Problem Solving Through a Higher Perspective

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

How are your problem solving skills and techniques?

Are they strong or weak?

Do you understand the importance of problem solving?

How do you deal with your problems?

Do you brush them away, do you pretend they don’t exist, do you fight them? None of these methods work but I have created one that does.

Problems will just pile up on you if you don’t solve them as soon as possible. Eventually you will have a host of unresolved problems that need your attention.

Mark Twain Quote

Don’t Call Them Problems – Call Them Challenges

Problems are not problems. They are opportunities for personal growth.

When you change your viewpoint to this perspective life becomes joyful instead of a constant fight with it.

I no longer call problems, problems. I call them challenges instead.

When I switch from the viewpoint of problem to challenge it creates a belief in myself that I can solve it. It may not be easy, it will probably be challenging, but I can do it.

Let’s say that you are having a perceived problem with your boss.

From your perspective you have to defend yourself, you have stand up and fight. But do you?

No you don’t.

At any given moment in reality you have decisions in the form of choices that you can make. Whatever you choose will be a choice made only from the perspective that you have at the moment.

Perspectives will create your reality but in truth there are multiple realities going on.

Everything in our physical reality is conscious energy and it also has its own unique point of view which is what is real to them.

The reality is that there is no reality, there is only perception of reality. Perception are based on past beliefs, experiences and ideas of who you believe yourself to be.

This experience will be unique for each of you but it is possible to have a “hive mind” where groups of people can share the same beliefs and perceptions.

The key to remember is that you must appreciate your point of view. Say to it, “Hey, I like what you are seeing here but why not change it to a more empowering perspective.”

What this does is make you a powerful being, which is what you are anyway.

So know this the next time you jump to a conclusion about what you thought you saw, heard and believed. It’s all true from some perspectives and all false from others.

Your state of being also affects your perceptions about yourself and what you see.

When I am feeling tired, sick, or achy my perspective will not be where I want it to be.

How to know when your perspective is off

You will feel jumpy, reactive, judgmental and emotional.

Don’t fret though to these types of situations instead change your perspective to one that is more aligned with who you want to be.

Higher Self

Example of a Problem

You drop a glass while washing the dishes and it breaks, remember this is a one of a kind piece of glass that had been in your family for generations. How did you react?

This will be a signal to where your perspective is at the moment. If you can’t catch yourself in time and you react negatively don’t worry.

Instead use the incident as a reminder that you want to be the person that you always wanted to be. Relax, breathe, refocus and align yourself.

I don’t spend my time in a perpetual state of equilibrium, its more like I am doing my best to keep myself steady.

Human beings vibrationally are like a pendulum swaying back and forth from one end to the other (some swing faster and out more than others though).

What most of us want is balance with less of the swaying. This is completely possible using this simple process that takes less than two minutes.


Creative Problem Solving

All problems are solved creatively so I don’t really use this word too often so creativity and problem solving go hand in hand.

The best problem solving skills are used when you feel good about yourself and the outcome it created. If the problem involves another person, creating a win-win situation often works best.


The Process of Problem Solving

You can do this process anywhere at anytime but if you are like me then you probably want some alone time to do it.

Lie flat on the floor with your hands to your sides. Breath in for three seconds, hold for five and exhale for three or more if you can. Repeat two more times.

Place your hands where your upper thighs and your butt meets and curl up like you are doing a sit up pulling yourself up at the legs.

Now begin gently rocking your body back and forth like one of those wooden horses that kids like to play on.

If your body is like mine you probably hear your back bones cracking.

This is good because you are releasing tension in the spinal area other wise known as Kundalini.

Do this for one minute slow and easy. Now get up and stretch your back out, really reach up and stretch. Do this for thirty seconds and then relax your body again.

So, how do you feel?

Slightly better than you were feeling a couple of minutes ago I bet.

Why am I telling you about this exercise? Because like me you probably spend a lot of time on the computer and forget that you have a body that needs taking care of (attention).

Trust me when I tell you that you body loves it when you give it attention. So don’t forget about it while you’re online 🙂

The key to solving any problem/challenge in life is to get your body and mind into a state of being that will make it much, much easier to solve a problem.

And this is how you do it.

First, if you are feeling tired, agitated, restless, or any other negative emotional state then it will be difficult for you to solve your problem.

The first thing to do is to get yourself to feel better holistically.

Take a walk, take a nap, call a friend, do something fun.

Once you are feeling better emotionally then go back and tackle that problem head on.

The solutions will appear much faster and much easier when you are not muddled with negative feelings and emotions.

If the problem feels too heavy for you, like an emotional block, then I would suggest you explore why you feel the way you do.

Write out or say what you feel or think about the problem.

Maybe you have an old, unresolved issue from the past that hasn’t been felt and released.

As your feelings bubble up to the surface don’t resist them. Allow them to be and explore them. Perhaps you may even cry once you feel and release them.

This is known as clearing the chakras.

Clearing the chakras of emotional baggage will allow you to release negative energy – which will free your body from the heaviness it was feeling.

Once the baggage is gone, the ability to solve your problems will be much easier for you.

You are smarter than you realize. It’s just that the heavy baggage we carry, sometimes our own baggage, but often other people’s baggage is what may be holding you back.

Getting clear emotionally will make your mind clear, which will allow for better problem solving.

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