How to Connect to Your Higher Self

Your higher self is your higher consciousness. It is always with you. You can look at your higher self as being the same as Pinocchio’s – Jiminy Cricket. It is the wiser, smarter, more life lived part of you.

Did you read Conversations with God by author Neale Donald Walsch?

I read all three series of his books in three days and I found them to be very inspiring. Anyway, did you realize that Neale was not talking with God per say, but instead, his higher self?

I don’t know if you know Neale’s story or not but I will give a short recap to the best of my ability.

Neale was once a successful radio host and married until some serious life challenges came upon him like losing his job, his marriage, and a car accident that left him with a broken neck. Shortly then, Neale was living in a tent in Jackson Hot Spring Oregon and collecting aluminum cans just to live.

He even ate a burger from a dumpster out of sheer desperation.

Eventually, after having a lot of free time on his hands, Neale was able to, albeit slowly, to reconnect with his higher self.

So much so, Neale was able to leave the camping site where he was living and get a cabin to live in after he found a job as a local radio host.

Next I believe Neale was able to rent a small house while living with his then girlfriend. Neale was still dealing and processing his past failures when all of a sudden he heard a voice in the back of his mind.

Eventually Neale was having an open dialogue with the “still voice within” and began asking a ton of questions about life. He wanted to know about God, relationships, sex, money and so on.

The dialogue between Neale and his higher-self eventually transformed into The Conversations with God series of books that remained on the New York Times best seller list for 135 weeks.

If you have read these books you know the information within them is profound to say the least. I am a big fan of Neale’s work and have gained much benefit from reading them.

So, the question is; was Neale having a conversation with his higher-self? I believe so.

The next question is; how did he do it? I, like many of us find out eventually, there is more to life than material/ physical success. Yes, I enjoy my physical stuff as much as anybody, but I also know that;

  1. We can’t take our physical stuff with us when we die.
  2. Most physical stuff eventually becomes more of a hindrance than a help to us.

So, on one hand physical stuff is nice to have and experience, however it also drains away a lot of our precious time and energy.

This is where spirituality comes into to play. Spirituality at its core is all about the balance of energy, nothing more than that in my opinion.

And one of the core places we can balance our energy is with other living, breathing, things like people, animals, plants and trees, and of course our Mother Earth.

Unfortunately I’ve seen people (me included) make a bigger stink about protecting their physical, yet non-living assets than they do other living beings.

This is where we have it all backwards. Life has to be about protecting, loving, and nurturing life first, and then we can make a stink about our inanimate physical possessions. But I digress.

Higher Self

What is the higher-self

Bashar: But then there is this mysterious idea of the Higher-Self simply put most of you understand or at least intuit it that the so-called Higher-self – well its relatively non-physical.

Even more simply put you could say that there is a vibrational frequency just above physical reality, just beyond physical reality in which resides what you might refer to as a template for physical reality or upon which you construct your physical experience.

It is in that template level just beyond the physical threshold that the Higher-Self exists.

Now please do not confuse the idea of Higher-Self with oversoul or spirit or what have you.

Higher Self is a specific idea that is like a version of the person you are in physical reality, but a version that has a broader perspective a broader point of view.

It’s like having a twin standing on a mountaintop while one is also standing in the valley and they can communicate with each other.

There is a “non-physical” higher extension of yourself that is your higher-self. Yes, you can talk to it, have a conversation with it; but remember it is you.


Channeling and Aligning with the Higher-Self

I also want to mention that your connection with your higher-self is extremely strong and connected from the moment you are born all the way through your first few years on Earth. Eventually, through schooling, family, and socializing, our connection to the higher-self gets corroded.

It gets corroded because we learn to stop looking within ourselves for answers, and instead, we look to the outside world for answers.

This doesn’t happen to everyone mind you, many people never lose their connection, yet, in order to fit in, they keep it under wraps safe from scrutiny.

Your higher-self is part of you, and when you don’t listen to the wisdom of your higher-self and keep making those poor decisions again and again; your higher-self experiences those things with you.

But don’t fret because your higher-self will never abandon you, nor lead you astray. It is you.

Connecting with your higher-self is similar to building muscles. You have to start where you are and you can’t force the results. You’ll get there when you get there.

Ideally your physical body will need to be in good shape. A body that is relatively healthy, rested and fed a natural, whole diet.

Next, you need to quiet the chatter of the physical mind. You can do this by either sitting still and breathing or doing something creative like drawing.

What you are doing here is strengthening the connection between the physical mind and the higher-self. Once you are in tune with this higher-self you will be directed to exactly where you need to be. All you have to do is get out of your own way.

How do you do this? Follow your joy, follow you passion by being your natural self. You become your higher-self by living with integrity.

Integrity is an alignment between your intentions and your actions. Remember, I am talking about positive intentional alignment and not negative.

A conversation with your higher-self will work in accordance with taking action that is in alignment with your higher-self.

Having a dialogue with your higher-self

Just simply start by asking a general question. Sometimes I will ask a question about my blog. I might ask, “what is the best way to get more traffic per day.” And then I either respond back verbally or write it down or paper.

The key here is not to judge yourself. I know it seems weird having a conversation with yourself and that is why I say you can just write the answers down on a piece of paper instead of verbally communicating the information.

Whatever comes through you comes through you. Don’t resist the information, just let it come through.

The more you do this exercise the easier it becomes. The truth is you have all the answers you need within you as long as you are willing to open the lines of communication.

It’s really that simple. Give it a try.

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