Funny and Serious Personal Growth Quotes and Sayings

“People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do”. – Isaac Asimov

I have a habit of taking pictures of personal growth and other funny sayings when I am out and about. I figured someday I would add them to my blog. Well, without further ado; here they are.

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God put me here to do certain things

Dramaville University

Don't trust anyone

Could Not Fail

Wake Up and smell coffee


Succeed expectations

Shopping Quitter


Rich poor

Parent Saying

Family hugs love


Don't Quit

Dog kiss


Bright Side

Age Maturity

Animals Eat Their Young


Bury me at Wal Mart

Be kind to your children

10 Commandments happy household

Mornings wouldn't be so bad if they started later

Need a six month vacation twice a year

God grant me the serenity

Amazing things will happen

Be free

Be strong & Courageous

Dream the impossible achieve greatness

Family rules keep your promises do your best use kind words

Good things are to come

Happiness is a form of courage

Happiness success courage determination

It is never to late to be what you might have been

Never give up

Patriots your country needs you

Thank You for being

You are the world

Look on the bright side



Merry Christmas to all

It is what it is

Everything I needed to learn art class

Bullying is never okay

What happens at the Christmas party quote

This is where I want to be

The key to life

Success is not easy

Shopping with your husband

Open your mind open a book

Into space

I'd agree with you but we'd both be wrong

Happiness is not a destination

Go boldly in the direction of your dreams

Enjoy the little thingsChristmas Vacations The Griswolds


National Sarcasm Society




Todays agenda_opt

Live with passion_opt

Live everyday to the fullest_opt

Let your light shine_opt


Keep Your Dreams_opt

Happy Hour_opt


Business Hours

Beware of the dog_opt


Be nice_opt

Though shall not whine


Mother's advice

Life is made of choices

I cannot tell a lie

Hard Work

Grandkids welcome

Fear Itself

Everything there is a season

Being a bitch

Bad Day in progress




There is no elevator to successWhen nothing goes right

Ten commandments


Peace on Earth

No worries

No whining

Just Sayin

I will not be seen caffeine

I need an eighth day

Go away I'm reading

Funny saying

Funny quote about home

Funny coffee saying

Expect great things

Bring back common sense


You Don't have to be crazy to work here_opt

Today's Menu Funny_opt

Procastination Funny_opt

I'm with stupid_opt

If You're waiting for a sign_opt

Hold Hands not Grudges_opt

Fart Loading_opt

All You Need is Love & Chocolate_opt


Pet Quote

Parents & Children

Family rules

Funny Facebook saying

Teddy Roosevelt quote

Beautiful_optDon't waste food

Take Responsibility for your energy

So much month at the end of the money

Right to remain silent

Put on your big boy boxers and deal with it

Protect the environment

positive thoughts

Open your mind

Not everyone who wanders is lost

No trespassing sign

Next chapter in life

Live the life you've imagined

I'm paid to like you until 5

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

If you met my family

I Hate Mondays

I drink coffee for your protection

Hello loser

Lack of planning saying


Happiness is a choice

Funny saying karma





Funny saying about marriage

Funny Quote

Henry Ford Quote

Bruce Lee Quote about limits

Einstein Quote

Teaching Quote

Humor Quote

Humorous Quote

Time To Change

Spiritual Integrity

Facebbok saying

Elizabeth Edwards

Dr. Suess quote


Did I say that out loud

Dear Coffee

Customer bill of rights

Crisis saying

coffee quote

Choose only hat brings you joy

Changing the toilet paper

Butterfly Transformation

Being strong saying

Being nicer

Be respectful

Be happy

Bad mood

Advice from the ocean

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