Guy Finley Secrets of Being Unstoppable

Talking to ourselves to comfort ourselves makes sense only until we realize that talking to what troubles us, in the hopes of quieting it down, is like blowing kisses to a fire hoping that a show of affection will cool its flame.” – Guy Finley

During his youth, Guy Finley presumed there is more to life than the type of worldly success that led to the emptiness and frustration he saw among his own “successful” colleagues and friends.

In 1979, after trips all through The United States, the Far East and India in search of truth and Higher Knowledge.

Guy purposely retired from his thriving music profession in order to simplify his life and to focus on deeper self-studies.

Are you aware that absolutely nothing in this world is supposed to have power over you?

Guy Finley

In our world, energy can never be created or destroyed — however it can be transformed.

Our sun is a perfect example; it transforms low and basic types of energy (such as hydrogen and helium atoms) into a practically unlimited supply of light — the very highest kind of energy in the universe.

This “miracle” is accomplished through the amazing, yet very real process of stellar fusion.

In much the same way, an actual process of spiritual fusion can take place inside you.

As you begin to tap into the well of Spiritual Power inside your head and heart, it seamlessly transforms problems and negativities into higher and greater forms of Light Energy.


Fear becomes Self-Command

Conflict becomes Compassion

Stress becomes Production

Anxiety evolves into Consciousness

Remorse becomes Inspiration

Roam with the great gurus, sages, and saints who utilized their lives to realize the unstoppable spiritual power which is the same as your own Higher Self!



This aspect goes right to the heart of how the Unstoppable ideas in this program can help elevate every single relationship in your life.

Have you ever detected that in spite of how good a relationship is, it constantly seems like there’s some kind of issue to “work on” — some kind of compromise to render?

Isn’t that strange, especially considering that we spend such a sizable portion of our existence relating to other people?

You’d think that after thirty, forty, 50 and even 70 years we’d finally become an expert at the skill sets required to have permanently balanced relationships!

It’s completely insane! But it doesn’t have to be.

There exists a method — using the methods revealed in Secrets of Being Unstoppable — that you can learn to have higher, more joyful interactions with every person you come across.

And also, at the same time, invest every day deepening and expanding the close relationships you’ve been given.

This brand new method to our relationships with other individuals includes an easy, but profound shift in the way we think that enables us to awaken the brilliant, easy Love, present deep down in our hearts.

The new understanding that makes this kind of higher Love possible is rooted in the eternal process that Love itself, and not the object of Love, is actually what we are intended to look for as human beings.

Since this principle begins to turn from a thought in our head into an understanding in our heart, Love itself becomes our friend and mentor in every interaction we face in the course of life.

We begin to discover that human relationships are not only things to extract short-term sensational feelings from, but are instead meant to be mirrors for understanding about ourselves, as well as others.

In this way, it becomes possible for both parties to receive much more from a relationship than either brings to it.

This is where real magic starts to occur:

  • Discussions go further; silence becomes powerful
  • Our connection abilities with other people naturally develops greater
  • Tough situations help free us, instead of keeping us captive
  • We help change the world as we are no longer part of its conflict
  • We learn how to properly deal with conflict
  • We stop being dependent upon others for our feeling of well-being
  • Anger and stress fall away simply because we stop trying to control others
  • We see and set free harmful enabling patterns in our relationships
Guy Finley

Guy Finley

Living in the Now

The Now is the gateway to Creativity. It is the house of Serenity and is where Love resides.

If, as human beings, we are to answer the call within us to perfect ourselves and the world around us — when we are ever to realize a direct and personal partnership with Authentic Success — then we have to take a mandatory step in our own inner-evolution: we have to figure out how to reside in (and take part with) the ever-unfolding and ever-new Present Moment.

Being aware of ourselves in the Present Moment is the key to all things good, not only because of the superior selections we are able to make for ourselves (because we are able to notice a lot more opportunities) but mainly because the more conscious we are in the Now, the less likely we are to enable ourselves to be negatively compromised by our very own past.

Our relationships expand, because we do; courage enhances, because we make fewer mistakes in our awakened state.

Being grounded in the Present Moment allows for us to stand in a world where the waves of troubled thoughts and feelings will no more reach us to wash us away.

We weren’t born knowing how to live in the Now.

Once we outgrew the uncomplicated joy of just being a little child, we forgot what real pleasure is; and our mom and dad couldn’t inform us how to restore that precious sense of independence, because they also had fallen asleep to its existence within them.

And, of course, we were never educated about it in school.

But, just like we can learn to ride a bicycle, or to read, or to use a computer, so can we learn how to cultivate the internal capability to possess our attention and place it on any of the many wonder-filled facets of the Present Moment.

This is exactly what you’ll discover once you listen to talk number 5 of the Secrets of Being Unstoppable product.

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