How to Take Action on your Goals

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals”. – Henry David Thoreau

We all have certain goals that we wish to meet.  We set goals for our business and goals for our personal lives too.

Be sure to take the time to make sure that your goals are smart goals. Make sure they are something that you will be proud of for years to come.

Some goals are big, and some goals are  small. Regardless, all personal goals are achievable with the right tools.

The tools that I speak of are not physical, but mental and emotional. All ideas for creation are brought forth through the mind via conscious thought.

We may get inspired to take action by seeing someone else achieve their goals, and that is enough for us to want to do the same.

There is no elevator to success

Use inspiration to reach your goals

If you want to get inspired, it is best to set your intentions with that goal. Tell yourself first thing in the morning, ” I am inspired”. This will shift your attention to being inspired, as opposed to focusing on something that will not raise your awareness.

It is impossible to achieve your goals if you are not in alignment with your goals. You can’t achieve your goals if you are angry, depressed, sad, bitter, or any other low vibration feeling. It would be impossible to create anything of value from such a low vibration.

Remember to get into alignment, you must get into allowing.

From the state of being inspired you won’t help but to notice inspiring things. Next you want to take physical action towards your goal. If you feel like you are stuck, then pause for a few minutes and just breath.

Clear out those nagging thoughts that are clogging up your mind.

That feeling you get, like your mind and body are stuck and you can’t move.

That is the feeling of mucky energy around your mind and body. You literally have to swim through this stuff to be able to create and achieve your goals.

All that muck is your negative beliefs that you hold to be true about yourself.

Remember, beliefs are just repetitive thoughts that you keep telling yourself.

If you absolutely feel like you cannot move towards your goal at the moment then stop again.

Put this task off for another time. Sit down and visualize yourself achieving your goal. I mean really visualize with vivid detail, see yourself completing your goal.

Repeat this process several more times, then move about your day.

What this does is clears some room in your mind to allow yourself to easily achieve your goal. The next time that you take action on your goal it will be much easier.

Because you visualized yourself achieving your goals, it will now seem possible to your mind.

The universe will line you up to be ready to achieve your goal because you already had set your intentions. You told the universe through your thoughts and attempted actions that you are ready for this.

You just needed a little more prep time. Not all goals have deadlines you know.

In his time, Babe Ruth struck out more than any other baseball player. Ruth also hit more Home Runs. He wasn’t afraid of failure, he only thought success. Focus on what you want to achieve, and go for it.

Legendary football coach Joe Paterno said, ” You should act like you expect to get in the end zone“.


Expect to achieve your goals

Expect to achieve your goals, remove all doubt from your thoughts and words.

Even if your goals seems totally out of character for you, go ahead and take the risk. Yeah, there is no guarantee that everything will turn out exactly as you planned.

But I can guarantee you this, it cannot happen if you do not take a chance. Nothing ventured nothing gained are words of wisdom to live by.

The most successful people in the world are the ones that take risks. Too many of us play life too small and never take chances. Look at Hall of Fame athletes for example.

All of them took risks and stepped up to the plate when it counted. How about you? Will you play big, or will you play life safe and live a life of mediocrity?

The only regrets that you will have at the end of your life are the things that you didn’t do.

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