Follow Your Joy

“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell

How do you find happiness in your life?

The answer is plain and simple – Follow your joy moment to moment and day by day.

Joy is one of my favorite feelings in the world. The joy of playing, building, creating, exploring, designing and experiencing.

When I have joy in my life I feel full and complete and when I don’t I feel like something is missing.

I do keep tabs on my feelings and emotions and one of the most important energy expressions to me is the feeling and experience of joy.

Joy can be elusive at times I’ve noticed.

I was wondering why sometimes I feel it, and some times I don’t, and why does joy seem to be fleeting at times like something that I am chasing after or trying to bring to my experience.

I began to notice that while I was experiencing joy while doing one thing it soon disappeared when I did something else.

I didn’t know how to carry that joy with me to the next activity in my life.

The reason that I would switch from doing a joyful task to one that wasn’t for me was because I thought that I had to get it done before I ran out of time.

You may be experiencing real joy in the moment but you mind may say, “hey you’ve got to do this other task now or you will run out of time”.

And you may think to yourself, “yeah mind you are right, I better do this other thing that I have to do,” even though my joy is in what I am presently doing now.

Why do you think children don’t like to be called inside the house when they are presently experiencing so much fun playing in the backyard?

Because they were in a place of joy.

Follow Your Joy

Trust and follow your joy to take you to where you want to go

If you understand how to trust your joy then you will know and experience that when your joy shifts it will do so in such a way that it will create the time you need to do the other things in a joyful way.

Your assumption that it won’t will create a dichotomy in your experience.

Have you ever had a lot of fun doing an activity one day and then the next time it wasn’t so much fun? What changed, the experience, your moods, your thoughts about it?

What’s going on in you when it’s fun and what’s going on in you when it’s not?

Go boldly in the direction of your dreams

Bring joy wherever you go and make others feel good

Allow joy to be something that you bring with you to every situation that you meet. I use this idea when I have to do something that I am not thrilled about doing like laundry or dishes.

Not only will you bring joy to your experience, but you will bring joy to others that are in your presence. Energy is contagious, so why not bring some positive, highly charged energy like joy to others.

You have the ability to bring joy to any experience, even one that you would label negative or not fun to do, and turn it into something that is joyful for you to experience, (Like editing a blog post ).

Success is not easy

Joy Is The Path To Success

I would say that all successful people got that way because they followed their joy.

Entrepreneurship is one way to take a joy and turn it into an income stream.

Maybe you enjoy story telling and someone noticed how good you were at it.

Then many people decided that they would pay you to tell stories allowing you to support yourself with your joy.

This scenario actually happened.

This woman’s great joy was to tell stories to her children. That was the most exciting thing that she could think of to do.

She told astonishing, vivid, and imaginative stories with great joy and passion.

Her children enjoyed their mom’s story telling so much that they soon began to invite their friends over to listen.

The friends of the children became so enraptured, so caught up in the stories, that they decided to invite their parents over to listen.

The parents became “caught-up” in these wonderful stories so much that they began to give her money just to tell stories and they invited her to different houses to tell her stories.

Before she knew it she was totally able to support herself doing something that allowed her to give and receive joy.

Just by doing this simple thing she became capable of being completely, totally, and utterly able to support herself.

She acted on her joy to the best of her ability and allowed joy to bring her everything that she needed.

What experience brings you joy?

How could you use this to contribute to others?

Do you understand what you do for others comes back to you?

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