How Can I Feel Better – Remember Who You Are

When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That’s my religion.” Abraham Lincoln

You can feel better by letting go and surrendering to the present moment. The Present moment or “The Now” as it is often referred to is all there is.

Whenever you resist the present moment you will ultimately create an inner resistance which will ultimately lead to negative emotion.

Negative emotion is the experience of feeling “stuck energy” within the body system.

When you have a small amount of stuck energy or negative emotion in your body you can generally function with it. But once the energy becomes so blocked that you can no longer ignore it, that is when you will experience negative emotions like anger, rage, and jealousy and so on.

All negative emotion is a result of the ego getting in the way of what you are experiencing. Instead of just experiencing the event for example, the ego will get in the way and try to push against the experience.

Negative emotions are a signal to yourself telling you through feeling that what you are thinking, what you are feeling is completely out-of-alignment with your true, core, self.

Basically, what you know to be true and what you are believing to be true in the moment are not a match, hence you feel negative emotion.

Initially, the ego will give a little resistance to an unwanted event, but later on, the ego will eventually push so hard against what is happening that your body will experience negative emotion.

You need to see the ego for what it is. It is not you. It is the false you, the you that was told a thousand “no’s” in your childhood. The you that feels victimized, the you that felt bullied, the you that was treated unfairly.

The truth is that what the ego is trying to do is prevent you from experiencing events or encounters that it would deem harmful to you. But harmful is really a matter of perspective.

The ego could view giving a speech in front of a group of people as being harmful, when in fact it is not.

The only way to get through the negative inner resistance is by doing that thing you are afraid to do. Just go ahead and do it and don’t let the egoic mind stop you.

Have fun with it, play with it, but don’t resist it. Allow instead and show that you are in charge here and not your ego.


You are the writer of your life

I am going to let you in on a little secret. You are the creator of your reality. Yes, you probably are unconsciously creating your reality, but you are creating it none the less.

Your job from here on out is to consciously create your life. Wake up to what no longer serves you and let it go. Begin now creating what it is you want to experience.

Would you like more money, better health, improved relationships?

Then decide now to write that into your life story. If you are not sure what it is you want to experience than think of experiences you do not prefer and write the opposite.

Maybe up until this point you were overweight. Write into your new script that you will have the body you always wanted to. You can do it.

Maybe up until this point money came into your life sporadically. Now write into your new life script that money flows into your life abundantly in a perpetual way.

Maybe your relationships were too one-sided. Maybe you always gave more than you received. Write into your new life script that you now experience relationships that are balanced and harmonious.

It’s your life, it’s your script. Take control now and write a life for yourself that you have always dreamt of but were unsure how you would get it.

Write it down, trust that you will have it, and then step back and allow it into your life.

After you finish reading this post I want you to stop what you are doing and play around with this idea for a while. Just close your eyes and let your imagination run wild with it.

After you imagined for a while what your new life script will be like, write down some of the ideas you came up with.

This is your script so feel free to run wild with it as much as you want to. You can always go back and remove some things from your new life script if they did not go as well as you hoped it would.

Remember, life is about tweaking wants, needs and desires. Many times people wanted, needed or desired something and once they did, they no longer wanted, needed or desired it.

That is life, and that is what it is like being human. We change and because of this, our wants, needs and desires change as well. The key point to remember is, have fun and play with life, but be kind and respectful to others during your script writing because what we do to others we do to ourselves.

There is no real separation between any of us. It is only a five sensory illusion that makes it appear that you and I are separate from any other person, animal, tree and so on.

We are all part of the same energy field having a seemingly separate individual experience, but our experience of it and who we really are is at all times connected to this energetic field.

Once we remember fully who we are, we will no longer choose to intentionally do harm to another living being on this planet because this would seem unwise.

No tree has branches so foolish enough to fight among themselves” – Native American Saying

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