How To Be Perfectly You

“Be somebody important; be yourself.” – Captain Chesapeake

This is a guest post by Peter G James Sinclair of Motivational Memo.

 Be you.

 Be the best you possible.

 Don’t sell yourself short to the lie that says that we need to live in the type of house that some celebrity lives in, or own the car they drive, or wear the clothes that they wear.

 I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t born to be a cookie – cut from the mold of someone’s cookie cutter.

 I have never been one to want to live like the Jones or the Smiths down the road. I’ve always wanted to be me – the unique me.

Let your light shine_opt

 Lessons From The Smoke Stacks

 It all began when I was much younger. While all my mates took up smoking I thought that they were idiots for filling their bodies with smoke.

 Even at an early age I’d watched one of my relatives die an agonizing death from emphysema – the direct result of a lifetime of smoking.

 And then there was the neighbor who greeted each new day with a hacking cough that could be heard emitting from his bathroom all the way across to our house.

I Don’t Want To Be You

 I determined a long time ago that:

  • I don’t want to live like you live.

  • I don’t want to eat what you eat.

  • I don’t want to drive what you drive.

  • I don’t want to dress like you.

  • I don’t want to necessarily talk like you.

  • I don’t want to read what you read.

  • I don’t want to listen to your music.

  • I don’t want to join your club, church or even your charity.


     Not because there is anything wrong with you, but simply because I want to be me.

     The only way that I will adapt anything that anybody has, does or says will be a direct result of my own intentional decision – guided by my own personal set of values.

    Not as a result of some peer or cultural pressure forced upon me.

    You Don’t Want To Be Me

     Now the reverse is also true.

    Don’t accept anything that I write unless you first put every word that I write through the sieve of your own personal compass.

     Don’t just swallow what I write – hook, line and sinker.



     Disagree if you like – #%*&^#*&^*.

     You are you and I want you to be you – perfectly.

    And you can only do that once you have clearly defined your personal strengths and identified your individual passion and purpose.

     Don’t allow yourself to be pushed around by every fleeting thought that is thrust at you by all us ‘experts’ who seem to have all the answers.

     I always thought it amazing that once I published my first book that people suddenly thought that I knew everything.

  • The fact is this: I’m still working things out – just like you – but I’ve just put my thoughts on a page or on a screen. Big deal!

    Let’s Tutor Each Other

     The one thing I do love about blogging though is this – the ability to get immediate feedback from my readers.

    As I respond to comments – often by people much wiser and smarter than myself – I actually get the best ideas for my next blog article.

    Sometimes it comes from what you write – or suddenly, as I’m responding to a comment a flash of brilliance, dug up out of the depths of my being, appears.

     It always catches me by surprise, but I’m always delighted. How powerful it is when two minds mesh together and create the third mind.

     So Be Perfectly You

    Yes that’s right – be you. Be proud of who you are, what you know, what you do, and what you think.

     You are a unique.

     Take that uniqueness and fashion it perfectly through perfect practice.

     And here’s a question for you: what uniqueness are you bringing to your world?

     Motivational Memo: To be you and to be proud of who you are is to be perfectly you.

    Peter’s BRAND NEW Short Profile:

     Peter G. James Sinclair is the author of the Personal Success Blueprint, a free report you can download instantly to learn how you can unlock the secret to your own personal success. 

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