Haunted Jericho Covered Bridge


In Baltimore County, Maryland we have a 150 year old covered bridge that goes across the Little Gunpowder Falls. Not too far from the covered bridge is the old Quaker Village of Jerusalem Mill.

Legend has it that a ghostly female apparition known as “The White Lady” haunts the Jericho covered bridge. I had to do a lot of digging to find the story of this supposed “White Lady” that haunts the bridge.

A little back story before I move forward though.

Back when I was in high school a friend of mine and two girls drove up to the covered bridge one summer night. We thought it would be fun to “scare” the girls a little.

I must have been about 15 or 16 at the time, and my friend Steve and I were hanging out with two older girls that night. It was a decent night for being summer in Baltimore, about 78 degrees and low humidity.

As we approached the bridge I asked Stacy to turn off her headlights once we were halfway on the bridge. It was a moonlit night so we could easily see to the other end of the 88 foot long covered bridge.

We slowly entered the old, wooden structure; our windows were down so we could hear the wooden floor boards creak as we slowly crept along. Halfway through I asked Stacy to turn her headlights back on, her friend Tina was in the back with Steve and she was not enjoying our night of fright.

So, Stacy turned the headlights on and….. there was nothing to see in front of us. But, I told everyone what were supposed to see is not in front of us, but behind us. I told everyone not to turn around yet, instead I told Stacy to push the brakes so we could see behind the car. I tilted the rearview mirror so Tina and Steve could see what was behind us.

Stacy and I used the mirrors on our visor. I didn’t see anything and neither did Steve and Tina; however Stacy floored it through the remainder of the bridge and didn’t look back.

We were all yelling at Stacy to slow down because we were driving through a residential neighborhood with lots of winding roads and we didn’t want to end up in someone’s living room.

Eventually we got back to the main road and Stacy pulled over into a convenience store. She asked me to drive her car for her because she couldn’t. I switched places with her but before we left I asked what happened back there.

She told me when she looked in her mirror she saw a figure of a woman wearing a white dress carrying something in her hands. She said she saw the ghostly figure at the point of the bridge where we entered.

We drove the rest of the way in silence, none of us talked about ever again.

Okay, it gets better. I have always been a bit of a fan of horror movies and all things paranormal and I knew someday I would go back to Jericho Bridge at night and see for myself if there is indeed a White Lady that haunts the bridge.

Exactly three years to be exact. Jericho Bridge is about 35 minutes north from where I grew up. One night when I was 19 years old I went to a party about 15 minutes from Jericho Bridge in nearby Perry hall. I went solo to the party that night because I had fallen asleep earlier that day and didn’t catch up with my friends to get a ride.

I arrived to the party around 10:30pm, had a few beers, hung out for a while and decided to leave because I was still sort of tired and groggy from the nap I had taken earlier.

I left around 12:30am and hopped into my truck and drove away. It was cool out so I rolled down the window to get some fresh air, which actually woke me up a bit.

On my way home I got the bright idea to cut through Jerusalem Village and go home that way which would shave off about 10 minute’s driving time.

It was very quiet that night and not too many cars on the road, which I like. I found myself coming upon Jerusalem Village and just up the road is the Jericho Covered Bridge. I came upon the road to turn right towards the bridge. It was really dark this night because it was the beginning of a new moon.

I saw the bridge just ahead. I came upon it slowly and began to drive across it. It’s funny how the body responds when it knows something just isn’t right. As I was driving through the dark, shadowy bridge I could feel the hairs standing up on the back of my neck.

I thought to myself that I must be paranoid or something.

I kept going through the bridge, very slowly and something inside of me wanted to turn off the headlights, like I was being challenged. I thought to myself, that turning my headlights off at night and stopping on the bridge was a bad idea, however the other part of me said, go ahead and do it,

So I did the intelligent thing and turned off my headlights, waited a few seconds and turned them back on. The windows on my Pathfinder were down, and I didn’t have power windows, I had the old fashioned hand crank windows.

As I was sitting there parked on the bridge with my headlights off I distinctly heard the sound of a woman’s voice humming a very dark lullaby.

I pressed my brakes to get some light behind me and then looked into my rear view mirror, and what I saw was….. Absolutely nothing. I let out a sigh of relief and just wanted to get home and go back to bed.

I turned my attention away from my rear view mirror and looked forward through the windshield and I saw something walk or move across the front of the bridge. My heart began pounding very fast and I was having a mild panic attack.

I rubbed my eyes and looked again, and I saw nothing in front of me except the other end of the bridge. I just took a deep breath and slowly drove forward. As I was driving forward I looked in my rear view mirror to make sure there weren’t any cars behind me and what I saw scared the crap out of me.

I saw a pale faced woman, wearing a long, sheer, white dress carrying what looked like a basket of flowers in my rear view mirror. She couldn’t have been any further away than 10 feet behind my truck. I hi-tailed it out of there and never looked back.

I sped the whole way home and was lucky to have made it back in one piece. To say I was freaked out by the experience would be an understatement.

One other odd thing happened that night, the next morning when I went outside to get into my truck I saw the oddest thing. There was a cluster of scratch marks on the rear of the hatch. They looked like someone scraped their nails down the back of it.

Either way, the paranormal is nothing to play around with and I have only been on the Jericho covered bridge one time since then and that was during the day, a very bright, sunny day.

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