Guy Finley: The Search -The Seeker -The Sacred Part 1

“The only reason your mind won’t stop its endless chattering… is because you won’t stop listening to it!” – Guy Finley

I found this great interview on You Tube with Guy Finley and Dr. Rita Louise from Soul In my opinion Guy Finley is the best when it comes to the Art of Letting go of our false self and false beliefs about yourself. 

Guy Finley

The Interview

All of us , you and I and everyone listening, we belong to a great – single story.

One great story that runs not just through our individual lives, but the lives of everyone who’s ever walked this planet.

That single great story is that within us, each of us, lives this longing to seek out that which if you will as  I think it was Whitman that said it, “at the central urge of every atom is to return to it’s source.”

We all long to find love, to find out which makes us whole, so we have a seeker in us and of course we all go on a search.

What else is this entire life of ours, if not an almost unceasing search, high and low hill, and dale to find something to bring an end of that sense of being incomplete that we have.

Ultimately when we have run through all the things that we can run through, little by little, we begin to realize that what we’re really looking for has always lived within us and this we can call the sacred.

Whether we call it “God,” “Christ,” “Krishna,” the name is so unimportant.

in fact that’s part of what this book helps the reader to discover that through a series of chronological quotations starting five- thousand years ago I prove that every one of these path’s,  these traditions, these religions, have said exactly the same thing in exactly the same way.

About this one the story that runs through the center of each of us.

So the book introduces the reader to a beautiful idea:

A. That we are not alone.

B. That we never have been.

C. Once we understand where not to look anymore, the rest of it begins to take place in a natural way. And we find out for ourselves the seeker meaning, that part of us that seeks the search for love and the love that we find – are all one thing living in the very center of our being.

The purpose of exploration, whether physical or spiritual, serves one purpose and that is to discover and recover who we are that we have forgotten is true about us.

We all know what has to happen, we just have to get tired of dead ends, we have to get tired of explaining our pain to ourselves, of justifying ways in which we compromise ourselves to win some kind of consolation that passes as soon as the conditions that create it do.

We set out each and every one of us to do the very best we know how to do with the knowledge that we have.

So maybe I believe that the way I’ll be a happy camper  is if  I can win the approval of every one at the office.

Or maybe  I think I have to have ten million dollars, maybe I think I need a six-pack set of abs or whatever it is that a person imagines will make them feel safe, whole, and significant.

But as we see over and over again, we get to the end of whatever it is that desire has told us will bring an end to this dark feeling we have, and lo and behold we are not any different.

Now we’ve got people who like us, or have the six-pack of abs or whatever we desire, but the emptiness remains, why?

Because this sense of emptiness, of being incomplete, even inadequacy, that sense inside of us cannot be reconciled by anything outside of us.

And the reason it can’t be reconciled by anything outside of us is because – the very source of needing to be whole and fulfilled is being given to us by the divine – for the purpose of gradually bringing us full circle like the prodigal son. To realize we have been looking in the wrong places.

Not that there is anything wrong with having a nice physique, good health, having enough money to be secure physically.

But in and of themselves those things are totally inadequate to the consistent sense  we have of not being complete.

The strength of any weakness within us is the degree to which it is feared. Guy Finley


What do you think listeners  is the source of any anxiety you have? How many of us rush?

Rushing, all forms of rushing is born out of feeling incomplete, inadequate.

When we get caught up in an anxious state it’s because our mind has projected a negative event coming down the pike.

The reason that we are worried about the event is because as we look at what are own mind is telling us is true, that same mind that projects the negative image feels inadequate in the face of the image that it made.

So now it feels incomplete. So now it’s going to try to control command or otherwise get to the end of its own dark imagination, and of course that never works.

The deeper core issue is that we as human beings we live in the opposites.

All things in fact that are created, are created by a very beautiful marriage, this is pure physics, but a very beautiful marriage of positive/ negative energies that are reconciled by a modifying energy.

So inside of us there is this paradigm that we by and large are completely unaware of it at its source, because the mind that has been developed by that body of energy only knows how to look outside of itself for a way to make that essential disturbance go away,  and it can’t.

The Search -The Seeker -The Sacred by Guy Finley

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