Slades Inn Bed and Breakfast – Freaky Haunts of Monkton Maryland Part 3

The housekeeper told me she didn’t like to be in the house alone during the night. Eventually, she refused to work alone at the Slades Inn and especially at night.”

Is the Slades Inn Haunted?

This time we will begin the story of ghosts not in my home but in a historical Victorian mansion down the street that was converted into a Bed and Breakfast called the Slades Inn.

Back in 2004 a local couple had purchased the home and immediately began work on renovating it.

The renovation project lasted for about three years I believe, and I recall driving past it many times during the rehab phase.

Before I moved to Monkton I would take drives out in this area because I said that, “some day I would live here.” And sure enough I did. But I digress.

The home was originally white with only one turret and where the caretakers house is now, on the left side in the picture, was a garage.

Behind the house is a horse barn with four newly renovated apartments above it.

Behind the horse barn is a smaller stable and a huge prefabricated metal outbuilding that could be used as a garage and a workshop too.

I believe the owners who renovated it were selected because they were the only ones who could have turned the home into the show piece that it is today.

Every room in the Slades Inn was meticulously restored using only the finest furnishings available and much of the woodwork inside was performed by Amish workers.

The B&B which has now “gone under” due to hard economic conditions is now for sale by the bank.

What I would love to do with this home is convert it into a community center and give it to the people of Monkton or turn it into a spiritual retreat center for people wanting to get away from the daily grind.

The Slades Inn could also be used for meetings, parties, seasonal events and celebrations. Well, either those ideas or turn it into a brothel and provide another kind of service. 😉

When my family and I moved to Monkton we wanted to go to the Slades Inn to meet the innkeepers and have a look around the place.

Eventually we got around to visiting the Inn and we met the innkeepers, Rob and Marie.

After getting to know Rob and Marie for a couple of months I was asked to help with a party that was being held there in which I agreed to do so.

I probably worked about five or six parties for them and was happy to because I loved the house so much.

The new owners of the Inn had poured millions of dollars into the renovation and all I can say is that it is the nicest home/B&B I have ever been in.

Every guest room has a jacuzzi tub, spa shower, gas fireplace, antiques and king size beds.

George Washington_opt

History about the Slades Inn

In 1746, William Slade built Slade’s Tavern on the property which houses the Slades Inn B&B.

William Slade served as an informer during the Revolution.

Back in the colonial days they didn’t have hotels and motels like we do now so weary travelers would spend the night in a tavern that fed and housed them and their horse for the night.

George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette would spend the night at the Slades tavern during their trips between Virginia and Philadelphia.

Across the street was once a stable for guests horses.

The stable has since been remodeled and is now a popular restaurant named The Manor Tavern.

Also soldiers were known to carouse on the lawn of the Slades Tavern during the Civil War.

In 1900, Slade’s Tavern was flattened, and a Victorian farmhouse, now Slade’s Inn, was erected.

I had done some searching on the property to try to find the foundation of the old Slades tavern but I wasn’t able to find anything.

Fort Howard 3

Finding Some Recent History About the Slades House

During the spring of 2009 my family and I were visiting Oregon Ridge park because it was such a beautiful day.

Apparently hundreds of others had the same idea as well because the park was packed with people and pets.

Being in a social mood that day I began chatting it up with a couple who were playing frisbee with their dog.

We were talking about this and that until the subject came up as to where I live. I said: “Monkton” and she asked me if I knew about the Slades Inn. I said “yes, I am friends with the innkeepers and I have even worked a couple of catering gigs there.”

She said: “growing up she was friends with the children of the family that used to live there.” She told me about how they would “party” on the top floor drinking and smoking while having a good ole time.

She then began to tell me how the Mom, who was still fairly young at the time, got real sick and eventually died in the house.

After she died the husband let the house go and he eventually sold it because it was too much for him to handle.

The house has 23 acres of land plus several barns and outbuildings on the property.

There was also an in ground swimming pool behind the house that the new Inn owners buried during the renovation.

Well, I asked Rob and Marie if they had experienced any paranormal activity in the home and Rob said: “he didn’t know of anything” and Marie said: “yes I did, on the top floor.”

I recall Marie telling me how a picture that was securely latched to a hanging hook mysteriously fell off the wall and smashed onto the floor.

It spooked Marie real bad as I remember.

Next to the main house is a carriage house that has two guest suites on the bottom floor and the innkeepers quarters above it.

Rob and Marie had an Akita dog that would sometimes bark upstairs when it was in the main house so they usually wouldn’t let her in the Main House.

I know that dogs can sense energies and apparitions that humans cannot. Cats even more so.

On the top floor of the Slades Inn are four guest rooms. Two of them have a turret and two do not.

A turret looks like a witches cap and you can see it in the picture if you google “Slades Inn B&B in Monkton”.

The Slades Inn had one turret when it was built and a second one was added during reconstruction; I guess to create balance.

So knowing that the Mom apparently died in this house I went upstairs to the top floor to do a little energetic feeling.

