How to Make Blogging Changes That Bring Real Results

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” ~Mike Murdock

You cannot change what you do not own.

Whether you are feeling doubt, worry, fear, uncertainty, or hopelessness – unless you own up to it, you will never be able to change it, and this is why denial can be a bad thing for you.

Your feelings are your feelings, your thoughts are your thoughts, your beliefs are your beliefs, and your actions are your actions.

So you might as well own up to them and make them yours completely so you can consciously decide – do I want to keep these, or do I want to release them by asking yourself, do they serve me or do they hinder me?

Have you ever wondered how you can make permanent positive changes in your life?

How would you like to be able make these changes?

  • A drastically better financial situation – permanently and on auto-pilot.
  • Maintain a high level of physical health and vibrance.
  • Quit bad habits like procrastination, laziness and negative thinking.
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people that lift you up.
  • Never taking what someone says or does to you personally.
  • Living in your dream home in your dream physical location. (You can have more than one if you really want to, it’s perfectly okay).
  • Traveling the world whenever and wherever you want.
  • Having the money to buy, fix, or replace anything that you want to.
  • Making your mark in the world by improving it for the greater good.
  • Having the perfect job, career or business that perfectly aligns with your values and pays you your true worth. It’s a lot higher then you may believe.
  • Going from pessimism to optimism in any situation.

Of course your list might look completely different than this one. Either way, write down your own list of things that you would like to experience in your life at this time.

I recall over ten years ago I wrote down a list of things I wanted to experience. Almost every item on the list I have already experienced.

Some of the items on my list were:

  • Go scuba diving in the Caribbean.
  • Buying an old farm house in a Country/Rural area.
  • Buying a brand new car.
  • Quit drinking alcohol. (It’s been over 8 ½ years now).
  • Become a vegetarian. (It’s been 2 years now)
  • Start a passive income stream (This blog).
  • Start a vegetable garden.
  • Compost and recycle to help the Earth (Earth consciousness).
  • No television in the bedroom (It’s been over 5 ½ years).
  • Stop using a microwave (It’s been over 5 ½ years).

I am a firm believer in writing down goals because it works for me, but one thing I have learned about goals is not to become too attached to when and how they will happen.

When we try too hard to make change happen we actually make it ten times harder for the change to take place.

Right now I have a lot of goals for this blog such as:

  • Write at least one guest post per month.
  • Earn a consistent income with this blog.
  • Receive thousands of visitors/page views per day.
  • Attract new advertisers.
  • Get coaching students.
  • Rank higher in Google search.
  • Write a book. This is a great way to gain exposure to my blog.
  • Have more productive thoughts. (General goal).

As you can see, I have a handful of goals I am working on for this blog. All of these goals are achievable, and I know I will achieve them eventually.

However I had to completely let go of the when and the how.

That’s the job for my higher-mind to figure out. The higher-mind has a better viewpoint then your physical mind and can actually solve challenges for you that will work out best in the long-run.

This is where it is best to learn how to get out of your way and let the higher-mind do its job.

This frees up my energy so I can continue to do the things I enjoy while still building my business.

I still have goals, I still have desired outcomes that I want, and I am actively working on getting the results I want to achieve.

Like I said, this is why I like to write down goals, regardless of how small or trivial they may seem, and then go back and review them to see the goals I have already achieved.

This reminds me that I am achieving goals even though the “lag time” sometimes makes me forget them in the first place.

So they key here is to:

  • Write down your goals where you will see them.
  • Take action daily, weekly, monthly towards your goals.
  • Let go of the how and the when. Just follow your joy daily.
  • Stay inspired by reading books, watching You Tube videos, and being around people and places that inspire you.
  • Trust and know you will achieve your goals.
  • Don’t give up on them.

I notice if I have a goal, but I don’t feel excited about it, I am less likely to take action. This is especially troublesome for me if I know the goal will or may have positive results.

For example, writing guest posts is either a hit or a miss for me. Guest posting is a great way to get myself in front of new readers, to get some extra traffic to my site and also a great way to build my newsletter list.

In the author bio section of my guest posts, I add a link to get one of my free eBooks by signing up for my newsletter.

On one guest post that I wrote for a very popular personal growth blog, I got over 150 newsletter subscribers just by adding a link to my newsletter in the author bio section. (I learned this strategy from a webinar Jon Morrow of Boost Blog Traffic was hosting.)

However on another popular personal growth blog that I guest posted on I only got a couple of newsletter subscribers.

So, I don’t necessarily always get excited about guest posting anymore even though I know it is important to do so.

Also, at one time guest posting was a great way to improve your search rankings, but Google has put a damper on guest posting for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when they made their most recent algorithm changes.

As you can see making changes is not always an easy thing to do. It takes persistence and consistency to make them last.

As a matter of fact I just submitted a guest post to another popular personal growth website which they accepted it and should be published in a month or so.

Of the twenty or so guest posts I have written I have only had one post get rejected. They really missed the ball on that one.

That’s a pretty good success rate considering that the majority of guest posts submitted to blogs that accept them get rejected.

What’s even better than that is I often get asked by popular blogs and websites to write guest posts for them. That is always an honor to do so.

As far as earning consistent money with this blog I have adopted several strategies like:

  • Writing about affiliate offers on my blog. Every so often an affiliate of mine is offering a special on one of their products. I write them as I get them and sometimes several affiliates are offering discounts or promoting a new product at the same time. This is why you may see two or three affiliate posts on my blog in one week and at other times you won’t see any affiliate posts.


  • Making You Tube videos. I have made several You Tube videos and they send a steady stream of traffic to my affiliate products but traffic doesn’t always equal sales.


