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Everything was happening in slow motion for me, and you just really want to stay in that moment. You don’t want to step outside of yourself and think about what is going on because then you are going to lose that rhythm. You just need to keep going, then at the end of the game, I really just felt numb. I couldn’t really grasp what had just happened.” Kobe Bryant – Playing in the zone

Get into the zone means matching up with that place where all of you wants, needs, and desires live.

While in the zone you are at a heightened state of consciousness. Another word for the zone is called “flow” or a flow state of being.


Getting into the zone meaning

The zone is that place when you are focused in the present moment. It’s when you are giving 100% focus, concentration and power to what is happening in the now. All false beliefs about yourself and what is possible are completely tuned out of your conscious awareness.

You have only one set purpose in mind and that is to achieve your goal and you do this by releasing all internal resistance (thoughts/beliefs), hence allowing you to flow yourself naturally.

Ultimately when in the zone what you are doing is disconnecting yourself from the “ego” which has limitations and negative beliefs, and therefore you are connected to something known as the ‘higher-self” which is who you really are.


Athletes get into the zone

You’ve probably heard of athletes being in the zone. There making all their shots, catching every pass, or hitting all the pitches.

The zone is a great place to be when it comes to creating or manifesting in our reality.


Being strong saying

Reach your goals in the zone

From the zone you can reach your goals in lightning like speed. Nothing can get in your way when you are in the zone.

The zone is created by a single goal and purpose, to always aim for being in the zone.

The zone doesn’t understand fear, lack, worry, or doubt. The zone is your quickest way to achieve something.

When you are in the zone you can easily release trivial problems in your life.

Things that appear to be big problems are now merely minor circumstances.

Your creative ability will skyrocket, your body will feel more comfortable. You will begin to take deeper breaths and relax your mind while in the zone.

Your clarity and focus will be greatly enhanced, your abilities will sky-rocket. Things you didn’t even know that you could do, begin to happen with ease.

While in the zone your life just manages to flow much easier. The right people, the right career, the right lottery numbers just come to you.

When you are in the zone you can tap your true potential, to be the highest version of yourself possible.

If you want to get into the zone, start with a willingness, and openness to feel better.

You will know when you are not in the zone, you will be less of who you are. You may feel cranky, distrusting, judgmental, and out of sorts.

Trust me, the zone is where you want to spend the majority of your time. Bad things can’t happen to you, when you are in the zone.

I want you to Practice getting into the zone now. You will know if you are in the zone by how you feel.

Are you feeling light and confident, or heavy and burdened?

Aim for light and confident, then choose a goal to achieve. Make it a goal that you can get measurable results within a few hours or days.

Don’t choose a goal like losing 5o lbs.

Stay in the zone, and trust that you will take action towards your goals. See if this will work for you.

Remember, get into the zone, choose a goal that you can begin on immediately. Then take steps towards achieving your goal.

Getting into the zone is the quickest and simplest way to achieve your desires, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

How to get into the zone is not easy if you have not trained your mind and body to get there. All it takes is some conscious effort on your part to do it.

Getting into a flow like state is easy when you let go of your inner resistance and just trust what is coming to you. All is well when you go with the flow or “down the river” as Abraham Hicks would say.

Getting into your zone takes consistent focus and consistent effort but it will be easier each time your do it. Before you know it you will be able to get into the zone at will.

Do you need some help getting into the zone. I would be happy to help you. Click here to have a coaching session with me.

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