How to Solve the World’s Problems in 6 Simple Steps

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” -Albert Einstein

All of the world’s problems can be resolved when we resolve the inherent imbalances of the individual because we cannot get to the next step of conscious evolution with our current level of thinking and behaving.

I have witnessed an overwhelming influx of self-important people with a false sense of entitlement complex.

I was born into this world, but I did not create it and I would like to leave this world better than I found it.

This is why I blog and also why I try my best to be a positive example for people I encounter offline.

This is why I recycle and repurpose everything I can. This is why I compost my food scraps. This is why I don’t drink alcohol, use drugs or eat mammal meat.

This is why I am kind to everyone I meet.

This is why I don’t own pets or enslave anyone to me for any reason.

Below I wrote down six areas that individuals need to improve upon if we want to get out of our current world reality loop.

A reality loop is much like Groundhog Day syndrome. It’s basically where life keeps repeating itself even if the people, places and things change.

Real change begins within and it begins with the individual and not the collective consciousness.

When we change the individual’s level of thinking and behaving for the better, this will have a positive effect on the collective.

The outside in approach does not work.

We have this problem of focusing on the outside world problems and then try to fix them.

We have the war on drugs and it hasn’t worked.

We have the war on terror and it doesn’t work.

We have the war on hunger and it doesn’t work.

We have the war on cancer and it doesn’t work.

According to Universal Law; what we focus on gets bigger. What we fight – fights us. It gets stronger, and it pulls itself into our reality.

All fighting is really an inner battle with the “self” manifesting itself into physical reality. As above so below.

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

You are the world

Solve the world’s problems these 6 ways

  1. Integrity
  2. Self – Responsibility
  3. Self – Reliance
  4. Community
  5. Service to others
  6. Values


Integrity means to do, say or be in accordance with the greater good. Are your actions helping the collective or are they only benefiting you. Ask yourself this question? “If everyone did what you are doing would it help humanity and the planet or would it have a negative impact”?

Integrity counts not only personally, it also counts in business and groups too.

Does your product contain chemicals in them? Does your product negatively affect the health of the consumer?

Does your business do whatever it takes to get the sale even if it’s done without integrity?

Does your group only care about the concerns of itself even if it means stepping on the concerns of other groups?

Do you political aspirations seek to benefit a tiny minority while negating what the majority really wants.


Self-responsibility means exactly that. Take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life. This is not about blame or victimization. Just take responsibility so you can respond and not react to your problems and challenges.

Responding to a problem means consciously evaluating the situation and then take appropriate action.

Reacting is a “knee jerk” response based on survival of the ego.

Also, don’t be a problem to other people. Everyone has their own unique challenges that they are dealing with and they don’t need emotionally immature people unnecessarily causing problems for them.


Being self – reliant means being able to take care of yourself without perpetually needing to depend on others. Sure, you can outsource things you no longer have time to do. That’s fine.

Remember this quote, “The only free cheese is in the mousetrap.”

There really is no such thing as a free lunch because it will always cost you or somebody else something.

Can you survive on your own? Do you have the skills and confidence to do this?

One of my favorite shows is History Channel’s: Mountain Men.

What I like about this show is that it teaches you self –reliance and survival skills.

The Men on this show understand the importance of being self-reliant and they rarely have to look outside of themselves for getting things done.

If a major catastrophe occurred, most people wouldn’t know how to survive and take care of themselves.

One thing I would suggest is to always stay in touch with nature. Go hiking, go camping, go fishing, grow a vegetable garden.


As much as I believe the individual is important, it is equally important to have a sense of community. This means we belong to something larger than us.

I consider myself lucky to have such great neighbors. When it snows, my neighbor down the street plows my driveway. I didn’t even have to ask him to do it.

Two winters ago, my next door neighbor let me borrow his generator when we lost power for 2 days. Once again, I did not have to ask him.

And of course, I help out my neighbors anyway I can as well.

When my neighbor a couple of houses down was trying to put together a playground set for his kid’s birthday party, I went over and helped him.

This is what good community is all about.

Service to Others

No man is an island. What we do for others we do for ourselves. This goes along with the Law of Karma. I’m always on the lookout for ways to randomly help people because I know I will receive help when I need it too.

There are lots of ways to be of service to others and most jobs offer this.

Police, firefighters, nurses, teachers, waiters, volunteering, mentoring, coaching, blogging and so on are all ways to be of service to others.

I can tell you right now that service to others when done correctly and without any expectation of something in return, is the surest way to getting what you really want out of life.

Remember this, what you put out comes back to you so make sure what you are putting out is what you want to receive.


What do you Value? Who do you value? Why?

Values are ideals that we hold to be very important to us.

Values help us to get our priorities in order so we can make decisions and take action in matters that we hold dear to us.

Values are important so we don’t waste our precious time doing things that are not important to us.

Values act as your compass to return you on course each and every day, so that you are perpetually moving in the direction that takes you closer to your goals.

I value lots of things.

I value kindness.

I value cleanliness and order.

I value respect for myself and others.

I value my time.

I value my body.

I value Planet Earth.

I value money.

I value personal integrity.

I value justice.

I value my home.

I value having mental clarity.

I value learning something new.

I value my personal space.

I value my friends and family.

I value abundance.

I value altruism.

I value comfort.

I value balance and fairness in all matters.

I value having lots of personal energy and stamina.

As you can read, my values are not much different than yours.

I believe similar values are what connects us all together. I also know that values can change over time and what was once an important value may later become not so important later in life.

Either way, I would advise you to spend 10 minutes creating a value list and prioritize them in order of importance.

It’s also a good idea to revise your values every 6 months and make changes or add new values to your list.

If you’re not sure what you truly value I would advise you to keep a small notebook with you for a few weeks and write down things that make you feel good when you see or read them.

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