals remove limiting beliefs from their sub-conscious a collective shift will occur in humanity.

This is why personal growth is so critical for all of us.

Personal growth is not a physical product that you can buy or a pill that you can take.

It is real work that is first done on the sub-conscious level and then made manifest into reality.

Control is a big issue in our society these days.

If you want to experience real control, start with your sub-conscious.

One last note on changing yourself.

It may not come to you the way that you would like it to.

In fact in may come to you disguised as your biggest nightmare.

I can look back at many, many personal experiences that were frightening and scary and yet they were exactly what was needed in order to transform myself.

The problem that many experience with personal transformation is the “change” in one’s life.

Yes your life experience will become altered, and yes your “little ego” will begin to shudder in despair as these changes take place.

But don’t fret because your consciousness will know that what is happening is happening for a reason, and it is in your own best interest; even though the little ego mind will not be able to see it that way.

The key to remember here is to “live life” and not let life live you.

Take responsibility for what happens to you and in doing so you will take control of your life.

Learn to become a master manifester and create the life of your dreams while changing yourself at the same time.


Self Love

You must, must, must learn how to love yourself. Self love is the most important lesson that you have to master while you are alive. Without this one crucial element in life, even the largest victory will seem not so important.

Low self-esteem is at the root cause of not loving yourself.

Let me tell you something, saying you are not a worthy person is the most arrogant thing you could say.

God created you and God doesn’t create something if it does not have value.

You have value and that is why you exist.

Go now to the nearest mirror and look yourself in the eyes and say these word, “I Love You.”

Repeat it again, and again.

Do this all day everyday.

Watch as your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-love increases while your depression, anxiety, and low self-worth diminishes.


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