Find Your Voice – Honor Your Soul

“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” – Paramahansa Yogananda

In this world you have to let your voice be heard. You have to do that thing you do that nobody else can do.

For some it is singing, others, it may be working with your hands.

Whatever your true calling is, now is the time to honor it.

You came here to be you -100%.

The days of conforming to others expectations of who you should be are long over.

It’s safe, trust me when I tell you this.

The only resistance you will experience is from within.

Move through the resistance, it won’t be easy, but it will ultimately pass.

Live evry moment with passion

What is your calling?

What brings you joy, passion and excitement?

What fuels you to do the things you do like no one else?

Get out of your way, let the “expanded version” of you flow through you unimpeded.

At first, you may have some old baggage to release. This usually comes out in negative emotion.

Don’t fear the negative emotion because it was merely a block in your energetic ecosystem.

Once that clog passes you will easily allow the expanded version of you to come through.

Think of yourself as a microphone broadcasting sounds.

Let the sound waves move through you in accordance with who you really are.

Maybe you have been living an inauthentic life for some time and have lost that connection with your natural self.

The remedy for this is to live your truth even if it upsets the status quo.

Is it your status quo that you are living or someone else’s?

You will free up so much energy within yourself when you live an authentic life.

An authentic life simply means living your highest truths about yourself. Living an authentic life means saying what you mean and meaning what you say.

Living an authentic life feels so good because it is the real you and not the fabricated, adapted version of you that you have been living so far.

Dig deep into your soul, release that which no longer serves you – like jobs, relationships, habits, where you live and so on.

Feel what your soul is telling you to do in each moment. In order to do this you need to turn off your computer, turn off the television, stop filling your time with meaningless things and simply be still.

Your soul speaks to you in feelings that your mind will interpret as images.

What is your soul telling you right now?

Is it something big like starting a new way of life?

Is it something small like forgiving someone that hurt you a long time ago?

Whatever your soul is telling you to do you must honor it. It’s your soul, it is you.

Establish a strong bond with your soul and watch as your life naturally flows in a direction that completely works for you.

Ignore your soul, and watch as your life unfolds in a way that doesn’t honor and serve you.

The choice is yours.

Live a natural, authentic life, or stay in purgatory?

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