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We live in a world where everything is connected. We can no longer think in terms of us and them when it comes to the consequences of the way we live. Today it’s all about WE.” ― Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden talks about how we are all connected through a field often times referred to as the Matrix.

What happens to one, happens to all and that is the reason we all need to wake up to the realization that we are all connected energetically.

It doesn’t make any sense to turn the other cheek when someone, or groups of people are harming the planet or other people.

Together we stand as a unified field or certainly we will all cease to exist. It’s your call humanity!

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Gregg Braden – Consciousness

Almost universally ancient texts and traditions have reminded us that we are connected.

They said that we are one, that we’re part of our world that was part of one another that were part of the earth, and the changes in the earth.

What I found in over the last twenty-two years, that I’ve traveled nearly every continent of the earth, and spoken to people from so many different traditions and cultures is people really want to believe that we’re truly connected, but they need a reason for that belief.

In the last years of the twentieth, and now the first years of the early twenty-first century science has now given us that reason for our logical mind to make the connection to see how we’re related and how we influence the world

And how by honoring that connection through our hearts, we literally have the power to influence the very fields of this planet to sustain life in the world, sustain the health and the healing, and the well-being of our bodies.

It’s all about the magnetic fields of the earth.

Where this really came into focus was around the events of September eleventh two thousand one.

It was during that time that the United States had two satellites that are called: GOES satellites – Geostationary Satellites, environmental satellites.

One positioned in the northern hemisphere and one position in the southern hemisphere.

The role of the satellites is to measure the magnetic fields of the earth and send back readings every thirty minutes.

And those readings normally fall within a certain range of data the scientists are relatively used to seeing.

It was in September of two thousand one when scientists began to see some readings that were off the map, just off the scale compared to what they’ve seen in the past.

And they said, “Well, what’s happening what is it that could be influencing the magnetic fields of the entire planet to such a degree that we’re seeing this big spike.”

That our satellites are saying that we never seen these before.

They overlaid the data from the satellite’s onto a calendar months and days, and lo and behold what they found is that the spike was occurring precisely during the time of September eleventh two thousand one.

And even more precisely that the first spike occurred fifteen minutes after the first plane hit the first tower in the World Trade Center.

Now the reason this is so important to scientists is because for three hundred years our science has been based on two false assumptions.

The first false assumption is that everything is separate from everything else, and what happens in one place has no effect on what happens anywhere else. And if it looks like it does, it’s only a coincidence.

The second false assumption is that our inner experiences of thought, feeling, and emotional beliefs have no effect on the world beyond our bodies.

Based on those two false assumptions that have been accepted for three hundred years by scientists, I can see why there would be a disconnect when they’re looking at magnetic fields of the earth spiking precisely the moment the human emotion of the planet is focused on a disaster.


Planet Earth


This lead to a series of studies and the bottom line to the studies is this; what they found is that it is human emotions, specifically the magnetic fields produced by the human heart during certain kinds of emotion, that now our document is extending far beyond our bodies into the physical world and now to such a degree that our satellite hundreds of miles above the surface are able to pick these up.

This lead to a number of studies now showing that when a certain number of people come together and they choose in a moment of time to create a precise emotion in their hearts, that emotion literally can intentionally influence the very fields that sustain the life on planet earth.

These fields are now implicated in everything from the immune response of humans throughout the planet, climate, weather patterns, cycles of war and peace, our ability to solve problems, and our cognitive abilities.

All of these as different as they sound from one another – are all linked to our relationship to the magnetic fields of the earth.

So what makes this so beautiful is that every human on the planet is linked to the field, but not every human on the planet has to be consciously aware of their relationship to benefit from what a relatively few number of people come to understand.

And the bottom line is this, is that when we choose to feel feelings that create what is called “coherence” in our bodies, coherence is the language the quality of the language between our heart and our brain.

Certain kinds of heart based experiences such as appreciation, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion; those are the ancient understandings that have always been taught in the truest traditions of our past and now our own sciences finding that those same traditions are now documenting this very real effect in our hearts.

When we can feel those feelings in our bodies they’re mirrored in the field and everyone benefits from the experience of a relatively few.

The question comes up often as to whether not we can actually measure human emotion.

What scientists are now documenting is the effect of emotions on the heart field.

The human heart is now documented as the strongest generator of both electrical and magnetic fields in the body.

This is important because we’ve always been taught that the brain is where the action is.

The brain has an electrical field and it does have a magnetic field, but they’re relatively weak compared to the heart.

The heart is about a hundred times stronger – electrically up to five thousand times stronger, five thousand times stronger magnetically than the brain.

And the reason this is important is because the physical world as we know it is made of those two fields of energy.

Electrical and magnetic fields of energy – electromagnetic fields.

Our own physics books now tell us if we can change either the magnetic field of an atom or the electrical field of the atom by doing that, we literally change that atom.

We change the stuff that our bodies in this world are made up.

And it appears now that the human heart is designed to do both.

To change both the electrical field and the magnetic field of our bodies in our world and they do so in response to the emotions that we create between our heart and our brain.

I’ve had many questions from people who ask me how these discoveries relate to what is now known as the law of attraction.

At a very high level in broad brush strokes – they may give us insight into the relationships,

But when we get deep, deep, deep into the findings as well as the ancient teachings.

What we find is this; it’s less about attraction and more about a mirroring.

And here’s what I mean by that.

The world around us – our own science now is telling us there’s a field of energy that underlies all physical reality.

It is now known by names that range from simply “the field” Lynne McTaggart wrote the beautiful book entitled: “The Field” about this quantum essence some people call it “natures mind” some scientists call it “the mind of god” some called it the “matrix” some call it the “divine matrix.”


In 1944 the father of quantum theory – Max Planck identified this field, and he called it “the Matrix,” that’s where this term came from.

What we’re now beginning to understand is that when we create the feelings of what we choose to experience in our lives everything from conscious choices of the perfect relationship or abundance in our lives and of the healing in our bodies or the healing of the bodies of our loved ones.

Those feelings are creating the patterns of magnetic and electrical field in our hearts and are literally rearranging the stuff of this quantum soup, this quantum essence allowing the pattern of what we have claimed in our hearts to become manifest in the world around us so it’s less about attracting from a scientific perspective and more about consciously creating the template within us.

Knowing but the stuff of the universe will congeal around that template in the world around us to simply mirror, reflect what we’ve claimed.

In other words of very simple way of looking at this and we’ve all heard this before is that we must become in our lives a very things that we choose to experience in our world now.

Science is giving us a very good reason to understand why that is how many individuals would it take to claim this feeling in our hearts to create the effect in our world in the ideas about that are changing back.

In the 1970s – 1980s throughout the Maharishi effects of that TM studies it was very well-documented that there is an effect between human consciousnesses in the world around us.

That effect is known, but what could never be documented was precisely what was happening inside the body of the individual to create that effect, and it was during that time that a formula was created.

And the formula simply stated if we can create this effect with a certain number of people the square root of one percent of the given population then we will have the effect we desire.

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