Freaky Haunts of Monkton Maryland Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 of this story than click here. If not then I will begin this post with the last paragraph of the previous post.

So I begin to calm myself by taking some deep breaths and using acupressure points on my arm.

Finally I began to sense some balance in myself when all of a sudden the freaking power goes out. I kid you not.

If you know anything about empaths they are notorious for being overly emotional as well as sensitive.

An empath is better known as a “psychic sponge.”

We absorb everything that comes to us whether positive or negative.

And I believe since I was still relatively new in this home that my psychic antenna was highly tuned and I probably picked up a bunch of energy that was disturbed while renovating my new home.

When a home sits empty on the market for a long period, like mine did, the residual energy in the home settles kind of like dust settles after shaking out a dirty rug.

Well, all of my cleaning, ripping out, repairing and moving must have disturbed the energy in my home.

It is a well-known fact that most hauntings occur after reconstruction of a home.

Especially of an older home with lots of history like this one. Empaths are known for riding past street lights and causing the power to burn out of them.

I would recommend learning how to ground yourself if you are notorious for having lights go out when you are in a highly aroused state of being.

So here I am with no power and the power is out. I think that I remember where the circuit breaker is but I am not sure.

I begin walking over to the circuit box all the while bumping and tripping over stuff in the basement.

I eventually find the panel and open it up. I begin to fumble for the switches resetting them one by one and in the back of my mind I am thinking that when I turn the power back on who or what will be standing behind me.

I eventually reset the right one and the power is back on in the basement. I slowwwly turn around, and there is nothing there. Phew I think to myself. I better call it a day.

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One of Many Freaky Dreams in This House

Often times while working at Monkton house I would take a nap while there.

I am a notoriously hard worker and I often put goals ahead of taking care of myself. I know, not too smart and I am getting better at that.

Monkton house is not very big.

It is a three bedroom one bathroom farmhouse with a big front porch and a smaller back porch that a friend of mine and myself replaced a couple of years ago.

The first room in Monkton house that I had prepared after the bathroom was a small 12×12 addition that I affectionately call the “TV” room.

It is the room that you see in the picture of me at the top right of my blog and of course it is where my family and I watch TV.

The TV room walls are made of knotty pine and I replaced the ceiling and installed new carpet.

Our bed was in there at one time and me, my wife and my son slept in there while the rest of the house was being restored.

So one day when my wife was working and my son was in school I decided to take a nap. Yes, a guilty pleasure of mine that I don’t utilize enough.

Many, many times, especially during the past decade I would have these very lucid dream type experiences. I am not sure that Lucid is the correct term for what I experienced but I will call it that for simplicity’s sake.

When I have these type of dreams I know that I am dreaming, and yet I am not seeing with my eyes because they are closed.

I am seeing with my mind or more correctly, the “third eye chakra.” So here I am taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon and I “wake up” while sleeping.

I can see the room that I am sleeping in exactly as it is except that I am asleep.

This isn’t one of my “normal dreams” where I am someplace unfamiliar with people who I do not know.

In this dream I was in my home, it was daylight, the picture on the wall and the coffee table are exactly at the same place it is when I am not dreaming.

Well, knowing that this is a dream I decide to get up and do some exploring.

I walk out of the TV room (by the way, when these types of dreams happen I do not see my body, its more like I am consciousness floating around) and go into the living room which has a brick fireplace to the right as you walk out of the TV room.

To the left of the fireplace there is a little 3′ x 3′ nook that at the time had a little bookshelf there and a small window overlooking the side yard of the house.

I motion myself over to the direction of the small nook and I see a young woman as clear as day.

I would describe her as being Native American or Hispanic, shorter than me, perhaps about 5’3” with long black hair.

Her age, late teens to early twenties.

She was gazing out of the window as if either waiting for someone or wanting to go outside.

She noticed me looking at her and she turned her head towards me as if to see who I was.

Her face looked sad and she looked at me with what seemed like one or two seconds and then she went back to looking out the window again.

I woke up instantly after that and of course the first thing that I did was walk over to the nook area.

Nobody was there, but I had to check anyway.

On a side note. I have a Victorian era chair in that nook now and I don’t know if it is mental or what, but I feel uncomfortable sitting there.

What a shame because it is the perfect place for reading a book especially while the fireplace is lit.

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