Quantum Jumping with Burt Goldman

“If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet.” – Niels Bohr

Remember all those dreams you had back when you were a child? At some point in your life you may have wanted to be an astronaut or scientist.

Or perhaps even a millionaire, a billionaire, an actor, a singer, a dancer, an artist or a successful entrepreneur.

Maybe you dreamt of changing the world, or becoming so rich and successful that you had a mansion in every country and your own fleet of private jets.

What happened to all those dreams?

I’ll tell you what. As you grew older, you were forced to start living in the “real world”. Your teachers told you to stop daydreaming. Your parents told you to be “realistic” and get a good job.

Bills and responsibilities started pouring in, and before you knew it, your childhood dreams had vanished into thin air.

You got sucked into living a mediocre life devoid of your true wants and desires for yourself.

But imagine for a second that somewhere out there, there is a version of you who is able to turn all those dreams into reality.

Remember the movie the The Matrix? Remember how people were able to instantly download skills and experiences into their minds?

They became Kung Fu masters, helicopter pilots, engineering experts all in a matter of minutes. Skills that normally take years to master were theirs in the blink of an eye. The Matrix was a movie but what if that part of it was real?

And what if, without having to live in the future and fight giant robots, you could experience it too?

Meet Burt Goldman, the 85-year-old man with an out-of-this-world secret.

A secret he’s used to become an accomplished painter and photographer, a novelist and a multi-million dollar online entrepreneur.

All out of thin air, and all just before his 80th birthday.

That secret is Quantum Jumping – and according to Burt, anyone can do it once they know how it works?

In fact in the past 5 years, Burt has already taught Quantum Jumping to over 40,000 people in 75 countries?

And the results have been fantastic.

Just like him, many of Burt’s students have gone on to learn new skills, start new businesses, improve their fitness and well-being, and changed their lives in countless other powerful ways.

This Thursday Burt will host an online training where he’ll reveal exactly how Quantum Jumping works, and how you can begin using it in your life too.

Good news is the online training is free so you can’t use any excuses.

You watch Burt on Youtube here.



What is Quantum Jumping

Quantum Jumping is based on Quantum Physics, the theory of multiple universes, and cutting-edge breakthroughs on the power of the subconscious mind.

Quantum Jumping is the process of “jumping” into parallel dimensions, and gaining skills, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration from alternate versions of yourself.

This is accomplished not with any sort of equipment, but through a powerful & time-tested combination of meditation and visualization.

Believe me you’ve never seen anything quite like it.

For centuries, some of the world’s most prolific artists, business people, inventors and thinkers have reported many of their big ideas and inspirations come, inexplicably, out of thin air.

This includes visionaries like Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and Elias Howe, the inventor of the sewing machine.

Here’s a summary of what Burt will cover in the 60-minute session:

  • How Quantum Jumping really works – an explanation of how it’s really possible to ‘jump’ into alternate universes with the sheer power of your mind.
  •  A Korean mystic, an out-of-body experience and an astonishing premonition? the bizarre tale behind Burt’s first Quantum Jumping experience.
  •  Is it possible to almost instantly download new skills into your mind, just like in the Matrix movie? How Burt went from clueless shutterbug to skilled photographer in just one day.
  • The little-known technique that helped an ordinary woman discover an extraordinary business idea, and how you too can use it to significantly boost your wealth and career.
  • “What if I had taken that job offer?” How to use Quantum Jumping to discover the hidden outcomes behind every choice you didn’t make, and learn the true consequences of your actions.
  • Advanced Quantum Jumping inner-circle secrets – revealed to the public for the first time, the information Burt shared with a small private group at his Quantum Jumping workshop last year.

Remember, it’s happening this Thursday at 6pm Pacific Time.


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