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“You use hypnosis not as a cure but as a means of establishing a favorable climate in which to learn.” ― Milton H. Erickson

Does hypnosis really work? Hypnosis can be an incredibly powerful tool for changing your life. You see the posters everywhere: “Lose weight with hypnosis!”, “Stop smoking with hypnosis!” But who really has the time or money to attend weekly sessions with a hypnotherapist?

Not to mention the potential embarrassment of the whole experience.

Thankfully there is a solution. And it goes by the name of Hypnosis Live.

Funny Facebook saying

Hypnosis Live is a website dedicated to providing instantly downloadable hypnosis MP3 audio.

Just listen in the comfort of your own home — they claim — and experience powerful, lasting change, within just one or two listening sessions.

Unlike most hypnotherapists, the Hypnosis Live site caters for over 200 different uses for hypnosis – covering everything from a fear of injections to improving your singing skills.

Here are some of their most popular programs:

— MONEY: Get richer by adopting a multi-millionaire’s mindset
— MEMORY: Seriously boost your memory and brainpower
— WEIGHT LOSS: Program yourself to lose weight and get toned
— CONFIDENCE: Turbo-charge your confidence levels, quickly
— STOP SMOKING: Stop smoking forever, tried and tested route
— PHOBIAS: Instantly dissolve absolutely any fear or phobia

Confidence Boosting, the Easy Way

Forget spending time and money visiting a hypnotherapist (not to mention the potential embarrassment) — Hypnosis Live promises to deliver the exact same results, all from the comfort of your own home.

The site boasts over 200 instantly downloadable hypnosis MP3 sessions, covering everything from rocketing your brainpower to boosting your confidence, and it’s easy to see why they call it a ‘superstore.’

There’s something for everyone here.

One of the first things you notice from the site is that it’s incredibly well presented and easy to navigate. The hypnosis sessions are divided into categories – Adult (ie, ‘Libido Boost’), Emotions (ie, ‘Dissolve Anger’), Fear/Worry/Anxiety (ie, ‘Fear of Spiders’), Health (ie, ‘Stop Smoking’), Body Improvement (ie, ‘Improve Your Posture’), Mental Skills (ie, ‘Sharper Thinking’), Mindset (ie, ‘Self-Esteem Booster’), Self Growth (ie, ‘Positive Thinking’), and Personal Improvement (ie, ‘Overcome Stage Fright’).


>>You can try a free complimentary hypnosis MP3 by clicking here.


>>Or you can check out their massive hypnosis library by clicking here.

P.S. I am an affiliate for this product and will receive a commission on any sales. 🙂

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