How Does Acupuncture Work

“We all need to slow down and go to acupuncture.” – Tamara Ecclestone

How does acupuncture work?

Just as a computer has a circuit board to provide support for mounting electronics and electrical components and connecting them with conducting traces or wires, the human body also has a circuit board that expands throughout the body.

The circuit board is known as the Meridian system of the body and is the same energy lines that acupuncturists use to balance the energy/information flows of the body.

Accupuncture is based on the balancing of these energy flows and the main technique is to put hair-like needles into specific access points that exist throughout the human body network.

The needles adjust the flow of energy to bring it into balance.

Too much or too little, too slow or too fast, can cause the body computer system to malfunction – a state of being that we call illness or disease.

There is a very good reason for this because the energy passing through the meridian network, what acupuncture calls “chi” is information.

The computer enhanced picture at the top of the post is an image of the body’s meridian system picked out by a gamma camera and radioactive tracers.

It looks exactly like what it is – The “body computer’s” motherboard.

The image was produced by the Necker Hospital in Paris in a joint study with the Cytology Laboratory at the Military Hospital.

The Necker study consisted of injecting a radioactive tracer into what are called acupuncture points and then took the photograph with a gamma camera.

The tracer followed the energy lines of the meridian system that the ancient Chinese were aware of thousands of years ago.

The Necker study discovered that the slower the energy passed through the meridians the more illness ensued, but when it was flowing at optimum speed and balance the person was in good health.

Bioenergy 1

Computer Analogy – Meridian Lines in the body – Acupuncture

What happens when your computer is running slow?

The information passing around the computer is not being communicated quickly enough to make it work at the proper speed and efficiency.

If your computer were human we would say that it is not feeling well.

In fact, often the reason for the disruption of information as in “my computer is running slow” is a computer virus.

A virus is rogue information that scrambles the computer’s communication networks and causes it to malfunction. Pretty irritating to say the least.

This is what happens to the body-computer with what we call disease and disharmony in the body.

Viruses and other attacks on the body be they chemical, electrical or whatever are just the physical (decoded) expressions of energetic and digital information.

In other words the information balance of the body computer is disturbed by rogue information that leads it to misread the normal program.

This misreading manifests itself as a rash, pain or ache in the body that is only the physical sign that something is amiss on the level of energetic information decoding.

The virus can go on to distort communications to the extent that the computer won’t even turn on anymore.

What do we say at that point? “My computer is dead.” This is what happens when we die. We don’t really die, it’s that our computer vehicle (human body) ceases to work.

Sorry to be so blunt, but it is what it is.

Acupuncture can also be used for fertility treatments, anxiety and weight loss.

Acupuncture will work for you if you truly believe it will. If you have a negative attitude about it your results will reflect that.

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