How To Make Goal Setting Fun And Useful

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps”. – Confucius

This is a guest post from guest blogger Jane.

There is an old proverb that says “a goalless life is like a ship without a rudder”.

Of course setting goals is an important objective of life.

However one should see that setting goals should not cram a person’s free thinking, not pressurize his/her mind with a deadline crushing the neck.

For the same reason most people don’t like to set goals.

Only if they have them, they’ll have to push forward to achieve them.

But if proper methods are followed goal setting can be made both fun and at the same time useful.

Success is not easy

The origin of setting goals

Basically, goal setting process stems out from desire.

What do you desire to be or to achieve?

What is that object that drives your energy always?

What is the thing you are most passionate about and desperately want to attain by any means?

The answer to these questions will help to define that intangible, or what we say “Goal”.

And once you identify it, setting limits to achieve it may sometimes make you feel like a kid.

But nevertheless if life does not offer new challenges it becomes stale and morbid.

Basically goals should be approached in this fashion – not as targets but the limits should impel you to scale new heights, acting as a challenge again and again bringing out the best in you.

However the criterion is that your desire needs to be really strong here. The intent has to be positive right throughout the start.

For example if you want to be an established musician and perform at the stage one day, your sole objective must be to train yourself better and better and not give it up.

You need to be passionate about what you want. If you can do so, no matter what the odds are stacked against you, it won’t be able to bow you down.

For with the increase in desire comes a strong will power or stamina, that will make you to push yourself continuously till you reach the end.

There is no elevator to success

Dream big

What you think will inspire you to attain it.

And thinking big helps you to conceive a bigger reality.

Thinking big helps you to see a bigger picture of what you want it.

Also helps you to prepare well for every crisis that are paved at your way towards achieving that dream. Dexter Yager says, “When the dream is big enough, the odds don’t matter.”

When we started our site Coupon Triumph, we really had big goals with sharing our Bistro MD and Diet to go discount coupons.

We wanted to share them as much as possible so that more and more people could benefit from the discounts. Since our goal was big and prospective, the results were fun.

>>>Here is a systematic approach that will help make your task easy.

1. First of all you need to be specific about your goals.

You need to make sure what you actually want. Often people cannot give specific answer to this question when they ask it to themselves.

The result is that they tend to grope in the darkness throughout their life. A vague goal will have vague results.

The more specific you are to what you desire, the more your intent the focus grows.

It is automatically established as your entire purpose seems to revolve around that thing you desperately want to achieve.

2. Make measurable goals. Setting an irrational and undefined goal will lead you to nowhere.

You have to understand whether the goal you set is at all possible to reach or not. To know this you have to first analyze your individual strength and weakness.

Goal setting can differ from person to person.

What one can do may not be possible for another person. Proper discretion must be made accordingly.

3.You have got to be audacious.

This means that your goal should be something that will challenge you, test your limits of patience, ability and perseverance.

As according to Anthony Robbins, “We all have goals, but the problem is that our goals don’t inspire us“.

Having an inspiring goal will make the achievement process more fun.

4. The goals must be time specific.

A proper deadline must be ascertained so as to bind your efforts together and not push it to an indefinite zone. There are many distractions in life.

But the deadline acts as a constant reminder and make us aware of the goal that we have set for ourselves.

Each time you finish a task before the deadline it would inspire you again to repeat the same ordeal again and again.

Are you tired of setting goals and accomplishing them?

Do you find the process tiresome and boring?

I am sure you can make goal setting a lot of fun if you follow these steps, because I have followed them and am enjoying the process.

source: Smart Goal Setting Technique.

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