  • Tell my newsletter subscribers about affiliate products and promotions. I try my best to not overdo selling to my newsletter subscribers because I know how annoying this can be. However, if I want to earn a consistent income with this blog I am going to have to do it a little more. My only advice to my subscribers is if they are not interested in an affiliate product that I am promoting then simply ignore it.


  • Paid advertising. I may have to use Google’s advertising platform Adwords. I have used it before when they gave me $100 worth of free advertising with Adwords. I believe I made a couple of sales with it so maybe I will use this method again.


  • Increase traffic to my blog. Search traffic has been down ever since Google made massive changes to their search algorithm. This blog used to get a ton of free traffic from Google search, but the last couple of years Google only sends me a small trickle of traffic. Luckily I have found a great way to get an extra 50 to 100 visitors a day using Facebook groups.


  • Keep on guest posting to get more traffic and subscribers to my blog.


  • Writing blog posts that get shared. During October I only write about paranormal posts. Some of these are mind blowing to say the least and they have gotten a lot of shares on Stumble Upon and Reddit. One of my paranormal posts has gotten over 60,000 views on Stumble Upon alone.


  • Get more social media followers. I doubled my Twitter followers in a couple of weeks and my Google + followers get added almost daily without any effort on my part. Unfortunately my Facebook fan page posts only get viewed by a handful of people because FB is pushing fan page owners to use their advertising platform. I haven’t really put much effort into adding social media followers but it is something I need to improve if I want to get more traffic to my blog.


  • Writing one long, useful post a week instead of three or four mid-size posts that are easily forgettable. I played around with posting schedules for years now and it doesn’t make much of a difference for me if I write several posts per week or just one. Since I am writing one post a week I can take several days to complete it, adding things to it, plus tweaking and editing it as I see fit.


  • Setting blogging boundaries. When I started this blog in January of 2011 I went into it full steam ahead. I worked on it, I learned about it, I studied, it, I tweaked things, I made eBooks, and so on seven days a week, and some days I was on here from eight in the morning until three in the morning the next day. This created for me the infamous scenario known as blogger burn-out. Yes, after so many months of doing this I was completely jaded and as a result I completely lost my focus. Once I created sensible goals and objectives and made sure I turned off the computer no later than eleven at night I haven’t experienced blogger burn-out in a long time.


  • Polish up my writing skills. I didn’t really pay much attention in school so I am the first to admit that my writing needs some editing skills. I plan on reading up on proper writing techniques and learn from the best in the business.

Being an Aries I tend to bounce around from one goal to the other. Since I have so many blogging goals here I know I need to be strategic when implementing them. This takes some careful planning on my part, and a whole lot of patience and persistence.

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality Earl Nightingale

Does my subconscious mind affect my ability to change?

In the personal growth field the subconscious mind is all the rage. You’ve probably heard about busting limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind, or that the subconscious mind is really in control of your reality while your conscious mind is the perceiver.

This is not really the case.

First let me make clear what the subconscious mind really is. In its truest essence the subconscious mind is your vibe or vibrational state of being.

You create your vibe based on the thoughts you have about yourself, about others and about life in general.

If you have a pessimistic attitude about something, like making a change, you will begin to feel this in your state of being, the way you feel.

Since it would be overwhelming to dig deep into your subconscious mind and discover what beliefs you have, the body has made it very easy to determine them.

You determine what is in there by the way you feel at the moment, or when you think about a particular event, circumstance, or person.

You know when you feel good and you know when you don’t.

But, here is the catch.

The subconscious/your vibe, is created by your persistent conscious focus. The story you keep telling yourself.

So if you want to change your subconscious programming you need to tell a new and empowering story about yourself.

In LOA terms, your vibe creates your reality.

The way you feel will determine your reality.

In visual terms, the conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg, the part you can actually see.

The subconscious mind is the part of the iceberg that is below water and much larger than what we can see with our visual eyes.

Your words don’t matter; your vibration is what matters. Or as Bashar states, Circumstances don’t matter, only state of being matters.

The way you feel based on your conscious thoughts creates your state of being, i.e. the way you feel, i.e. your vibe.

This is why it is stated again and again. Focus only on that you want to create. Move in the direction of that you want to create. Say only that you wish to create.

Remember, what you create you get to experience.

Things do not change; we change.Do I need to change?

What about being content with life? Where does this fit in? Contentment is always a temporary experience isn’t it?

We want something, we get it, we get content with it temporarily and we want a new experience.

This is how life is.

With contentment comes boredom. With contentment comes a strong desire to expand who we are. When we stay in contentment too long we ask for more adventure, we ask for more clarity about what we do want.

This is a good thing because it keeps us continually moving on and wanting new experiences in life. You are an eternally expanding person and you cannot stand still without feeling the negative effects of inertia.

This is where the juice of life is because contentment doesn’t last. So the only choice is to change by being your natural, daring, adventurous self.

This is a good thing.

Life will push you out of your box, even though it feels safe in there. You really have no choice but to want more from life – and then allow it into your life.

This alone pushed me to start this blog because I knew it would force me out of my comfort zone.

Writing a blog that can be viewed by anyone, anywhere at any time is a bit distressing when you think about it. Not only that, I had to get comfortable with negative feedback and criticism that comes when you make your viewpoints public.

Regardless of the potential negative consequences of writing a blog, I was still able to see the many amazing growth opportunities that came with it.

Freedom and growth and joy is our nature. We weren’t meant to be caged in, limited beings. Growth is an inevitable consequence of life that you just can’t stand still, and when you do – you get out of balance.

Energy is always in motion, and you are a conscious energy being.

We all get that “itch” to do something new and exciting with our lives. We need to honor our nature and take a leap of faith into the unknown.

The pain of change/personal growth is far less than the pain of not changing. I use this simple reminder every time I need to make a change even when I don’t really want to make a change at that moment.

A year from now you will wish you had started today.” ~Karen Lamb

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