Guy Finley: The Search -The Seeker -The Sacred Part 2

This is part 2 of the interview with Guy Finley from Guy and Dr. Rita Louise from Soul

Most people pounce on others as they do — when they do — not because they want to cause pain, but because they’re afraid of being hurt.

To see this truth is to realize that the real enemy of relationship is fear itself; for this dark state that dwells in the unenlightened heart knows that the best way to protect itself is by being first to find fault with another.” – Guy Finley

Continued from part 1.

That’s the point, and all of our lessons in life gradually lead us to this realization.

That the task has never been to try and take myself, or make myself, or do something with myself in the world with my relationships that will finally make me feel whole.

We are already whole, we just don’t live where that “holiness” exists in us.

That’s the purpose of the book, to prove literally that in each of us, is this beautiful, divine, loving intelligence that first makes itself known in a way in which we begin to long for a union with it.

That the longing for a union produces a search – our relationships reveal to us, which is the purpose, the very qualities of ourselves that we didn’t know about.

I fall in love with you because you would help me to see things about myself I cannot see any other way.

So the search introduces us to ourselves, but eventually reveals that what we’re looking for isn’t something to introduce us to ourselves, but to marry us with what we already are.

So that we move from a search or a realization, into an act of conscious integration in the moment based on this new understanding.

There are some six or seven billion men and women on this planet and each of us, just like in the garden, some of us haven’t even come out of the husk yet.

Others have a few leaves while others are just starting to fruit.

That’s just the order of things, but for all of us the story remains the same because seeded within us is this celestial, is this nature of love called God.

That we have in ourselves is expressing itself in one way or another.

Guy Finley

When someone can’t stand someone they work with that is evidence, whether it’s seen or not, of a great dissatisfaction not with the person they can’t stand, but with their own reactions that define them in the moment through that relationship.

(Our relationships reveal to us who we really are for better or worse).

So gradually when we quit our job, gone on to fifteen different places to be free of “those kinds of people,” and we see that wherever we go we meet “those kinds of people.”

It dawns on that person that they’ve been searching for something they couldn’t find outside of themselves because everyone they meet; it’s introducing them to themselves.

Then the search ends and the process of integration begins where I become responsible for myself.

Because you see first I search for ways to make you like me, or I search for ways to be dominant, to swim with sharks because I believe the problem is you.

Or I believe the problem is that I’m inadequate, that I don’t have enough about me that’s likable so I’m going to develop these traits.

Nothing in the Universe can stop you from letting go and starting over Guy Finley

But what I see over and over again is that it doesn’t matter what I do to make you like me.

Because even if you like me, then I’m not liked by somebody else, and I’m just as bothered by that.

So these experiences all bring us to a single point at which we have to turn our attention around and become conscious of the nature that is describing our life, instead of trying to fit into what it defines our life as being.

Inherently we are not happy campers, inherently we always feel as though even in the in the best moments, that the moment the event passes,  it passes into us the next feeling like “I gotta go do something else I need to make something else out of myself”

Where does that come from?

It’s because within in us lives what I call in the book – “a divine dissatisfaction.”

A divine dissatisfaction cannot be satisfied by anything the world can give us, or for that matter what the physical mind can imagine

They don’t go together, it’s like trying to put a fire out in the barn by pouring water in the kitchen sink.

It doesn’t work; we seek because we aren’t satisfied.

We say to ourselves though I’m seeking because I want to become something, but no one wants to “become something” unless they’re dissatisfied with what they are.

The clearer that becomes to us, the sooner we begin to save a portion of our attention.

We begin to want to be present in the moment to ourselves instead of being pushed from pillar to post in an un-profitable search for a way to make us feel good about ourselves through conditions outside of ourselves.

Dr.Rita: But can’t that be a good thing, doesn’t that help us and society moving forward and advancing?

Well first of all Rita, our society is not advancing; medicine yes, science – maybe. Even medicine is questionable because it’s pretty much run by the A.M.A which is owned by the pharmaceutical industry.

Morally, not a chance that we’re moving forward, spiritually -highly doubtful.

That doesn’t mean that here and there, there aren’t pockets of individuals, who seeing the spreading darkness of this divided mind acting on the world for its own purposes is art awakened.

In fact if it works quite that way it’s quite beautiful.

Every great spiritual teacher, Christ himself, we wouldn’t even know about these individuals if they hadn’t exposed what they exposed, and then alternately been punished by the very darkness that they revealed.

We are living at a time and it is a very critical time.

The corruption of character is so evident that we either go along with the belief that we got to do what we got to do to protect our own, or we realize the folly of searching for a way to free ourselves by further enslaving ourselves to false ideas.

The whole point of the book, the whole point of everything that I’ve been working for all along.

In each and every one of us live the dissatisfaction of Christ, the dissatisfaction of Buddha, the dissatisfaction of Krishna.

And lives in every one of us, just as in these great Saints, Prophets, and Mystics – that which will try to bury not only that dissatisfaction but the individual that has it.

The thing that we don’t know about is that the thing that tries to destroy the light, glorifies it.

Because if it weren’t for something acting against our wish to be true, kind, and loving, we wouldn’t even have the wish to begin with, let alone a way to express it in such a way that people around us, and maybe the world itself stands up and notices.

“Hey you know what there’s something higher to do with my life other than to go out and try to own, buy, or possess something that makes me look special.”

Something lives in me that is already as special as anything will ever be; let me turn my attention to that.

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