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Everything is connected and if you want to become more abundant in your life you have to open yourself up to receiving it. Many people are unconsciously “shut off” from what they truly want for many reasons. The truth is you are a powerful creator, you are capable of having and being so much more than you currently are.

What if there was a way for you to open yourself up safely and become a magnet to what you truly desire?

Sounds like a great idea doesn’t it? If you are closing yourself off because you don’t feel worthy, or because you are angry or whatever, this will affect all aspects of your life.

That’s why, when one area of your life is unbalanced – say, stress from working long hours trying to get ahead – everything else seems so much harder.

This is especially true when it comes to abundance. When you’re constantly worried about paying the bills or going to a job you hate every day, everything else gets put on the back burner. Suddenly, you have no room to develop or grow.

That’s what is called an ‘Abundance Block‘. They can be tricky to uncover on your own, which is why I’m so excited to introduce Mindvalley’s free ‘Unblock Your Abundance’ Masterclass featuring the incredible Christie Marie Sheldon.

What is Mindvalley? Founded in 2003 by Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley is a learning experience company that publishes ideas and teachings by the best authors in personal growth, health and fitness, spirituality, productivity, mindfulness and more – serving three million students, subscribers and followers worldwide.

And if you haven’t heard of Christie before, she’s a remarkable woman with a special gift… The ability to connect with other people so that they start to magnetically attract success and abundance on autopilot.

Not only will you get to learn what Christie’s methods are all about, but you’ll also get to experience a 20-minute Energy Clearing session guided by Christie that will permanently erase one of the biggest ‘Abundance Blocks’ affecting most people today.

Since 2012, Christie held these free sessions to help many people find the path to true wealth and abundance. Year after year, more and more people flock to experience it with their feedback bordering on pretty phenomenal.

But it’s not surprising that Christie’s ‘Unblock Your Abundance’ events have become so popular – taking into account people receiving:

    • Surprise cheques in the mail
    • Lucrative business deals manifesting out of thin air
    • Brilliant ideas that help you shine at work
    • And other unexpected abundance synchronicities

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The universe wants you to be abundant.

You were designed to attract money and success. And the only thing that’s stopping you from doing that right now…

The only thing that’s holding you back from making all the right investments, meeting all the right people and finding all the right opportunities… Is your energetic frequency.

Just like 99% of people on the planet, your energy may be blocked.

And until you do something about it, your energy will remain blocked. Which is why it’s so important that you experience this:

In this Masterclass, Christie will tap into your personal energy field and remove a particular Abundance Block that’s keeping you from attracting the life you truly desire.

If you’ve ever felt stuck or unsatisfied with your finances, or in your career, or in your manifesting ability…

There’s a high chance you’re suffering from an Abundance Block.

The block could be a subtle belief teachers gave you, like “hard work is the only path to success”.

It could be a meme induced by the media, like “the economy is going down the drain and we’re all screwed”.

Or it could even be a seemingly innocent thought implanted by your parents, like “rich people are evil”.

There are 24 different Abundance Blocks – and each person is affected by at least one of them. But the Block Christie will tackle during the masterclass, is by far one of the most common and damaging ones.

And once it’s removed, you’ll see massive and instant improvements in your finances, career, and life as a whole.

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This online Masterclass is split into 6 major sections:

All about Abundance Blocks

Familiarize yourself with the basics of Abundance Blocks – what they are, where they come from, and which ones could be sabotaging your success.

How energy clearing works

Learn the methods usually only revealed behind closed doors, and discover exactly how you can tap into your energetic field.

A powerful energy session.

A unique group experience where Christie Marie will use her gift to work on your energy field and enhance your attraction to abundance.

The cost of Abundance Blocks

An eye-opening abundance calculator you can use to see how close (or far) you are from achieving your desired finances.

Tales of Unlimited Abundance

Get inspired with a few real-life stories from previous participants of this energy clearing session.

Christie Marie in the Hot Seat

Personal growth icon Vishen Lakhiani will ask Christie a series of piercing questions on Abundance Blocks, how to remove them, and whether it’s really possible to influence a person’s energy field through the internet.


It really sounds simple, doesn’t it? But if you’ve ever tried to land your dream career… To manifest a raise or a bigger house… To attract your ideal relationship…

You already know how it usually goes. Deadlines fly past. Goalposts keep shifting. Truth is, this happens to most people. And it’s not because they’re doing anything wrong.

It’s because they’re running up against a subconscious, energetic obstacle. Energy healer Christie Marie Sheldon calls them ‘Abundance Blocks’.

Over the past 20 years, she’s worked with over 35,000 people around the world.

And found that most people have at least one of these blocks. In fact, some people have over a dozen.

So to help you finally reach your goals, she’s identified all 24 blocks…

AND figured out some simple techniques to help you painlessly eliminate them in her highly-rated course, Unlimited Abundance.


Check out the 24 “Abundance Blocks” that might be holding you back from your goals >>

PS: Here is what some people have experienced after working with Christie’s system:

“I just wanted to let you know that I purchased Unlimited Abundance recently and I listened to one session per day for 24 consecutive days. The results have been way beyond anything I could’ve imagined in my wildest dreams.

I was working full time for a software company and we were going through a restructuring. I had a feeling my job was going to be eliminated so I wanted to test Christie’s Unlimited Abundance exercises.

I started manifesting that $20,000 or more would come to me in some fashion during February. Today is only February 13th and $30,000 of unexpected money has come into my life. I was notified today that my job is ending next week and I’m receiving 3 months severance which I wasn’t expecting. I’ve also received numerous consulting opportunities that I’m sure came to me once I removed my blockages.

I will easily receive more than $40,000 this month because of my clearing the blockages. I was especially blocking my ability to receive from the universe. I love to give but always felt uncomfortable receiving but Christie removed those blocks for me.

Thank you and Christie for changing my life. She’s amazing!!”

– Ted P

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