How to Manifest Money and other Desires

The lack of money is the root of all evil.” -Mark Twain

How to manifest money into your life.

We live in a world where love, light, and good intentions will not pay your bills. So, first we need to become okay with the idea of money and view it as a neutral way to experience more freedom and choices in our lives.

We all have desires that we would like to fulfill. Maybe you want to win the lottery, move to a better home, or finally get that career you’ve always wanted.

We tend to believe that we will achieve these desires someday when things get better. The reality for most is that someday never comes. So, how do you manifest anyway?

You have to start with where you want to be.

If your goal is to earn more money, then you have to first define what more money is. Is it a dollar, one hundred dollars, a million dollars?

Get clear on exactly what you want to achieve and then get your thoughts, feelings, and actions in alignment with your desire.

I’ll give you a conscious example of how I manifest money into my life.

Money - $100

Manifesting Money

First I define how much money I will need to manifest. Also how long that I want to maintain a connection with the money source. You may get quick money like winning the lottery or winning a prize.

Or you may receive regular money in the form of a job or career.

I focus myself on the desire that I want to manifest, in this case money. Then I imagine what I will do with the money once I receive it.

I appreciate the good feelings that having an abundance of money will achieve. And finally I feel immense gratitude for the money that is arriving to me.

Good feeling emotions along with your intentional desires will speed up the manifestation process.

You will not have direct control over how the money manifests in your life. So it would be wise to let go of any expected outcomes of how the money will arrive.

This is a skill that you can practice everyday. If you have never consciously tried this before it will take a little practice. It is common to give up if you do not receive your desires right away.

This doesn’t mean that you desires will not appear in your life.

Always maintain an alignment with your desires through your being, and feel with passion. If you truly are passionate about something then you will bring it into manifestation. This is a universal Law.

The reason most of us are not living the life we desire is because we are not really passionate about it. We may think we want something but deep inside we may be afraid.

Or we may be so inundated with responsibility and chores that we don’t feel like we could handle success.

The truth is with success we will be able to release most of the things in our lives that truly do not serve us anymore.

The essential facet of manifesting money is to access it from the heart instead of the mind.

Think of your heart as the overall tune of your partnership to the activity of bringing forth money into your life.

If you are in a place of neediness or desperation while trying to attract money, you will more than likely be pushing money away from you instead of attracting it into your life.

The key is to get into the right state of mind. Become playful with the idea of manifesting money into your life and see what happens next.

Money Abundance

You Create Your Own Reality

So you need to see yourself as the creator of your world. You can manifest anything into your life that you desire. You may ask about events in your life that would be considered negative.

Yes, you manifested or co manifested those things too. The good new is that you can change your situation at any given time. Yes there will be some lag time, but you can speed it up through deliberate thought, concentration, and good feeling emotions.

We are always asking the universe to respond to our desires. The question is will you allow it to manifest in your life. How do you allow a desire to manifest in your life?

Find a thought that feels good and practice it until it becomes a natural tendency. Feeling good is the precursor to manifesting your desires.  Feeling good gives you control of yourself and your vibration.

Wow, you mean all I have to do is focus myself on feeling good? Yes, very simple isn’t it.

When you are aligned with feeling good your life will evolve into a better and improved experience. Could you imagine what earth would be like if everyone was focused on feeling good?

No more worrying or gossiping about what somebody else is doing. No more complaining or fighting with each other. Just a world full of people experiencing and enjoying life to its fullest.

Now I’m not suggesting that we allow everything that comes into our lives. We do have the right to not allow what we chose. Everyone of us has our own unique perspective on life.

That’s why we came here, to experience and be who we are from our own unique perspective. That is how all change is created in our world. If we all had the same desires it would get really boring here on earth.

Remember the formula: desired outcome first. Next, deliberate thoughts and good feelings about your desire. Last, allow the desire to manifest into your life.

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