For the record, the Slades Inn has a good vibe to it and I never felt anything unnatural or frightening until I went upstairs.

The one guest-room that had the original turret was the room that I felt this intense, heavy, dark energy in.

I immediately wanted to leave but I stuck around because I ain’t afraid of no ghosts. Plus Rob and Marie were in the house in case I needed some help.

So, I discovered the ghost room in the house and felt certain that there was an energy present; lingering in the room like a mist.

I had no doubt about it.

The housekeeper told me she didn’t like to be in the house alone during the night. Eventually, she refused to work alone at the Slades Inn and especially at night.

She said she felt scared, as if something was “watching her.” She didn’t want to say anymore than that so I didn’t push the subject.

Colonial pic_opt

My Last Time in the Slades Inn

Sometime during the summer of 2010 I was asked by the owners of the Slades Inn to do inventory for them because the bank was taking back the house the next month.

Basically they asked me to take pictures and document every piece of furniture room by room including the basement.

The power was already off so there wasn’t any air conditioning and it was mighty toasty in there, especially on the top floor.

Yes, I had to go back to the ghost room and inventory it, and yes I saved that room for last.

So I began inventory of the ghost room and I felt that heavy feeling again and whatever was in there didn’t want me there.

To top it off there are about 100 dead flies on the window sill because the housekeeper was let go due to the approaching foreclosure.

Think Amityville Horror Bwahhhhh!

So I am taking pictures in this room, documenting everything and trying to keep my cool at the same time.

It doesn’t help that I am feeling something touching the back of my neck. I had learned in life not to panic regardless of what is happening, and I didn’t.

I finished the inventory in the “ghost-room” and began walking down the two flights of stairs to get back to ground level when I hear a door slam.

I was thinking maybe one of the owners stopped by to check in on me.

I began announcing: “who’s there”, just like in a classic horror movie.

No reply of course and I can’t speak ghost. I checked the first level of the Inn because it either came from there or from the basement.

The front doors and all the other doors on the first level were closed and locked so it probably came from the basement in which I proceeded to investigate the strange noise.

The basement is not terribly large but there is a huge fireplace down there probably used for cooking at one time or another.

There is also a huge steel door that leads outside which was definitely locked.

There are also two rooms that have doors on them that lead to a storage room and a boiler type room.

Well, I didn’t see or hear anything else once down there so I proceeded to go back upstairs in which the basement door slams shut on my way up.

Luckily when I got to the top the door wasn’t locked or anything like that and maybe a draft or something caused it to close, (rational mind working here).

Either way I was done with the inventory and I got the hell out of Dodge.

So who or what was in the house?

A ghost of the former owners wife, William Slade, soldiers, Piscataway Indians, slaves, who knows.

But whatever was in there was having some fun at my expense.

If you ever want to do some ghost hunting there is an easy way to detect energies in a place or home.

You will need a battery operated radio. Tune it until you get that static sound.

Walk around the place that you want to check out.

What happens is that the frequency of the radio will get louder when you are near a high energy place and or when the energy changes.

Sometimes electrical currents will set it off but other times it may be a ghost.

The truth is that every home and every place has residual energy attached to it.

One way of removing negative energy in a home or place is by performing a smudging ceremony which involves opening all the doors and windows in a home while burning dried sage.

Walk around every corner of the room, including closets while allowing the smoke from the sage to neutralize any negativity that may be lingering.

Also, simply by bringing your positive energy to a room or place,  you can instantly expel negativity from it.

Update – 1/16/13

The Slades Inn had been for sale for several months now without any buyers.

Back in November of 2012 the bank hosted an auction for the purchase of the Slades Inn and eagerly allowed people to come in and have a look.

The minimum bid the bank would accept for the property was $749,000 which is a steal in my opinion because I know what the previous owners paid for the property, plus how much they put into the renovation of it.

Well, the highest bid was for $650,000 which was too low in the bank’s eyes.

The week before the auction the Real Estate company hosted an open house, so surely I went so I could see the inside of the Slades Inn again.

The home was empty and I could see where contractors had to fix some of the pipes in the wall that had busted during the previous winter months.

The Slades Inn had a sad vibe to it like it felt neglected and abandoned as it was. I hope whoever buys the Slades Inn takes good care of her and fills the home with love and light.

Update 1/30/15: My family and I were shopping at The Goodwill store in Jacksonville when lo and behold, guess who we bump into?

It was “M” the former house cleaner for the Slades Inn when it was a B&B.

I approached “M” and said, “Didn’t you work at the Slades Inn?

“M” replied, “Yes”.

I said,” My wife and I were friends with Rob and Marie.”

“M” looked at us and said, “Yes I remember you.”

Before I could get out another word she said, “That place is haunted.”

I hadn’t even mentioned anything like that to her but that was the first thing she said.

She told my wife and I that while she was cleaning the house she would hear what sounded like people running upstairs.

She also told me that she often heard what sounded like people arguing with each other upstairs too.

The Slades Inn is has three floors plus a basement.

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