Having Integrity and Mutual Respect for One Another

Editor’s note: This is not a post about bashing Aflac. The post’s main point is to remember to treat others how you would want to be treated. I am just using my Aflac experience as an example.

“Have the courage to say no. Have the courage to face the truth.

Do the right thing because it is right. These are the magic keys to living your life with integrity.” – W. Clement Stone

Integrity comes from “integer” which originates from “one.”  When a person realizes that everything is really just one thing, and that they are an integral part of this one thing, then they instinctively and automatically treat everyone and everything with the care, respect, and consideration, which which they would like to be treated.  This is integrity. – Bashar

Several years ago I took a job (well, more like trained with them/not officially hired/affiliated with them) with Aflac Insurance company.

Aflac is set up like a MLM type of business if you are selling insurance with them.

Basically you want to get to the point where you are no longer selling insurance but recruiting people to sell for you as you train them.

For the record, my experience with Aflac was good and if you have solid communication skills and the ability to create sales then go get a job with them.

But anyway, part of my assignment as a trainee for Aflac was getting leads with businesses.

What you need to do is find as many business as you can with at least 2 or more employees I believe and have a sit down with the boss hoping that you get the okay from him/her to sell supplemental insurance to their employees.

My first assignment was to find three different business to set up an initial meeting with which I did, with businesses that I already had a relationship with.

The first meeting was with my local 7-Eleven. I went there with my mentor and after 15 minutes with the boss, his answer was “no.”

Next we were off to my favorite local nursery, “no” once again. Then off to a friend of mine whom I knew from High School and he owned a Jewelery store.

I have done business with this friend since High School and I even bought my Wedding Rings from him when I married my wife.

So I thought getting him to agree to a fifteen minute meeting would be no problem. When I called to set the fifteen minute appointment with him he said yes and I was thrilled.

One thing they teach you at Aflac is to make the confirmation call before going to the initial meeting which I did. Since I was still new to Aflac and hadn’t officially signed anything with them I always had a mentor with me when I scheduled a meeting with the boss.

So my mentor told me to call my friend at the jewelry store to confirm that our appointment was still on just in case something has changed.

So I called the jewelry store to confirm our appointment and got the receptionist.

I asked for my friend and she asked who’s calling (so tacky to screen calls btw) so she put me on hold and came back a minute later.

She told me my friend wouldn’t be available to meet with me today. I was pissed to say the least at him for not even giving me fifteen minutes of his time considering how much business I have given him over the years.

I hate morning people

Another Aflac story

I had my résumé on Career builder back in 2008 and every once in a while I would get a call by someone from Aflac trying to recruit me, only thing was they would never mention they were from Aflac.

They would ask the questions that they tell recruits to say on the phone to potential new recruits.

Before they even got out two sentences I would interrupt them and ask them if they were from Aflac.

And they would say in a “god this sucks” kind of tone, “yes”. I said to them, “been there, done that and no thanks.”

That was until I got another Aflac call from a guy named Mike whose voice I recognized.

He was once a semi-famous morning show disk jockey here in Baltimore whose morning show got canned several years ago.

Let me tell you I ran into this guy on several occasions out and about town at Ravens games where they were hosting events, local music festivals and even at a Halloween party where his Morning Show had to appear because of a contest that the party host had won.

Every time I said something to this guy he looked at me like I had two heads. Even my brother said this guy was an a-hole after a couple of run ins that he had with him.

So here I am on the phone with this guy who wants to recruit me for this Aflac job.

Oh boy, he was as nice as can be to me this time because he wanted something.What do you think my answer to him was about signing up with Aflac under him? You got it, “No way.”

Spiritual Integrity

Integrity part 2

The so called jewelry store friend of mine who wouldn’t give me fifteen minutes of his time several years ago to listen to what Aflac had to offer his employees.

Guess what, he emails me about two months ago and asks me to check out this website thing he is doing.

He told me he sold his share of the jewelery business back to the bank and he and his wife work online full-time now.

He saw that I was online with my blog on FaceBook and thought that he would get me to sign up with him.

So I checked out his site.

It’s one of the thousands of make money online websites that are out there now.

This guy even had the nerve to ask me if he could get fifteen minutes of my time to talk with me on the phone about this revolutionary online system that would make me passive money online while I slept.

My answer to him, “no way.”

Both of these guys could have gotten me to say “yes” to their requests had they been just a little more courteous when dealing with me in the past.

I am an easy guy to say “yes” when I am treated fairly but when you piss me off all bets are off. And that’s the bottom line!

Do you see ladies and gentleman (my dear readers) the moral of the story here.

When you are dealing with other people have some integrity and mutual respect because you never know what will happen with your life or more importantly, who you will have to call on someday to help you.

Remember this next sentence when you are about to treat someone poorly. Treat everyone you meet like they are your rich Great Uncle or Aunt whom you hope will leave their vast fortune to you someday. 

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